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» LymeNet Flash » Questions and Discussion » Medical Questions » Does herpes cause lyme disease SYMPTOMS? (Page 2)

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Author Topic: Does herpes cause lyme disease SYMPTOMS?
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I see it's a buffered form of ascorbic acid (ascorbyl palmitate), already a sort of fat soluble vitamin C.

I use simple ascorbic acid.

The difference between buffered and non-buffered is the potency (much stronger when pure), and how it goes in the stomach (much more aggressive when pure).

BUT, when you make pure ascorbic acid in LIPO FORM, with lecithin, it becomes BETTER than any buffered vit C I ever took.

Buffered vit C such as Sodium ascorbate still creates tummy ache for me (it just takes me a couple of days to get tummy aches), while lipo C never did any harm to my stomach.

Of course, your lipo buffered Vit C shall be fine on the stomach, no doubt.

I take about 2-4 grams a day (much more than you).

If you take about 1.2 grams of asc palmitate, it will be about 0.6 grams of vit C only (a rough estimate), because the other 0.6g will be the palmitate part (not the ascorbic part).

It's way too small amount to do much, in my opinion.

I'm super thin (less than 93 lb = 42 kg) and I test myself energetically for 2-4 grams a day of PURE lipo C.

And I don't have lyme, nor big active infections for about 10 years now.

I take 4 grams when something is activating (like a cold), 2 grams is my maintenance dose.

Some people with active cancer (metastasis) take 100 grams of lipo C a day!

If I fall ill with something acute (like encephalitis, hepatitis etc), I would increase to 10 grams a day, if it does not work, I'd keep increasing until I feel better!!

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I don't have active Borrelia anymore for almost a decade, but it seems I DO have active herpes viruses - I just tested myself with my nosode boxes NOW and came up with Herpes zoster, EBV and 2 other viral strains that cause hepatitis.

I had stopped Vit C for about 3 -4 days, just to see what happens, but today it became urgent.

Chilblains are CLEARLY coming back and my gut becomes very imbalanced when chilblains show up.

It's been 2 decades, almost 3 decades of fight in winter, so I know my body well...

I always thought my chilblains were fungal because of how my gut reacted, but now my energy tests now show only H zoster.

I think there might have been a combo with candida too in the past, as I reacted well to candida remedies. Until they stopped working about 5 years ago or so... That is when i started losing weight.

After ingesting the 3 teaspoons of Lipo C, my energy tests can't find ANY viral strain above. Zero, nothing.

I do think I feel so good on lipo C - my skin changed color from dark purple / black on feet and hands to normal skin color, like a living human being - my energy raises, no problem with thinking, brain fog etc.

It has to do with viruses too (and maybe more). Now I could confirm it (energetically, only).

I'm gaining my weight back too. I just need more 2-3 pounds to reach my weight before lyme disease.

The proof lipo C does something are my chilblains, that come back like a clock, every year for at least 2 decades.

If I'm on lipo C, I have ZERO problems, even though my feet and hands continue to feel frozen (with Raynaulds, probably).

If I drop lipo C, they come back (this is my 2nd time experiment, one in Dec, and one now).

I can't stop lipo C yet, until I put these herpes infections dormant.

Now that I think what I'm fighting are chronic viral infections, I'll put some more effort into it, and will try to find proper treatments - probably with nosodes, like I did with Borrelia.

Posts: 5944 | From Brussels | Registered: Oct 2007  |  IP: Logged | Report this post to a Moderator
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I have an idea for you, Steve:

Buy a small box of ascorbic acid in powder, like 100 mg.

Then buy some 200 grams of sunflower lecithin.

And a bottle of good vodka.

Then blend the following proportion:
100 gr ascorbic acid
120 grams sunflower lecithin in powder
200 ml vodka
300 ml water
(this is APPROXIMATELY the proportions coming from a known patent of liposomal Vit C).

Blend all ingredients EXCEPT for lecithin for about 4 minutes.

Then add the lecithin, blend more 4 minutes.

You can try that INSTEAD of buying an ultrasound equipment.

this is not liposomal, but it is already a fat-soluble vitamin C plus the benefit of phospholipids from sunflower lecithin.

