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General Support Icon 1 Re: EXERCISE: What you CAN do today: July 16 Jump to new posts by Lymetoo (20)   

Ak .. I sure hope tomorrow is a better day for you!! hiker and I had a great time today cruising the town. It would have been a lot nicer if it had not been SO HOT!! I'm still trying to recover. Yikes....
General Support Icon 1 Re: Beyond stressed Jump to new posts by AndyR (9)   

Keebler, I greatler appreciate all your kind words. It really means a lot. I'm in the process of researching doctors now. I think I was going through a bad herx which was making me a little more depressed...
Medical Questions Icon 1 best one thing for MCAS? Jump to new posts by dogmom2   

reacting to everything it seems. llmd wants me to take several things for mcas, but likely can't pull that off. Thinking of trying ketotifen to start, or maybe quercetin. If I only try one supplement/med...
Medical Questions Icon 1 Re: Triple negative breast cancer Jump to new posts by vitamom (8)   

Thank you all. A nurse who coordinates care for breast cancer people told me today that she doesn't think chemo will be as bad as IV antibiotics for Lyme. We'll see.. It is about 1/2 an inch which made...
General Support Icon 1 Signs of Estrogen Dominance Jump to new posts by Lymetoo
Medical Questions Icon 1 Re: Dr. H. 2017 Talk, Ideas from His New Book--Notes I Took Jump to new posts by jackie81 (14)   

I wish he would talk more about bartonella.. symptoms etc
Medical Questions Icon 1 Re: Rife frequencies and many other treatments to help lyme Jump to new posts by grakay (3)   

I had a hard time reading it in original page too. I ended up copying & pasting to word document, but couldn't figure out how to get rid of the black background behind the text.
Medical Questions Icon 1 Re: Old Lyme, but new patient Jump to new posts by listenswithcare (13)   

Thanks for the feedback on the exercise, detox, sweating, Dr. B's quote, etc. unsure445, what did you use for the green juices? I used to have a juicer, but it was pitiful with greens. Perhaps a product...
Medical Questions Icon 1 Re: Possible Lyme Cure - Stevia with Dapsone Pyrazinamide Flagyl Tindamax Jump to new posts by TF (15)   

No. It was a response to Jeff Jeff who is referencing a few NB Protocol websites as the basis for his argument. Beware.
Medical Questions Icon 1 Re: Solution for severe brain fog Jump to new posts by Lymedad123 (9)   

Thanks to everyone for the great posts. In some cases the information confirmed some of the approaches we have in motion; in other cases it provide insight into additional emphasis that we should be...
Medical Questions Icon 1 Re: 2 nd Tick Bite Results Are In Jump to new posts by whew (7)   

Sounds like you got the 2nd tick tested. We're used to getting false negatives on tests, why not with a tick test. I was bit in late May and froze the tick, now sending it in alcohol to the free test...
Medical Questions Icon 1 Re: Ionic Tooth Brush experience Jump to new posts by Keebler (4)   

- Dr. Tung's Ionic Toothbrush [being sure it was authentic and not some knockoff] - used according to instructions - is what I used for a few times before the torture just had to stop. Wanting to give...
Medical Questions Icon 1 Re: Does Buhner herbs treat or cure all forms of Lyme? Jump to new posts by Brussels (4)   

I second Keebler. Buy the book, it's easy to read. It's hard to explain it in details.
Seeking a Doctor Icon 1 Re: LLMD New Haven County - Connecticut Jump to new posts by hopingandpraying (1)   

Welcome back to Lymenet! PM sent for CT. You need to be evaluated and treated by a Lyme-literate doctor (LLMD). Non LLMDs have no clue about this horrible disease or its complex treatment! A LLMD is...
Medical Questions Icon 1 Re: Bioray for detox / parasites / probiotic? Jump to new posts by frikfrak (2)   

Hi, Thank you, i will look into Dr. Kronn's for sure. Was fine until found lyme (all bands positive) and RMSF back in Dec. 2009....found babesia in 2012. Anyway, thanks for your reply frikfrak
General Support Icon 1 Re: The 2017 Lyme Disease & Related Co-Infections Mapping Project Jump to new posts by jory (1)   

Regional Map Series 1 is now available for download. series1/
Seeking a Doctor Icon 1 Re: Oklahoma looking for doctor Jump to new posts by TF (2)   

How far are you willing to travel to see a really good doctor? There is a doctor in Washington, D.C. who only requires in person visits once every 6 months. You could do telephone appointments the other...
Medical Questions Icon 1 Re: Electrical feelings :( Jump to new posts by 6Hypnone (7)   

I'm not sure what other infections I have. My LL says testing for them is not realistic since they cost so much and are not nec correct. So she's treating them all (so she says). I try to buy the highest...

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