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Posted by mattnapa (Member # 26414) on :
So I have a weakly positive western blot test for Lyme and have some paraesthesia, tinnitus, hyperaccusia eye floater, twitchiness,wavy line and occasionally systemic sensitive skin. My new LLMD is discounting Lyme mostly on the basis that I do not have serious fatigue or brain fog. I do not really have a problem with it since I think they idea is that Lyme could come back into focus if nothing else is found to be the cause. But I am curious in general what people think about that.

Also I get the impression he is looking for a bit of a single bullet cause. Perhaps this is because I had a pretty strong sudden onset of much of this ten years ago, and that could be a rationale for a single cause. He also seems dedicated to making a specirfic diagnosis as opposed to shotgun type therapy, and I think that tactic almost requires a single agent.
Posted by miles2go (Member # 20119) on :
Have you had abx treatment in the past? If you are young and have a robust immune system,that might explain not having fatigue and brain fog. Do you remember having had Lyme fog and fatigue in the past? If so, maybe the abx partially killed the spirochetes but you're still dealing with floaters, tinnitis and parathesia. Wavy lines? Do you mean in the eyes? If so, you should see an opthalmologist. Maybe you should get a 2nd opinion from another LLMD who would clinically diagnose your symptoms.
Posted by miles2go (Member # 20119) on :
Thought I should add this just in case: If the wavy lines are in your eyes, I had dark wavy lines in the eyes one time and it turned out to be a retinal tear - a retinal tear needs a repair on an emergency basis.
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
I've heard others here say that they had plenty of energy.
Posted by onbam (Member # 23758) on :
I have no fatigue but plenty of brain fog. No given presentation is necessary for Lyme; it can attack any part of your body.
Posted by mattnapa (Member # 26414) on :
Thanks for the responses. The wavy lines are only in certain situation where the borders of certain things tend to wiggle a little. It usually goes away if I close one eye. Others here have said I shouild see an opthomologist as well , but perhaps they thought I was describing this othe wavy phenemenon which seems to be an emergency. At best I think they will tell me I have MS or something so I do not see much point in going. It has not really worsened in 7 years or so, but it does concern me some.

I am 51 have never had abx, but have always been the type to really go at it in sports and exertion in general. Not sure if an attitude can overcome fatigue in some. but I am a rather willful type at times
Posted by jenniferk32 (Member # 30718) on :
I really don't know- I've always pushed myself past my fatigue because I have to, being a single working mom. Plus I go to the gym 4-5 times a week even when I'm super tired and it gives me more energy. But I REALLY became exhausted daily once I started treatment.

My llmd says it's because the abx, herbs and such bring the Lyme out of your joints, tissues, brain and wherever else it's hiding into the blood stream where your immune system can fight it. Fighting it wipes you out.

Your llmd should know that there is no standard, textbook case of lyme, everyone experiences different things. Plus he/she should know that the tests for it are not very reliable.

Also according to my LLMD, Lyme does not like to be in the bloodstream where antibodies can attack it. It likes to hide as I mentioned above. So that could be why you don't show much in the way of antibodies.

He should test your CD57 levels. Low levels are particular to Lyme. In Kenneth Singleton's book "The Lyme Disease Solution" he lists all the reasons a test can be negative.

Maybe you need to see a new LLMD.
Posted by canefan17 (Member # 22149) on :
Look into ammonia and ways to detox it
Posted by bcb1200 (Member # 25745) on :
I have all of your symptoms and I never really had bad fatigue or fog.

It is definitely lyme, babs, and bart for me.

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