Take 3-4 teaspoons in the MORNING and check what you feel.

Expect herxes, so have your binders in your hand!!!

if you like it, then you can invest some 25-100 dollars in an ultrasound equipment to create your own liposomes!

Lipo C will be even better than the fat soluble version above!!

Posts: 5944 | From Brussels | Registered: Oct 2007  |  IP: Logged | Report this post to a Moderator
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Brussels - Interesting you mention chilblains and the gut. I get so cold. Esp. my toes. I made the mistake years ago - after being outside in cold - to come inside and take a hot shower - aiming hot water at my toes. That only made things worse. My toes looked they were sunburned.

It's been cold in Tx lately - toes bothering - and also my gut. Interesting.

I have problems with VitC due to IC (interstitial cycstitis). So I can't take much of it.

Doing BVT one is supposed to take approx. 3 grams/day. I confess I don't take that much.
I'm hoping that whatever has caused my IC that BVT will hit it - then I can up my VitC dose.

I know I need to be doing something for my poor adrenals. I started bee pollen for that.

In the past before trying BVT when I took VitC I did not get cold sores from it. I only got a cold sore after starting BVT. Supposedly the venom does something to the viruses - making them acute - showing themselves - causing the sores. I don't quite understand. I had read where others got cold sores after starting BVT. I couldn't believe it when it happened to me - after years of no sores. I thought an errant bee had stung me. No stinger found - and it didn't look like a bee sting. When I saw the blister I knew. Tired. wordy - sorry.

Pos.Bb culture 2012
Labcorp - no bands ever
Igenex - Neg. 4 times
With overall bands:
IGM 18,28,41,66 IND: 23-25,34,39
IGG 41,58 IND: 39
Bart H IGG 40

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Sorry Susan... Cold sores, do you mean, these ones from herpes simplex 1 or 2?

See? If it is, it means all these guys are harboring chronic Herpes simplex, and the moment their immune system is awakened, they reactivate (as the immune cells go after the hidden viruses).

I know my chilblains are infection related. I have thought they were candida (because of the relation to gut changes).

I treated it with widespectrum antimicrobials in the past, with good success (Sanum products), then they stopped working.

Only now, after all these new ideas about viruses being the main cause of problems for many people - not bacteria, nor candida as main - is that I came to the idea it could be viral...

Today I did my photon treatment with zoster nosodes, after a chilblain flare, and got 'a bit' knocked down. I still haven't totally recovered.

The treatment caused me strange lung symptoms (as though I had cattarrh which I don't), tingles in muscles / nerves all over my body, fatigue, then extreme bloating.

I ate some fruits and oat, then I got a big D, probably meaning, well, it's killing loads in my gut.

As I only treated with Zoster nosodes, well, it could be that this is all related (I mean, skin rash and gut)...


Crazy that other people get cold sores from BVT.

I strongly suspect that these are all hidden infections - again, chronic, hidden, probably in organs, or intracellular - and the BVT or other therapies make them wake up to be treated.

In my case, chilblains have been my main complain, MUCH before lyme appeared. Very old problem.

I wonder, if my chilblains were caused by zoster (and probably other infections), well, I have it for a very long time (about 30 years, at least).

Cystitis for me disappears if caught on day one. I either take a teaspoon of sodium bicarb (baking soda) early morning, when urine is acid, and this usually means the end of cystitis for me...

the other treatment are urine nosodes. It takes more time that baking soda, but they help more long term if I missed first day.

UTIs happen during detox too, specially on heavy metal detox....

I could never take vit C, normal vit C, not even buffered forms. They hurt my stomach immediately.

Only now, I can take it, high doses, due to fat coating the Vit C (liposomals are made by fat).

I think that over-killing also causes IC... due to toxins that are released.

Toxins lower the pH in the urine, that is my theory... I don't think pathogens survive high pH in the urine, that is why I take baking soda empty stomach early morning - when I usually feel IC is coming...

I hope you find some relief soon. No fun when adrenal fatigue hits....

Posts: 5944 | From Brussels | Registered: Oct 2007  |  IP: Logged | Report this post to a Moderator
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