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Posted by bonbon521 (Member # 25900) on :
My son was recently having health problems in Florida. My husband has been battling fatigue and bone/joint pain for the last 3 weeks. It will travel from the hip area, inside thigh, shoulder joint, etc. He is a mailman. He has been to the doctors 3 times. At one point he thought he wasn't going to be able to finish his route he was in such pain/ache. The doctors have run bloodwork and it all came back fine. It did show that he had had lyme at one time but the doctor said not now. He gave him a anti-inflammatory (Diclofenac Sod 150 mg/day. After the first two pills it took it away but after a couple days it came back and now it is a week and it is bothering him while on the anti-inflammatory. He is so discouraged. He is 62 yrs. old. Regular doctors are puzzled. Where to go from here? Natural doctor said that his cholesterol is too low and that is why he is having problems. Cholesterol 144. Any suggestions? About 5 weeks ago he had a tick attached to him. We tried to get it off and it broke off. He went to the emergency room and they took it out. My husband had to ask for an antibiotic just for precautionary measures and she didn't really want to but ended up giving him 2 pills. Could there be a connection even though the test shows previous lyme not current?
Posted by sk8ter (Member # 8671) on :
OMG get to a LLMD.

Go on seeking for a doctor and put in your area. You will get a list in your area. Do not go to an Infectious Disease dr !!!.
If you can get any Doxycycline for a month or better longer in the meantime from your PCP do it.
Posted by sk8ter (Member # 8671) on :
Also the regular Labcorp or Quest labs will not pick up the positive most times ...a LLMD will test you through Igenex,Clongen.
Posted by bonbon521 (Member # 25900) on :
My son had lyme, bartonella, mycoplasma, mono, etc. a couple years ago.

We have been down this road before and now he might be having a relapse.

Our daughter has seizures and has fatigue is on 400mg Lamictal. She had several viruses mono,EBV, etc but the Western Blot said no lyme.

A couple years later she still seems tired and according to the neurologist she still has the seizures (petit mal) The lyme test was negative then. She has forgetfulness but don't know whether it is from the meds or what.

I guess that now dealing with my husbands health issues we are like we are in denial. Don't know if we can go through this again.

I had colon cancer surgery last year which was long and drawn out pre surgery and post surgery.

Thanks for the help.
Posted by NanaB (Member # 26227) on :
sk8ter, why do you say not to see an infectious disease doc? Just wondering as my LLMD is one and he keeps up with the latest on Lyme and other viruses and such as well as the latest treatments.
Posted by kidsgotlyme (Member # 23691) on :
Nana, you are lucky. Almost all infectious disease doctors deny that lyme is out there. Most of them will just tell you that it is hard to get and easy to treat.
Posted by NanaB (Member # 26227) on :
I guess I am lucky. Only time will tell. I will see if he makes a clinical dx or based on testing only.

I know he's mentioned to me that he's had negative results on some patients but he knows for sure they have it. Hopefully he is treating based on that assumption.

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