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LymeNet Flash
Medical Questions
(Moderated by: Jenifer, Lymetoo, Robin123, sixgoofykids, faithful777)
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» LymeNet Flash » Questions and Discussion » Medical Questions

    Topic Topic Starter Replies Last Post
Icon 7 [important] 2017 LymeNet Fund Drive Jenifer 0
Icon 1 [important] 2013 FDA Warning about Fluoroquinolone antibiotics causing PERMANENT damage Pages: 1 2 Judie 78
Icon 1 [important] Dr B's 2008 Guidelines for treatment Lymetoo 0
Icon 4 [important] Do NOT post doctor names/cities or treatment protocols Lou B 0
Icon 1 [important] SUICIDE PREVENTION HOTLINE Lymetoo 0
Icon 6 [important] Tick Bite Prevention Thread WildCondor 34
Icon 1 [important] Please DO NOT POST YOUR REAL NAME Keebler 37
Icon 2 [important] IMPORTANT INFORMATION ON LYME & CO's Anna Lee 0
Icon 1 Igenex results and symptoms... help!? ExhaustedGirl1 0
Icon 1 Mild Hyperbaric Treatment Pages: 1 2 3 4 ... 36 37 38 JCarlhelp 2784
Icon 1 For those whose autoimmune disease followed their tick-borne disease diagnosis Told you I was sick 6
Icon 1 Non-debittered Brewers Yeast Source BobG 0
Icon 1 found a crazy website Brussels 1
Icon 1 Ketogenic diet to treat Lyme Disease??? smileynot 22
Icon 1 Update on me: MOLD WPinVA 8
Icon 14 Dr. R. H in NY- New Video- Good! Tincup 0
Icon 1 Just diagnosed and scared Ader 2
Icon 1 Alternatives to omeprazole Ellen101 4
Icon 1 A plaquinal question lindadanis 12
Icon 1 Antidepressants lindadanis 9
Icon 1 questiion about starting probiotics lindadanis 6
Icon 1 rifampin experiences HW88 7
Icon 1 Constant thirst 24/7 and dry mouth. Miserable :( takethat89 2
Icon 1 GB4000 rife treatment autumnolive 9
Icon 1 Foot drop calf pain 6t5frlane 0
Icon 1 Liposomal Vit C inexpensive help for chronic diseases Brussels 51
Icon 1 Anyone w/ Xiphoid Process Problems and How did You handle it? Silverwolf 20
Icon 1 Lyme-N Anyone do it or know what it is? terv 3
Icon 1 Treatment plan for chronic neurological Lyme disease Ticktoff 15
Icon 1 Byron White A-L--starting at full dose? Fuji85 4
Icon 1 does anybody know the pH of Humic Acid? GVS 0
Icon 1 upper back spasms randibear 4
Icon 1 Need help for my cousin - Igenex susank 9
Icon 1 Herbs that cross Blood Brain Barrier Proverbs356 0
Icon 1 IMPORTANT- Babesiosis Responsible for False Positive HIV Test Tincup 2
Icon 1 What is ILADS recommendation on initial treatment of an 8 year old EyeBob 3
Icon 1 found new llmd need another opinion lindadanis 51
Icon 1 Improvement of CVID (Common Variable Immunodeficeny Disorder) Bartenderbonnie 1
Icon 1 How to/How much to rent MHBOT chamber mealz1313 3
Icon 5 Stem Cell Treatment Clinic Lymedad123 1
Icon 1 Essential oils that are good tick repellents Brussels 2
Icon 1 neomycin/flagyl bowel prep nursejed1 0
Icon 1 Arrgh, Hate infections, I have a UTI, again, ANd TrekC's Ankle is messed up [1st re Silverwolf 15
Icon 1 Weight gain--why? (plus test results) 6Hypnone 4
Icon 1 Bartonella Herx? jwick25 2
Icon 1 BERBERINE - LINKS set Keebler 31
Icon 1 Antibiotic IM Shot Options (Besides typical Rocephin or Bicillin) kj15 1
Icon 1 shoulder injury related to vaccine administration (SIRVA) paleogal 1
Icon 1 is there a kind of Homozon that doesn't have to be taken w/ acid to be absorbed? GVS 2
Icon 1 Question about symptoms Backagain 3
Icon 5 Mexico (Cancun) Bicillin Shots -- Anyone Recently Been? kj15 9
Icon 1 Coartem Sources....Help!!! k84 13
Icon 1 Zing like pain in teeth. And LL bio dentist in IL? 6Hypnone 2
Icon 1 Chicken Pox vaccine Lyme248 12
Icon 1 Reactions to Zyto scan? hiker53 0
Icon 1 Help son bit no blood need abx? been 8
Icon 1 What's the best antibiotic to mix with doxycycline for a new (3 wks) infection? ChaZZie Mo 13
Icon 1 Genova Diagnostics or Great Plains Labs? hiker53 1
Icon 1 Update Treatment plan for 11 year old with rash terv 3
Icon 1 Relapsing Fever FLA_TICKBITTEN 1
Icon 1 Need Advice lindadanis 49
Icon 1 Anyone take Phyto Ultra Comfort for pain? 6Hypnone 0
Icon 1 Question about Teeth Grinding Lyme248 4
Icon 1 Virginia- Asian Ticks Detected There- 1st Time Tincup 6
Icon 1 Lumbar Spinal Stenosis or Lyme Disease Bartenderbonnie 7
Icon 1 Who here is using OPC at a regular base? Brussels 11
Icon 1 Electrons, pH, antioxidants, negative ions, body voltage /magnetism all connected Brussels 6
Icon 1 Won’t get better without three antibiotics? katrinab 10
Icon 1 Topical Steroids (Att: Keebler) Wolfed Out 13
Icon 1 Inexpensive Tick Testing Kits- Order Online Tincup 0
Icon 1 What antibiotics are you taking for both Lyme AND Babesia? garnet10 0
Icon 1 Lab Corp Positive ? 6t5frlane 8
Icon 1 How to Reverse "Autoimmune" Disease Keebler 2
Icon 1 Back with vocal tremors Ellen101 2
Icon 1 When To Seek Mainstream M.D. ? Bartenderbonnie 25

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