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LymeNet Flash Discussion
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LymeNet Flash
Medical Questions
(Moderated by: Jenifer, Lymetoo, Robin123, sixgoofykids, faithful777)
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» LymeNet Flash » Questions and Discussion » Medical Questions

    Topic Topic Starter Replies Last Post
Icon 1 Dutch study shows trees dying from electrosmog Brussels 9
Icon 1 are there other detox agents as effective as Burbur out there? GeorgeShingleton# 2
Icon 1 Anyone have a relapse? stickymommy 16
Icon 1 Neuropathy Help linky123 17
Icon 1 Cowden question jsnyde2 6
Icon 1 Amalgam fillings taken out one side jsnyde2 6
Icon 1 can exercise increase herx. I feel so bad Tcoach1 7
Icon 1 Top Journalist Reports Borrelia-Dementia Link Eight Legs Bad 1
Icon 1 Cancer, allergies, infections? Drink your urine! Brussels 13
Icon 1 Bone Scan tulips 8
Icon 1 DGL Licorice and Libido MissVictoria 24
Icon 5 Air Hunger with Bartonella? eckoro 8
Icon 1 Brain return -- when? BartHeart 13
Icon 1 Finding a Lab to Sample for Igenix Test Lyme Husband and Dad 8
Icon 1 Cayce ideas on why we get sick Brussels 4
Icon 1 Gluten and NEURO symptoms Brussels 5
Icon 1 Treatment increases symptoms? Tcoach1 4
Icon 1 lab results not normal Tcoach1 7
Icon 1 A technology backed by Bill Gates may revolutionize diagnostics for Lyme disease eckoro 1
Icon 1 Echo results: Mitral and Tricuspid valve regurgitation stefi42 10
Icon 1 falsely elevated C4A garnet10 0
Icon 1 Ammonia detox?? Nutramedix Sparga - what's it doing? dan67 8
Icon 5 no such thing as herxing longer than a few months? gonnakicklyme 37
Icon 1 Breakthrough lyme testing? sardavis 8
Icon 1 Stiff feet tulips 7
Icon 1 Artemisinin reaction HW88 12
Icon 14 Legal Cases Support OUR tests, docs & CHRONIC Lyme- SS Disability Tincup 20
Icon 1 L-Arginine and Babesia and Mast Cells foxy loxy 48
Icon 1 Diagnosed with psychogenic movement disorder by specialist etb6855 26
Icon 1 Stopping treatment & body becomes ALIVE? Lymedin2010 2
Icon 1 exercise increased abx a bit much Tcoach1 0
Icon 1 700 Articles on Persistent Lyme Disease Tincup 2
Icon 1 Interesting Article About Vit D & Gut Health momintexas 9
Icon 1 Hemp Oil jcarlnew 1
Icon 1 Can you heal with your mind? Brussels 9
Icon 1 Tcoach1 3
Icon 1 Wrinkled fingers Jenene 31
Icon 1 Electric shock/Rife machines - thoughts? lymeandceliac 1
Icon 1 Head Pressure Relief for My Daughter Paul M in MA 5
Icon 1 DNA testing? Opinions Carol in PA 7
Icon 1 Chiropractic Hambone 9
Icon 1 help with ADHD symptoms dan67 10
Icon 1 Pain around spine, woke up with bruising stefi42 8
Icon 1 mycometrics results and should I start CSM? and other mold freak-out questions paleogal 6
Icon 1 Electrosmog clotting your blood cells in video Brussels 2
Icon 1 Not okay to take VSL #3 or Saccaromyces Boulardii with a picc line? dbpei 11
Icon 1 when is too much Tcoach1 2
Icon 1 Platelets slightly elevated - Concerned susank 2
Icon 1 Cyst buster fast herx Tcoach1 1
Icon 1 Anyone had success with Alinia for Babesia Duncani? Evanston1 9
Icon 1 Vital Force Technology products Brussels 21
Icon 1 Questions about symptoms and test results and more... nnj925 3
Icon 1 Exaggerated stimuli Bartenderbonnie 8
Icon 1 Women- Study- Please complete survey Tincup 7
Icon 1 Publication about biofield devices Brussels 2
Icon 1 Failed root canal, infected root. Jordana 21
Icon 1 Roadblock to recieving IVIG treatment Bartenderbonnie 21
Icon 1 For Blue - Total IgG Info susank 1
Icon 1 is milk thistle absorbed as well with food as it is on an empty stomach? GeorgeShingleton# 4
Icon 1 Dr. appt tomorrow----not sure what to do next stefi42 4
Icon 1 Anyone feel worse on CSM/Welchol? tryingtogetwell 13
Icon 1 Head pressure HW88 20
Icon 1 Effect of geographic location and climate? lymeandceliac 8
Icon 1 I am DOING BETTER -- Thx to immune globulin infusions cottonbrain 5
Icon 1 Good Diet - essential, huh? jsnyde2 3
Icon 1 Buhner says brucea javanica - but where to buy? dan67 3
Icon 1 Jaw pain - how do you find a dentist or doctor who can help with this? onebeed 28
Icon 1 Nasal Surgery/stopping supps/allergies Kudzuslipper 6
Icon 1 Healthy food or supplements make you sicker? Brussels 7
Icon 5 EPA (krill oil) or turmeric j_liz 2
Icon 1 Tesla Wand tickalert 6
Icon 1 IV Clindamycin BartHeart 4
Icon 1 Impossible to outsmart spiroketes ! Bartenderbonnie 6
Icon 1 Severe nerve pain 6Hypnone 29
Icon 1 recommend an ammonia scavenger please WPinVA 4

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