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Posted by rosiegeorge (Member # 27518) on :
So after 4 painful days of IV Doxycycline

I have now developed phlebitis to my central line

None if my doctors or Er know how treat this

It's easy to treat for a peripheral line but all are stumped
On what to do for the central line.

Told me to see a vascular dr. But appt isn't until 5wks

Has anyone experienced this before.

I have stopped the IV treatments. Taking NSAIDs
And using a heating pad over my chest/powerline

Any other suggestions???

Posted by Razzle (Member # 30398) on :
Anti-inflammatories - circumin/turmeric, Fish oil, MSM, etc.

Anti-oxidants - Vitamin C, A, E, Zinc, Selenium, Fresh organic colorful veggies, etc.

Celery juice is also really good for phlebitis.
Posted by poppy (Member # 5355) on :
5 weeks!! Can't you get someone sooner?
Posted by rosiegeorge (Member # 27518) on :
Obviously I did call all the drs in 50 mile radius and that was the soonest available appt.

NJ is notorious for long waits. That's why I've gone to the Er twice. No help there.

That's why I placed this post.
Posted by sk8ter (Member # 8671) on :
this is went to the ER and they know its there? They havent taken out the line or given prophylactic abxs?
Posted by rosiegeorge (Member # 27518) on :
Went to interventional radiology. They said the line placement is good and didn't want to take it out because they just put the line in.

The line works. It's just the veins that are inflamed from the doxy.

No new antibiotics since I am already on 4 oral to treat my lyme and co-inf.

This is the problem. No one knows what else to do other than wait and let it subside.

Very frustrating.
Posted by RC1 (Member # 31923) on :
I would think icing it would be better than heat.
Posted by poppy (Member # 5355) on :
IV doxy also made my veins burn. Had a central line. Did not take it out. Stopped the doxy. Switched to another med.

But no one ever said I had phlebitis, so our situations are apparently different.

Wondering if diluting would help, as in lactated Ringers for instance?Well, I don't really know what I'm talking about here. Have they said whether this is vein inflammation only or a blood clot?
Posted by rosiegeorge (Member # 27518) on :
Blood clot ruled out. Just inflamed veins.

I was using normal saline for the IV solution.

Wonder if lacerated ringers is better for this ??

Those that were on IV Doxy, can you tell me what solutions you used??

Maybe that's the key!!!

Thanks for the advise.
Posted by Pocono Lyme (Member # 5939) on :
I used D5W. Doxy is very caustic to the veins.

Was the Doxy mixed in enough solution?
Was it run over a long enough period of time?

Just a couple of thoughts to consider.
Posted by sammy (Member # 13952) on :
Do you check for blood return before infusing each time? Do you get a good brisk return?

If you don't have blood return and can only flush it you may have formed a fibrin tail and sheath. Normally the Doxy should dump right into the heart and "central circulation" but if you have the fibrin sheath the doxy will come out and follow the catheter back up to the more sensitive peripheral vessel area before it is released.

Your doc can detect this with a dye study. A dye study would also show if the catheter had a tiny fracture or puncture that would not show up on any other kind of imaging.

Basically, you have a central line so Doxy should not cause a problem. So something is wrong. Your line could also be malpositioned, pulled back into a peripheral position...

You should not be having phlebitis from Doxy with a central line. I would try to go to another ER with a better IV therapy team.
Posted by rosiegeorge (Member # 27518) on :
They did do a dye study at interventional medicine. They said line position was correct.

The second er trip I went to was a different er and they just referred me back to the hospital that did the original procedure.

I get return blood flow normally.

I had used 250ml 0.9% normal saline bag for 4 hr infusion time per 200 mg dose. This is according to the manufacturers label for doxy dosing.

I'm wondering if using LR or D5W would have been better.
The label gives you about 6-7 solutions that its compatible with.

I did a rocephin infusion last night slow drip over 3 hrs. Only the last 15-20 mins were painful.

Not sure If I should retry the doxy only 100mg but in LR instead??
Posted by Pocono Lyme (Member # 5939) on :
A quick search found this. I hope things resolve soon for you.
Posted by rosiegeorge (Member # 27518) on :
Ok so the phlebitis has now subsided.

Now with severe neuro symptoms.

Going back on rocephin (which had no issues in the past) and will also be starting IV Zithromax as well.

Little nervous as per Dr B guidelines, IV azithromycin is also caustic.....urghhhh

Will start that this week.

What's the groups experience with IV Zithromax ??

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