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Posted by LAXlover (Member # 25518) on :
I'm doing the above protocol for Babesia. My LLMD stopped the Lyme meds in order to do this protocol. I've been treating Lyme for the last 3 years with abx. I have not tested pos for Babesia so far.

I've noticed that my temp seems to fluctuate more lately since doing the protocol. I feel comfortable and then all the sudden I'm hot and sweating. It doesn't last long and then I'm comfortable again. I don't think it's menopausal hot flashes?

What could this mean?

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Posted by Sammi (Member # 110) on :
It could be Babs since you are treating it now.
Posted by FamilyFive (Member # 37206) on :
I agree it could be babs.

I've treated babs for almost a year but since starting coartem a few months ago I get chills and hot periods. I also get a fever-like feeling that I never had before in the afternoon/evening.
Posted by nefferdun (Member # 20157) on :
If you did not test positive for babesia, you might want to get tested for protomyxzoa. It also causes hot flashes. Mepron hits it but I found ivermectin the most effective.

If you are taking antimalarial drugs with high amounts of fat and you do have protomyxzoa, you are sending the PR into overdrive because it multiplies 100 times faster with fat. You really should know what you have so you treat the right way. PR also causes a low grade temperature.

The main difference to help you determine if babesia is dominate or PR is your sleeping. If you oversleep, it is babesia. If you develop insomnia, it is PR (or bart). Protomyxzoa also causes loss of voice, dry unproductive cough (both of these are infrequent), pain in jaw or teeth, nasal congestion (like you developed an allergy), stabbing nerve pains etc.

The protomyxzoa will cause muscle twitching and bladder irritation (frequent urination or UTI) like bartonella.
Like babesia it will cause headaches, hot flashes, muscle pain, profound fatigue, brain fog/confusion/memory loss, depression/ anxiety and dizziness.

Protomyxzoa is dangerous as it can develop into MS or ALS. You don't want it to get out of control. It is often related to many auto immune diseases so if you have thyroid problems, suspect this infection.
Posted by LAXlover (Member # 25518) on :
Thanks so much.

What is the best, reliable test for Protomyxzoa?

I should find out the results of my WA-1 (LabCorp) test tomorrow.

Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
Yep.. babs herx.

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