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LymeNet Flash
Medical Questions
(Moderated by: Jenifer, Lymetoo, Robin123, sixgoofykids, faithful777)
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» LymeNet Flash » Questions and Discussion » Medical Questions

    Topic Topic Starter Replies Last Post
Icon 1 [important] Dr B's 2008 Guidelines for treatment Lymetoo 0
Icon 4 [important] Do NOT post doctor names/cities or treatment protocols Lou B 0
Icon 1 [important] SUICIDE PREVENTION HOTLINE Lymetoo 0
Icon 6 [important] Tick Bite Prevention Thread WildCondor 33
Icon 1 [important] Please DO NOT POST YOUR REAL NAME Keebler 32
Icon 2 [important] IMPORTANT INFORMATION ON LYME & CO's Anna Lee 0
Icon 1 How responsive is your LLMD? mamalicious 15
Icon 1 mitochondrial disease from Lyme?? jlcd1 7
Icon 1 PARASITE WARRIORS SUPPORT THREAD Pages: 1 2 3 4 ... 26 27 28 glm1111 2088
Icon 1 where do u get alkaselzer gold? lpkayak 7
Icon 1 THE NEW BOOK "PLAGUE" daystar1952 8
Icon 1 if someone gets sick from a flu shot are they contagious? gigimac 2
Icon 1 Kefir and Fermented veggies: comparison? Brussels 13
Icon 1 LDA - 14th Annual Scientific Conference Videos KarlaL 0
Icon 1 Malassezia Yeast: READ THIS / IMPORTANT! Sonatina 40
Icon 1 Depression Cinder6 6
Icon 1 New Tick Borne 'Bourbon Virus' Is Deadly And Unlike Anything Previously Seen In U.S. lookup 0
Icon 1 How much is generic Malarone with no insurance? ralphi 11
Icon 1 mysterious death Al 5
Icon 1 I think I have menangitis Maya12 36
Icon 1 lung issues? DaleS 10
Icon 1 EMF, cell phones - Strasheim - New Article Keebler 5
Icon 1 Adam Lanza's medical issues paulieinct 11
Icon 1 Herx sx Maya12 28
Icon 1 How long to get rid of systemic candidas? triathlongal 14
Icon 1 need a good deal of help Emtlyme 7
Icon 1 Mepron....Thoughts? Advice? k84 6
Icon 1 llmd yesterday DaleS 11
Icon 1 Culture and identification of Borrelia spirochetes in human vaginal and seminal secre KarlaL 6
Icon 1 how to treat mycoplasma katrinab 9
Icon 1 Lyme Defense Tea Xelaetaks 7
Icon 1 New book on healing with MMS (Chlorine Dioxide) endorsed by famous LLMD tick battler 69
Icon 1 High C4a WPinVA 12
Icon 1 Mild Hyperbaric Treatment Pages: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 JCarlhelp 600
Icon 5 Things you can't live without! canefan17 13
Icon 1 Antidepressants coffeenuts 14
Icon 1 How many have had heart palps or heart related issues? Maya12 18
Icon 1 who here has treated for mycoplasma katrinab 7
Icon 1 possible Bart..treatment? frikfrak 5
Icon 1 MMS/CD Littlesprout 7
Icon 1 topical iodine lpkayak 6
Icon 1 Best time of day for IV treatments? Maia_Azure 3
Icon 1 Yeast research: lactoferrin may boost effectiveness of azole antifungals Sonatina 0
Icon 1 endometriosis and lyme ShayLady 1
Icon 5 burning eyelids Rambler 10
Icon 1 Lyme and MS jo3 29
Icon 5 Impacted tooth effected by antibiotics? Samlyme 1
Icon 1 Canadian thing ? One more thing EMF ? bitbit99 1
Icon 1 ozone, cavitations, root canals, oh my, eye twitching jackie51 13
Icon 1 Diamox mamalicious 1
Icon 1 Update: He signed it! URGENT: EVERYONE CAN WRITE NY GOV -Dec. 17 deadline poppy 11
Icon 1 Iron Sulfate ok in Lyme Remission? jwick25 23
Icon 1 HH2 capsules changed canefan17 4
Icon 1 Pet owners - Interesting Tick related product seibertneurolyme 1
Icon 1 Best IV options? canefan17 0
Icon 1 Yeast research: might ibuprofen have anti-fungal effects on candida? Sonatina 14
Icon 1 Yeast research: affected by caffeine and chloroquine (anti-malarial)? Sonatina 14
Icon 1 Synergy protocol purplehaze 55
Icon 1 Yeast research: eucalyptus and peppermint oils Sonatina 7
Icon 1 Bea Seibert - Update seibertneurolyme 37
Icon 1 Not sure if lyme but doctors suspects it. Can someone help me interpret results? happyinlove 32
Icon 1 Yeast research: Vit C (ascorbic acid) may reduce the effectiveness of diflucan Sonatina 0
Icon 2 black blisters in mouth Theresa 5
Icon 1 Cuomo signed the NY State Doctor Protection Bill!!! Rumigirl 20
Icon 1 can you run while in treatment Joe Bob 9
Icon 1 Unrelenting pain left side of head mamalicious 0
Icon 1 How would you know if you had a tooth infection? Maya12 19
Icon 1 Organ donation after Lymes/Babesia. baldone 7
Icon 1 Any Tips on dealing w/ MCS, Startle Reflex and Spacial Issues? Silverwolf 3
Icon 1 risk of getting pregnant after lyme treatment Joe Bob 3
Icon 1 Help with opinions jo3 7
Icon 5 Chronic mycoplasma j_liz 13
Icon 1 increasing immune system? Tcoach1 17
Icon 1 I'm going to Germany birdie67 47

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