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General Support Icon 1 Re: Exercise: What you CAN do today Oct. 20 Jump to new posts by hiker53 (7)   

Did my shoulder exercises. Went to balance therapy and was totally off balance when I got there. Therapist wanted me to get on awful machine so I did but couldn’t even stand upright when it wasn’t...
Medical Questions Icon 1 Re: What are the strongest yeast infection medicines and supplements? Jump to new posts by DaveNJ (1)   

MissVictoria, how about caprylic acid or oregano oil? i'm in the midst of a battle with Candida as well. I'm in Week 11 of what is probably my 4th attempt to push through this though this go round has...
Medical Questions Icon 1 Re: Handling a Herx Need Info Jump to new posts by Keebler (3)   

- pic/3/38357?#000000 Topic: "Vegetable" / Seed Oils: Danger & Damage. Teicholz et al -
General Support Icon 1 Re: Thought for the day....... Jump to new posts by lightfoot (523)   

Thought for the day....... "Every now and then take a good look at something not made with hands - a mountain, a star, the turn of a stream. There will come to you wisdom, and patience, and solace, and...
General Support Icon 1 Re: New- Excellent- Study By Sapi, Liegner, et. al. Jump to new posts by Ann-Ohio (4)   

Thanks TC! This one is a very interesting case study. I like the nice long list of co=authors. You can see where they work if you click on Author Information. And the total text is free! Might be a good...
General Support Icon 1 Over 34,200 anti-Shapiro signers so far! Jump to new posts by Ann-Ohio   

I must have hit a wrong box when i was editing the last post. Arrgghh! The goal is 35,000. Make your voice heard, too! You can read why Shapiro should not be allowed to be on the TickBorne Diseases Working...
Medical Questions Icon 1 Re: Good liver detox's? Jump to new posts by SickSam (6)   

My LLMD says Alpha Lipoic Acid has “saved livers and saved lives.” He says to take 300mg 2x daily, but absolutely no more than that. I never see people talking about ALA, but it has become a very...
Medical Questions Icon 1 Re: antibiotic question Jump to new posts by lindadanis (11)   

Hi. so my llmd told me to break the ceftin in half. I did and man, those pills are crazy to swallow. It got stuck in my throat and finally it went down. I am thinking it might be easier to take the liquid...
Medical Questions Icon 1 Re: Which iGeneX Lyme test to get for chronic Lyme? Jump to new posts by Robin123 (1)   

I think IGeneX thinks its new Immunoblot tests are better - you could call them and discuss - (800)832-3200.
Medical Questions Icon 1 Re: Which infections cause air hunger? Jump to new posts by Robin123 (1)   

Definitely babesia, and some experience it with Lyme.
Medical Questions Icon 1 Re: Mild Hyperbaric Treatment Jump to new posts by Kaibyrd (3341)   

Thanks Digby!! I wasn’t so much worried as confused as to why others were so concerned about it and why I was seeing it pop up so much.
Medical Questions Icon 1 Re mold and nerve pain Jump to new posts by 6Hypnone   

For those of you with mold illness that have or had nerve pain, assuming the pain was caused by mold, how long after starting mold treatment did the pain start to improve?
Medical Questions Icon 1 Re: what is the name of the supp that prevents c-diff? Jump to new posts by GVS (33)   

My experience with VSL#3 against C. Diff. is that its effectiveness is determined by its dose. Taken without the amplification in power of Floraphage, VSL#3 would either be ineffective at low doses or...

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