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Posted by Crawgir1 (Member # 40229) on :
I have my first appointment with my LLMD this Friday, and am so excited to finally get a diagnosis after having so many weird symptoms for so long!

Another reason is that I had a blackout yesterday, I guess you'd call it that.

One minute I remember trying to get my dog to come back in and she didn't want to yet, the next thing I hear her drinking water in the kitchen.

I don't remember letting her in. It worries me.

I've only had this type of thing happen once before when I was extremely stressed out.

Is this a symptom? It's scary!
Posted by sapphire (Member # 4599) on :
mini blackouts and/or seizures can be a symptom of lyme.Be sure to mention this to your doctor
Posted by tdtid (Member # 10276) on :
Yes, it can be a symptom. I suffered from something like that. Also would black out and get up off the floor to find out I bruised my face to even a couple of times, I must have fallen in a way to have my teeth jab into my cheeks or lip enough to make them bleed on my floor.

It was frustrating to say the least because I had no idea what was going on. I mean you wake up with a black eye and no recollection and you start getting creeped out.

I am so glad you will be seeing a LLMD. Treatment made it so I didn't have ANY more of these episodes. With treatment, even things that I just figured were part of "growing old???" were reversing.
So that was the strength to keep me going. I hope your LLMD can get you started on a good path. They are our Warriors. Mine gave me back my life. I know this 100 percent.
Posted by Pocono Lyme (Member # 5939) on :
I had this in the past. One time I got up in the morning and went to the kitchen for a cup of coffee.

My husband had already left for work about an hour earlier.

I thought it odd that he didn't put a cup out for me as he always does. (He's a sweetheart) [Smile]

Then I noticed that he had run the dishwasher. I figured all cups were dirty and he turned the dishwasher on before he left.

I took a cup out of the dishwasher and poured myself a cup. When I went to the computer desk, there was a full cup of coffee.

It wasn't cold so I knew my husband didn't put it there and wouldn't unless I was at the computer.

A few months later, I got out of bed and felt so "toxic" I went back to bed. That's when I realized that's probably what I did the morning I poured two cups of coffe but only remembered one.

It was frightening! It made me wonder what else I may have done and had no recollection.
Global amnesia?

I hope you had a positive appointment with some answers.

I haven't had any more episodes at least that I remember. [Smile]
Posted by panman (Member # 40569) on :
I was told that I was checked for Seziures and blck outs with the last MRI that was done on me. I know i had three that happened with me and a MRI was supposed to confirm it. I even had it happen in front of family and friends, I don't remember going down just remember trying to get up.and no one letting me.

I thought I just fell again because of the constant dizzienesss and imbalance I have. and the first thing most people want to do is get up.They told me what was happening with me, but I didn't remember it so I just thought they were Messing with me.Will infact an MRI show it?
Posted by Keebler (Member # 12673) on :
All the symptoms mentioned above (in all posts) are no stranger to me - or to many with lyme. Seizure activity is likely but it probably won't show on an EEG.

Like "sleep-walking" or "sleeping on your feet" literally.

A QEEG will likely show very slow brain waves as the reason for the "blackouts" - almost a trance like state where you obviously manage some things but not in full alertness.

Adrenal exhaustion can also cause "blackouts" from sheer fatigue.

Low blood pressure issues, too.

Drops in blood sugar, too.

Most typical tests will show nothing. Best to be assessed by a LLMD who can then direct you to a specialist if needed (and one that might be more LL than the typical ones). LLMDs will refer out when they think it's necessary.


This explains the complex symptoms - but it can be hard to read. You might want to copy & paste to a word page, add white space, change the font, etc.

When to Suspect Lyme by John D. Bleiweiss, M.D.

Topic: Best way to control limbic seizures / overactivity?

Many LINKS;f=1;t=123958;p=0

Topic: Seizures / Numb cheeks / EEG - QEEG / tests

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Posted by Keebler (Member # 12673) on :
Ambien (a sleeping pill) can cause blackouts and amnesia episodes, sleep walking & even SLEEP DRIVING.

If you are taking ANY sleep or pain Rx, be sure to list those, the doses, etc. and include that detail in your conversation on this issue with your doctor.

Google: Ambien+blackouts

PubMed Search of medical articles:

Ambien (zolpidem), amnesia - 43 abstracts listed

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