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Posted by plutok (Member # 20881) on :
I was reading an article by Dr. K talking about using microcurrents as treatment.

I did a search here and found several old articles but nothing recent.

I did a search with google and didn't find much new.

I am wondering if this treatment has fallen out of favor?

Does anyone have any updates on using this technology?

Thank you
Posted by peacemama (Member # 17666) on :
My son used it for adrenal fatigue and it was helpful, but not affordable for us to continue.

We had our doc use the "syphillus frequency" and the body responded to it. Whatever that meant.
Posted by Brussels (Member # 13480) on :
I used the KMT24 before I got my PE1. It helped me clearly on the following: parasites & viruses.

With borrelia and other tick born diseases, the KMT helped very much LOCALLY, like ending arthritic pains here and there. For the whole body treatment, that was not too strong, I felt.

I also used it for TBE, a viral encephalitis with my daughter and I think it helped. I feel when one uses it locally, if infection is local, the microcurrent is very good. If you have to use it for the whole body, it's less strong.

I think I would still use it in case of parasitism if I have it again. For borrelia, I would CERTAINLY go with photons + nosodes. It's for me almost a mono-therapy that really puts borrelia dormant much faster than the KMT or any other ingested stuff.

The KMT is not a mono-therapy for borrelia. You still need oral killers.

It was for me a mono therapy though for GI parasites because I didn't take anything orally and they just died. And it worked well for some brain viruses too, clearing symptoms fast.

For tick born infections, as I said, it was very helpful with local symptoms but less effective when I wired my whole body.
Posted by GiGi (Member # 259) on :
We use KMT microcurrent frequently - even for a facial! If I bump my arm, I use microcurrent.
Microcurrent is a biological current and therefore has many applications - for healing, repairing, draining, toning. I feel safe with it.
Posted by plutok (Member # 20881) on :
Is there a website where they can ordered and has more info?

I found a microcurrent unit from a website for $105. Is it different from the models Dr. K makes? The only KMT I could find were old references on this site saying they had the kmt23 or kmt24 and they cost about $1500.
Posted by m0joey (Member # 13494) on :
the magnetic pulser (part of bob beck's protocol) is also microcurrent

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