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Posted by miles2go (Member # 20119) on :
The tops of my hands and feet are ice cold unless I wear gloves and heavy socks. Does anyone know what causes that? Is it Lyme or Bart or Babesia and has anyone had it go away with treatment?
Posted by Sammi (Member # 110) on :
It could be from Babesiosis and/or hypothyroidism.

Do you have either of these?
Posted by sixgoofykids (Member # 11141) on :
Yes, mine went away. I think it had a lot to do with my low thyroid.
Posted by Alex1950 (Member # 6308) on :
I had the same problem, check your body temp if its low, its the thyroid. My temp was down to 94-95, Ive should have been dead. The thyroid is not sending the proper signals down to the liver which produces the T3 compounds. For more info

After reading it, you can get your Dr to give you a prescription. I decided to use the herb guggul. At first I used MegaFoods Thyroid Strength herbal supplements(can use Standard Process Thyroid blend). Then I added Natures Trust cold press liquid guggul. I got better results by taking a thyroid herbal supplement along with the liquid guggul. Took 3 pills a day with each meal along with 10 drops of the liquid. Start slowly and increase the dose. When you get your temp at or near normal then wean yourself off. After 2 months my temp went up to near normal, stayed on it for another month then I weaned myself off (took a month). Its been 4 months since my last dose. Now my temp is between 98.2 to 98.6. Take your temp later on in the day not morning.

If you decide to use guggul or the protocol as outline in the Wilson Syndrome:
1) You must detox the liver
2) You cannot miss a dose or else you will yoyo with the body temp.
3) You cannot eat anything from the cabbage family, peaches and pears

You can also use guggul to lower your cholesterol, following the same protocol. Once its gets down wean off. You dont have to use it all the time as with the drugs.

If the body temps starts to go down or the cholesterol starts going up go back on the guggul.

One thing that I have found since my body temp
has gone up to near normal I have to eat more since my Metabolism has gone up.
Posted by nefferdun (Member # 20157) on :
If you don't have low thyroid, it is bartonella.
Posted by Toppers (Member # 20083) on :
I'm going to have to go with Bartonella as well if you ruled the others out. I supplemented with lots of Iodine to correct any thyroid issues and it didn't scratch my cold feet/hands.

When it's 50 degrees out it feels like 10F to me.
Posted by Joe28 (Member # 33535) on :
Ice cold feet and hands is a text book symptom of bartonella. It was one of the first symptoms I experienced when contracting bart.

Only reliable way to kill bart bacteria is with combination of abx that pass the blood brain barrier like Levaquin Rifampin and Zithromax and intracellular abx like biaxin.
Posted by Pony (Member # 32559) on :
I have bart and this has been one of my symptoms from the get go...

However, it only effects me from the waste down... Knees, calfs, achillis, feet constantly painfully freezing. I soak them in water every night to sleep.

But my hands are fine, no issues whatsoever.

This symptom hasn't resolved with treatment, like a lot of my other bart symptoms have... It's strange that is one of my only "constant" symptoms.
Posted by miles2go (Member # 20119) on :
Thanks everybody for the good information.
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
Raynaud's Syndrome

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