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» LymeNet Flash » Questions and Discussion » Medical Questions » Lyme as a bioweapon?

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Author Topic: Lyme as a bioweapon?
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Here is my review of Kris Newby's new book, “Bitten: The Secret History of Lyme Disease and Biological Weapons.”

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Great article! I very much appreciate Lorraine Johnson's website for covering this controversial topic as most media sources will probably be too afraid to.

Lorraine hasn't been afraid to speak up about the coverup of this disese and I mighty appreciate that

Why the Government is Suppressing the Lyme Disease Epidemic Interview with Lorraine Johnson

Originally posted by Dorothy Kupcha Leland:
As soon as we turned off the camera and began packing up our gear, Willy told us with a smile, ‘I didn’t tell you everything.’ But try as we might, we couldn’t get him to say more.”

Now here's the thing, maybe this was another interview with different people, I'm not sure, but it was talked about in an interview between George Noory and Tom Grier Coast to Coast AM where Grier referenced another passage from another book. Grier claimed that Willy Burgdorfer said something on the lines that "accidents do happen."

But I definitely get the feeling that there was more said considering what Andy and Kris said in this video, maybe not in the Under Our Skin interview with Willy, but like Andy and Kris said, maybe with Willy's friends and other people...

Originally posted by Kris Newby:

He suspected that the whole lyme outbreak was a bioweapons accident, he said it to other friends of his in little bread crumbs worth of explanation, but he was afraid to talk about it.

My suspicion is those that have been studying this disease for a very long time, whether it's Tom Grier, some of the top lyme doctors like Dr. H and Dr. J, or even someone like Lorraine Johnson. I get the vibe that they all think that it's biowarfare. I found the title of this video very interesting too.

I watched the Under the Eightball movie, which was about a Director who lost his sister due to lyme and researched the biowarfare weapon side of the disease. One of the LLMDs from Michigan was featured in the documentary.

After seeing the movie, I talked with the top LLMD in Michigan about the movie, he goes "everything in that lyme documentary is true."

I was shocked on how bold and blunt the LLMD was about the biowarfare documentary, it was totally unexpected, considering this LLMD is a very religious man.

Anyways, me being a criminal justice major and have even taken classes like anti-terrorism in college, I was always fascinated with topics like these as we did study things like anthrax, which is a bacteria that ended up being used as a biowarfare weapon.

I also found it fascinating how Kris Newby mentioned ticks were dropped in cuba, I suspect during the cuban missile crisis. Well there's other information that suggests that our government also tried to use radiation and cancer against Castro as biowarfare too.

If you're willing, here's an interesting video from another Michigan Doctor in my home state, Dr. Tent who talks about this, very disturbing so I forewarn you! It gets deep into the poleo vaccine and how it was tainted with the SV40 virus.

The internet is bringing so much truth out in recent days about vaccines, biowarfare, coverups. Yet the government wonders why its citizens aren't so willing to get a vaccine these days.

Here's Joe Rogan who recently had a scientist on to talk about the old LymeRix Vaccine. As Joe put it, he has a friend who took the vaccine back in the day and developed some serious side effects.

The author ended the video stating she's worried about lyme patients retaliating. Yes, I think that is a major concern, but I think the truth must come out so people know.

Because as more evidence builds up, they win their case down in Texas, even Dr. Lee for suing the CDC for suppressing his diagnostic test. This will all open the doors for lyme patients to get the treatment they need, maybe their social security benefits they deserve, etc...

Originally posted by Dorothy Kupcha Leland:

The Lyme community cares passionately about the true origin story of this burgeoning epidemic. Indeed, the microbe has been around for eons. Lyme spirochetes have been found in ticks that were encased in amber 15 million years ago. Lyme DNA is in the bones of “The Iceman,” who lay frozen in the Alps for over 5000 years.

But did something happen in the last half of the 20th Century to ramp up this pathogen’s virulence? And/or, to make it spread more easily? Newby’s book certainly suggests that.

And one last thing, I'm grateful you mentioned the origin and Otzi because there's this mentality with many people of the lyme community that just because a study shows borrelia in an iceman 5000 years ago, means it wasn't a biowarfare weapon.

There's this big misconception that biowarfare is just made out of thin air in a lab and because borrelia was found thousands of years ago, this completely debunks the notion of it being biowarfare. This is not how biowarfare works! Let me explain something, just like any form of weaponry material is taken from the environment(iron, steel) and then made into a sword or axe. Pathogens are taking from the environment and then weaponized in some form of packaging, a targeting device whether it's just a letter or a missile, then sent to it's target. In Anthrax's case, just a simple paper letter can be used.

Question is, was borrelia manipulated in the lab to make it much more aggressive, aka virulence. I suspect it's very much possible considering scientists have taken other organisms, mated them, and developed what we now know as the killer bee. And that was another case where this biolab experiment accidentally escaped and has killed thousands of people.

And what ya know, even bees have a history of being used a biological warfare.

[ 05-13-2019, 07:39 PM: Message edited by: Dan455 ]

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Biological Weapons

But the minute we (sufferers) mention it, we are discredited by being called crazy.

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Pretty interesting, author of the book bitten, kris newby is on Coast to Coast AM right now being interviewed by George Noory about Lyme Disease.

Lyme Disease Revelations

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Read "Lab 257" by Michael C. Carroll. Very interesting!
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Here's Garth Nicolson on possible weaponization of Lyme with mycoplasma:

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Here's something I wrote years back. I am almost finished with Newby's book and I feel so validated in my suspicions. For years people were telling me to be quiet.....lyme activists...because they said talking about this subject would make us less credible. Well , finally someone who IS credible wrote a book about it and I am so grateful!

[ 05-16-2019, 08:47 AM: Message edited by: daystar1952 ]

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