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Posted by 6Hypnone (Member # 47629) on :
Could this be lyme? I think it's part of my Fibro dx but I'm trying to find the reason for the fibro. On my Ispot test, it said I may have either a food sensitivity or a co infection.

I really want these nerve shocks, pains, splinter feelings to go away.
Posted by bluelyme (Member # 47170) on :
If you have coinfection. Its likely to have borreliosis, they rarly travel alone,...what were the bands on
your western blot?...have you done a igenix or tried antibiotics. ..?
Posted by Keebler (Member # 12673) on :
you may be deficient.;f=1;t=123746;p=0

Topic: MAGNESIUM - Informational Links set
Posted by Keebler (Member # 12673) on :
In case you've taken this classification of Rx in the past:


Fluoroquinolones (Levaquin, Cipro, Gemifloxacin / Factive, etc.) - LINKS set

For a more detailed look into this topic, it's alarming that so many have experienced devastating effects. It's not unusual at all.
Posted by 6Hypnone (Member # 47629) on :
I have not had igenex run yet. I'm desperately trying to find a lyme doctor to do it.

The lyme tests I've had were the Ispot done by my ND, and the regular one by my old PCP--on THAT one it said B. BURGDORFERI, IGG WB
Band(s) present: 41 kDa

I do take a mag supplement but it's a mag citrate. It's a food based supp so you can supposedly take less. I've brought up maybe trying another but they want to keep me on this one. I've read yes that malate and glyconate are good. Malate for fibro.

I've been on Cipro in the past, though not recently.
Posted by bluelyme (Member # 47170) on :
Band 41 indicates a spirochette....lymemd blog has writeup on this...have you emailed ilades ? Or made request here...? .best of luck ..there are other means of treatment .. you are not alone
Posted by tulips (Member # 44773) on :
This may not be what you have, but "random, stabbing pain" is a symptom of Babesia.
Posted by Kerryblue (Member # 4077) on :
Hi, I have had terrific bought of electric shock from my head radiating down. Week later loss of balance way worse than normal. Falling down also affected vision & hearing.
Had an MRI waiting for results.
It has been horrible. Tell me more about yourself?
Huggggssss, Kerryblue
Posted by still winning (Member # 44439) on :
Yes, I used to get similar sensations. I called them the electric chills. (lyme since 1990). These type sensations decreased with the effectiveness of my antibiotic regimen. So I do think it's real important to be on an effective regimen.

(Unfortunately I am having difficulties with my regimen right now so I am not recommending it right now.)

Hope you feel better.

Still Winning
Posted by Kerryblue (Member # 4077) on :
Thank you Not been able to get treatment for yrs. Not able to afford anymore. Have only gotten the 6wk. & they pulled away even though started to herx the 5th wk. (big time).
Was not dxed least 10+ yrs. after I had meningitis in hosp. 10 days, never well again. If they would have only put around of doxy in IV would have saved my life. I do believe have co-infect. many symptoms of erichliosis & babs.
Just wondered if anyone else knew what I was talking about it was really scary for wk. or 2. It is not doing right now but who knows??
We can feel better 1 day & down for mo. after 1 goo day.
Thanks for your replies. Hugssss to all in need. Kerryblue
Posted by Jordana (Member # 45305) on :
i can't tell you how many times I've found these sensations described on the fibro board. There was one lady who said she started getting them "after she had the baker's cyst on her knee drained."

Yes, it's Lyme. Band 41 is Lyme. FIbro and electric shock feelings are Lyme. Treat for Lyme!!!!
Posted by Kerryblue (Member # 4077) on :
Thanks Jordana & bluelyme, tulips I have been getting those stabbing pains all over from time to time as if something was biting.
Really diff. when driving because I find myself slapping, auto reflex, when on bottom of legs easy accident???
How are you doing?
How do so many get the treatment when it is so expensive on such limited incomes. Plus have to go out state.
Know having this for so many yrs. + co-infect. will be way more than I can do.
At my age very few success rates after 25+ yrs.
Hugggssss, to all in need. Kerryblue
Posted by Keebler (Member # 12673) on :
Consider the neuro-excitatory effect of some Food Additives;f=3;t=029690;p=0

Excitotoxins; MSG; Aspartame; & "Natural" Flavors (that are not likely natural at all).

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