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LymeNet Flash
Medical Questions
(Moderated by: Jenifer, Lymetoo, Robin123, sixgoofykids, faithful777)
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» LymeNet Flash » Questions and Discussion » Medical Questions

    Topic Topic Starter Replies Last Post
Icon 7 [important] 2017 LymeNet Fund Drive Jenifer 0
Icon 1 [important] 2013 FDA Warning about Fluoroquinolone antibiotics causing PERMANENT damage Pages: 1 2 Judie 78
Icon 1 [important] Dr B's 2008 Guidelines for treatment Lymetoo 0
Icon 4 [important] Do NOT post doctor names/cities or treatment protocols Lou B 0
Icon 1 [important] SUICIDE PREVENTION HOTLINE Lymetoo 0
Icon 6 [important] Tick Bite Prevention Thread WildCondor 34
Icon 1 [important] Please DO NOT POST YOUR REAL NAME Keebler 37
Icon 2 [important] IMPORTANT INFORMATION ON LYME & CO's Anna Lee 0
Icon 1 Vaccine obligation in school: how to avoid that? Brussels 3
Icon 1 Is Artemisinin still acceptable for Babesia? improver 12
Icon 1 Part of body or appendage jerks. A bit more often. Worried 6Hypnone 13
Icon 1 Muscular Pain Relief? stefi42 4
Icon 1 Emergency treatment for cat-scratch Bartenderbonnie 22
Icon 1 LYME BLOT TEST RESULTS ishandraaa 26
Icon 1 Chemo and Lyme SLH516 10
Icon 1 Mike0228--What's your miracle cure for ETD? hiker53 2
Icon 1 Mild Hyperbaric Treatment Pages: 1 2 3 4 ... 38 39 40 JCarlhelp 2939
Icon 1 Bone broth?! Worth it? ishandraaa 9
Icon 1 Does this sound like Lyme ? ORD32803 3
Icon 1 Lewy body dementia purplehaze 25
Icon 1 Orthostatic Hypotension MadeIt 3
Icon 1 Igenex Testing lindadanis 5
Icon 1 Bartonella Herx and Deseret Biologicals Homeopathic robin_wachs 46
Icon 1 Liposomal Vit C inexpensive help for chronic diseases Brussels 67
Icon 1 my LLMD said there's nothing more he can do Mike Fisher 15
Icon 1 igenex antibodies kevin1983 1
Icon 1 Protomyxzoa info mlg 9
Icon 1 The "Is it a flare or is it a relapse" dilemma.. bcb1200 5
Icon 1 Can you tell me your thoughts on this treatment plan? jb1994 8
Icon 1 Glutathione WPinVA 5
Icon 1 lyme making me evil kevin1983 12
Icon 1 Probiotics May Make Things Worse- Study Results Tincup 18
Icon 1 Day 1 with GB4000 and SK-4 amplifier - can anyone help me get started? Harmony 6
Icon 1 Anyone heard about BioMeridian machine? wtl 20
Icon 1 Scientific/Medical article- you'll laugh Tincup 2
Icon 1 IVIG vs SCIG questions susank 0
Icon 2 Watch Out For Organ Donations Tincup 5
Icon 4 Detox question.. 6Hypnone 11
Icon 1 Best way to take Mg and B12? Harmony 17
Icon 1 CPn/TBD and mold - need to detox first? OzLyme 11
Icon 1 Free replay of ancient herbs summit Sept 16-17- some very relevant for us Robin123 3
Icon 1 Rash on back kim812 2
Icon 1 The Ingredients in Vaccines- List Pages: 1 2 Tincup 80
Icon 1 Hold The Mayo- Guillain-Barré Syndrome- Flu Vaccine Tincup 0
Icon 13 Tularemia- Human Experiments- Biological Weapons Tincup 1
Icon 1 EMF Health Summit- online, FREE- September 18 - 24 Tincup 0
Icon 1 Check Your Area's Mold and Allergen Counts Bartenderbonnie 1
Icon 1 awaiting new lyme tests lindadanis 3
Icon 1 Gaba spray with l theanine recommendations terv 1
Icon 1 Study finds human body temp lower hiker53 8
Icon 1 What test(s) are most effective in identifying Lyme Sunshine880 4
Icon 1 More tooth pain. I don't think in infected teeth. What to. Do 6Hypnone 7
Icon 1 Prednisone ishandraaa 5
Icon 1 Stevia Mike Fisher 4
Icon 1 Medical marijana HW88 4
Icon 1 Mucinex D question 6Hypnone 6
Icon 1 Is Anyone Has Had SIBO or Gut Dybosis please message me tricia386 1
Icon 1 A diet you may want to try Christopher J 24
Icon 1 ammonia smell in poop carolync 2
Icon 1 I’m back! SIBO vs Candida- Update Help!-9/12 tricia386 11
Icon 1 Gabepentin lindadanis 2
Icon 1 relapse in fall ilovedogs 27
Icon 1 Essential Oils Bartenderbonnie 34
Icon 1 Miscarriage problems missextreme 4
Icon 1 Ever had a tilted feeling? Or see things at a slant? keikko 15
Icon 1 What can I take to calm down please lindadanis 15
Icon 1 Post Lyme Disease Syndrome J Mathis 6
Icon 1 magnesium glycinate lindadanis 7
Icon 1 Tetracycline To Treat Parkinson's Tincup 2
Icon 5 Low dose naltrexone--what time of day to take it? 6Hypnone 8
Icon 1 Shingles Vaccine- Bad News- Bad Vaccine Tincup 0
Icon 1 so.. ROOT CANALs I got one, now what? LisaK 35
Icon 1 Disability and mentioning lyme 6Hypnone 2
Icon 1 Peptides, such as selank and semax...used adjunctly w/Stem cell 6Hypnone 7
Icon 1 I'm so sacred Mike Fisher 7

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