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Posted by Knight33 (Member # 22028) on :
hey everyone

Ok so my doctor is not an LLMD but he's lyme aware i guess and tested my through igenex after going 18 months with severe cognitive impairment, muscle twitches etc... He gave me 4 months of oral antibiotics and they didn't do anything.

Currently, I've been on 1 month of IV Rocephin with amantadine and artiminisin and vitamins.


I'm getting frustrated and I asked him about possibly having a bartonella co-infection and he doesn't know exactly how to treat them but is open to trying.

My question to you guys is what should I ask him to be put on?

I don't want to be on levaquin or cipro because a) I've had a bad reaction to cipro before and it's in the same family of drugs as levaquin and B) I've read to much scary stuff about the drug

So I'm thinking of rifampin with either bactrim ds or biaxin or erythromycin. I've heard you have to combine two or more for bartonella.

Which ones do you think I should take and how many mgs of each? I'll be continuing my IV rocephin.

Posted by nefferdun (Member # 20157) on :
The drugs your doctor is giving you are not for bartonella so it is no wonder you are not improving. You should see an LLMD so you are not on a wild goose chase wasting time and money and putting your body under unnecessary stress.

The first drug of choice, if you can tolerate it, is Levaquin. Other drugs in the family are also helpful.
If you are doing IV, Gentimicin is used.

Then Rifampin with a macrolide, usually zithro, is the second line of treatment. Rifabutin is another drug in the same family as Rifampin which is also used. It is supposed to have less interactions with other drugs than Rifampin. It is also calle micobutin.

The last treatment option I know of is Bactrim DS with a macrolide like biaxin or zithro. It also works against babesia.
I have found this very effective for me but it has not eliminated the disease.

You need an LLMD to diagnose exactly what infections you have so you are properly treated for all of them. I know what is like to use a GP and get prolonged treatment that is not effective.

Artemisinin is used for babesia, not bartonella. If you want to combine herbs to help the abx fight the bart, try Cumanda, clove bud oil, HH capsules or resveratrol. But no combination of herbs will cure you of bart without the support of abx.
Posted by Terminator (Member # 27328) on :
neff are you saying that gentimicin is better than levaquin but has to be given IV?

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