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Posted by linky123 (Member # 19974) on :
Has anyone found anything to support the adrenals that doesn't contain licorice?

My blood pressure goes up when I take it.
Posted by seibertneurolyme (Member # 6416) on :
Good info here.

Bea Seibert
Posted by Keebler (Member # 12673) on :
In addition to the excellent link Bea posted, be sure to get Wilson's book and see other articles here. Ashwagandha, Cordyceps and Eleuthero (aka: Siberian Ginseng - but it's not a true ginseng) are all wonderful places to begin.


There is a particular brand of licorice that may work better for you as it's very low in the glyz. acid, detailed below -- although there are certain MANY other adrenal support herbs. Many others in set above.;f=3;t=033252;p=0


Excerpt: . . . Zagarese licorice comes from a species (glycyrrhiza glabra) grown in the southern part of Italy. Its natural glycyrrhizin content is only about 5%, so there is no need to deglycyrrhizinate it. . . .
Posted by linky123 (Member # 19974) on :
Keebler and Bea, thank you.
Posted by glm1111 (Member # 16556) on :
Sea Salt and Vitamin C along with pantothentic acid (b-5) are excellent support for the adrenal glands.

Sea salt also reportedly kills bb, cysts and parasites according to reports from the lymestrategies group. I had SEVERE adrenal fatigue to the point of being bed ridden and not being able to talk, and this is what helped pull me out of it.

Posted by BuffyFan (Member # 34679) on :
Adrenevive doesn't have licorice. It is expensive though.

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