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Posted by frikfrak (Member # 26844) on :

haven't been on in awhile...son (20) taking 400 IV doxy and MD just added flagyl (250mg) 3x day. How long before we should start seeing changes? will we see changes? Son diagnosed in 12/09 and has gotten progressively worse since then. With 2nd LLMD since 8/10, he put him on the doxy and still no better.
Any help/suggestions/opinions greatly appreciated.

Running out of hope
Posted by Beachinit (Member # 21040) on :
In my case, I was on 2 caps of Doxy twice daily and did not begin to see changes till week 8 or so and then very rapid improvement up till week
12. Was not on IV and was on no other med. Had lots of headaches during that time and felt pretty bad but stuck it out for 12 weeks at which time I felt 85% better so I foolishly stopped the med and relapsed about 12 wks later.
Now I am pulsing flagyl and doxy only for symptom flareups and only taking herbs and supplements at all times. In between then and now I cycled thru many months of taking multiple oral antibiotics.

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