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Posted by miles2go (Member # 20119) on :
I sometimes have gooey white stuff at the edges of my eyes. Does anyone else have this? If so, what causes it?
Posted by Lex (Member # 22860) on :
If you give your dog a piece of cooked meat, chances are the next day he'll have the gooey white stuff at corner of his eyes. If you eat cooked meat, you may not be taking enough digestive enzymes or betaine hcl. The eyes, when detox organs are overwhelmed, try to get the toxins out. And it's not often a pretty picture.
Posted by miles2go (Member # 20119) on :
What kind of enzymes & where do you buy them?
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
If it doesn't go away soon, see your eye doctor. You could have an infection.
Posted by BoxerMom (Member # 25251) on :
I get this when I'm treating Bartonella.

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