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Posted by Wolfed Out (Member # 23727) on :
I'm doing research, like I'm doing all the time, and come across an article that said, "only problem I find with tetracyclines is it inhibits Mepron."

Wait, what?? I thought tetracyclines were a problem with Flagyl, but I have never heard of it being a problem with Mepron. Of course, I'm taking Minocycline and just started Mepron today.

Can anyone verify?
Posted by SashaC (Member # 18968) on :
My daughter and I both take minocycline with malarone. And I have taken both with flagyl. Isn't mepron closely related to malarone?
Posted by Dekrator48 (Member # 18239) on :
On page 11 of the following paper, it states that concomitant use of tetracycline can result in lower plasma levels of atovaquone.

Some may interpret this to mean taking them together at the same time of day is contraindicated, and some may say that taking them on the same day/week/month is contraindicated.
Posted by nspiker (Member # 22824) on :
I've taken Mepron with both Minocycline and Tindamax. I take the Minocycline, on an empty stomach an hour or two away from the Mepron/Tindamax.
Posted by Lymeorsomething (Member # 16359) on :
I take them together...
Posted by BoxerMom (Member # 25251) on :
I take them together. I still herx.

If you feel like you are not herxing on the Mepron, or that you need a very high dose to herx, I would consider discontinuing the Mino.

You're also not supposed to take Mino with dairy, as the minerals inhibit the absorption.

I have been taking my Mino with yogurt at breakfast for most of my treatment, and I still herx on it.

I'm not saying not to follow your doctor's or pharmacist's instructions. I'm just saying that we know our bodies and what works for us.

I will say this: I need Zith to herx on Mepron. I was taking Plaquenil/Mepron from Oct. - Dec. and I did not herx. I thought my Babs load was too low to have obvious herxing. Wrong! My abx load was too low. Bummer.

Thanks for your PM, Wolfed Out. I owe you a reply.


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