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Posted by MariaA (Member # 9128) on :
Hi folks,

I just started using b12 methylcobalamin injectible again, and for the second time in a row, taking a shot coincided with me feeling worse the next day.

I'm taking Mepron et al for babesia. I get ups and downs that sound a lot like the babesia 'herxes'. The last one was pretty recently so if I'm on the 3 week cycle I think I'm on, I'm not due for a worsening of symptoms. I didn't change anything else.

Is it possible that the b12 has anything to do with me feeling worse, either as a herx or as something else?

My symptm this time around is just being super sleepy. I can't recall what my symptoms were last time but I remember wondering if the B12 could have started that episode.
Posted by Angelica (Member # 15601) on :
I think Dr. B. mentioned at a lecture not to use that type of B12 shot because it moves heavy metals to the brain. Can someone with a good memory please verify this?

I asked at my recent medical appointment with W.A. if I should be doing B12 shots and was told not to and I need to listen to my CD to find out why not because I forget. He might have said it gets in the way with detoxing if that makes any sense.
Posted by MariaA (Member # 9128) on :
Interesting. My LLMD got a lot of his pointers on mercury detoxing from W.A, but he specifically prescribed the B12 for that reason. the reasoning is that I seem to have some kind of problem with glutathione production which is probably why I have a mercury issue, etc. I'll ask him about it.

Different people have different metabolic issues that may be the cause of mercury toxicity, so your problems might be different than my problems, so it's possible that WA told you something different than he'd have told me if I were his patient.

There's huge disagreement among alternative healthcare guys about chelation and such, and a lot of different substances (like ALA, NAC, etc) are said by different people to either work well for chelating or to be dangerous because of the possibility that the chelator-metal bond is weak and the metal might get redistributed into the brain. I don't recall B12 being described as a chelator , though.

Thanks for the heads-up.
Posted by Angelica (Member # 15601) on :
I think it also has to deal with just what type of B12 shot you are doing. I know some kinds of B12 shots are fine to do but I forget which kind.

I dug this up and hope that it might clarify more on the B12 shots. These are notes Derek took at a Dr. B. lecture:

``yes, he mentioned metals as one of the key components in late stage lyme illness.

i think its listed above.

he mentioned how dr H makes it a priority and if u remember dr b sent his patients there when he closed up shop.

he specifically mentioned mercury and arsenic, and also mentioned NOT doing methyl b12 injections without having mercury levels tested because if you do have mercury it mobilizes it in a bad way as the methyl crosses the bbb and re distributes mercury into the brain.

i found this interesting as i was doing methyl b 12 injections prior to testing and i in fact have very high mercury and have since discontinued the methyl shots. they made me feel worse and i didnt know why... now i know

he went on about chelation, etc for metals which i am doing, and yeah, said its one reason people stay ill.''



``u can use normal b12 shots w/ mercury or other metals as far as i know, just not methyl because it crosses the bbb and redistributes the mercury into your noggin!''
Posted by treepatrol (Member # 4117) on :
I am doing the same as you never had that happen from b12 but the first time i did melatonin I had a herx like reaction but by the third time I had no reaction .

How many nshots do you do?
I do one every fourth day.
Seems like that works best for me.
Posted by MariaA (Member # 9128) on :
just every 4 days or so, at least that's my goal, I just started back up.

Mine's 10,000 units per ml, if I remember right, and I do a .5 ml subcutaneous shot.

I got pretty knocked on my butt this last time around, still trying to figure out why.
Posted by TerryK (Member # 8552) on :
It's possible that you have a methylation cycle problem.

Methyl B-12 could be either moving toxins out because it opens your cycle or if you may have certain mutations where you create more toxins when you open the cycle unless you first deal with those mutations.

CBS upregulation or SUOX mutations can cause problems with sulfur and ammonia. When you open the cycle, more sulfur and ammonia are created if you have these mutations unless you take steps to deal with the ammonia and sulfur mutations.

High heavy metal loads are associated with CBS upregulations.

Some people should not be adding methyl groups because they have certain mutations that mean they already have too many methyl groups.

If I added Methyl B12 and hadn't dealt with these issues, I would have a herx like reaction but it would be from adding more toxins to my system.

My lyme doctor had me tested for methylation cycle problems when we found that I herx so badly with lyme treatment.

Here is a little info about methylation cycle mutations

Also look for Yasko via a google search if you are interested.

Posted by MariaA (Member # 9128) on :
Yep, I know I need to learn about this. I've taken B12 in the past with nothing but good results, and I've seen improvement from chelating mercury in the past too with a lot of detox support (undenatured whey, chlorella, metachel, sodium alginate, etc)

this is the first time it's felt like something goes wrong. I dont think I had babesia when I was doing it before, though.
Posted by Alv (Member # 15192) on : can help on fighting malaria..SORRYY need to find my link that a frined of me send me a while ago to show that B12 on this direction.I was surprised whn I found out...Hope I find the link -BUT is true.
Posted by MariaA (Member # 9128) on :
Interesting. I'll do some googling.

Anyone else notice somethign like this?

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