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Posted by FlyingBurritoSister (Member # 40397) on :
This may be a silly question, but does anybody else out there have a problem where they have a.... uh, Lyme "gut"

where it looks like water retention, but to the point of looking....... uh, relatively large?

Since I've had Lyme, by the end of the day my abdomen enlarges to the point where I look pregnant!

Jeans are out of the question! Elastic waistbands are about it!!!

My doctors never thought anything of it.

I dont have any growths or other bad stuff in there as far as I know, but besides, in the morning, I look pretty normal in the abdominal area.

It didn't matter if I was on abx or not, on supplements or not.

Any clues?
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
Candida/yeast most likely.
Posted by sillia (Member # 23994) on :
I have had this condition for years. It has disappeared since I started treating for parasites. Most days, I have a flat tummy now. I am still sick and still treating for Lyme & co's (abx). I think the bloating was caused by parasites. Just my experience!
Posted by Keebler (Member # 12673) on :
Q: Has this been the experience of others?

Indeed, enough so that the authors belowed penned "The PotBelly Syndrome" about this very thing.

For some, early weight loss is followed later by gain - for seemingly no apparent reason (as many maintain a healthful diet).

This book & site explain why lyme, and Cpn, caused serious weight gain in some patients and how, once the infection(s) were addressed, it just seemed to nearly fall off.

One of the important points, though, is that even thin people can have fatty veins (a sort of "interior obesity"), so this book is for everyone, not just those carrying more weight:


THE POTBELLY SYNDROME: How Common Germs Cause Obesity, Diabetes, and Heart Disease.

Book link, you can look inside the book and read readers' reviews here:

However, the authors above don't tell us much we can do about it, other than be assertive in addressing the infection. They do explain the adrenal dysfunction involved but do not tell us what ELSE we can do about that, or even how to best ride the wave. See the ADRENAL SUPPORT here:

Topic: Borrelia Weight Gain? Some Explanations. And What Helps
Posted by Keebler (Member # 12673) on :
If your "doctors never thought anything of it" they are not at all lyme literate.

But also know that most regular doctors likely make all the wrong assumptoms about weight gain in those with lyme. They just have no clue as to the complexities involved and, often, their advise can be dangerous for someone with lyme.

Your LLMD or LL ND are the best to guide this matter. You might want to save the link above, too, for the detail there about safety.

But your LL doctor really needs to know this so you can receive advice for YOUR body. This is a medical symptom, just as any other,, but the causes for YOU may also be different than for another person with lyme.

As this seems to be a late day happening, it might be swelling, inflammation, kidney or heart issues (as are common with lyme).

However, a common diuretic may NOT be the answer and can cause harm. There are many supplements that can help reduce swelling but do talk with your LL doctor regarding the specifics in your case.

If you eat any processed foods, that could also be connected.

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Posted by Judie (Member # 38323) on :
Yep. I had the same swelling that made me look pregnant by the end of the day.

There were a few causes for me but I think it was the combo that did it:

Antibiotics - these caused me to gain 10 pounds of water weight that I lost after I stopped, it definitely contributed to the swelling.

Diuretics - Contributed to throwing off my metabolism and made things worse.

Steroids (docs didn't know what to do with me)

Gut Dysbiosis - After 2 years of the swelling, I took a CDSA test, my gut flora was off and I had an infection.

Diet - Cruciferous veggies and legumes for me. My GI doc actually gave me a handout that was entitled "so you look pregnant." A lot of items in a healthy diet make your stomach blow up at the end of the day.
Posted by Razzle (Member # 30398) on :
And don't forget Lyme itself can paralyze the abdominal muscles, thus exercise and tummy toning won't do a thing.

The paralyzed muscles cannot hold in the guts, that by design must expand when there is food residue in there, and which will shrink again after digestion has completed.
Posted by Robin123 (Member # 9197) on :
For me, it started with early Lyme - I think it's part of weight increase due to slowed down metabolism, if anyone wants to comment on that theory...
Posted by nonna05 (Member # 33557) on :
Is this part of the swelling I'm getting inknee's to ankles??

Now my tummy is lower arms and figures..

What type of blood test?

Now I'm at a CRP of 14, should be below 2or 3.

I am inflamed and can not get an answer..

I swear I have 25lbs. of bloat on me now.

This is not first stage anything, I'm eating less and moving more ,even though my body feels like it will break in two.
Posted by FlyingBurritoSister (Member # 40397) on :
OK --- looks like I'm gonna have to bring this up to my LLMD when I see him later this month!

I can say that exercise does nothing for this problem!

I do drink Kefir as my morning "breakfast" to get my supplements down, but other than that I drink only water.

So no carbonated beverages.

What I eat is basically lean protein and veggies, a little fruit.

Could be any of the things you guys mentioned....
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
Cut out the fruit and see if it gets any better.
Posted by nonna05 (Member # 33557) on :
Not eating much fruit , very seldom.

Now the knee's are starting to do that bad pain on top, where in gets hard to walk, sit etc.

There really needs to be some answer..It's like having to hunt LD diagnoses or something,,,,,,

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