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Posted by tulips (Member # 44773) on :
Can someone explain to me exactly how Chlorella acts in the body - what are the benefits? What is the objective of taking it? How often is it taken? Is it best to take it with Spirulina? How does it work - does it bind with toxins which are then eliminated from the body?
Posted by Keebler (Member # 12673) on :

Super Foods: Chlorella & Spirulina

By Mike Adams - Natural News 41-page pdf;f=1;t=131555;p=0#000000

Topic: Chlorella as a binder? When to take?

Chlorella: Use This Superfood to Help Remove Mercury From Your Tissues in Weeks

By Dr. Joseph Mercola - February 01, 2012

Chlorella: A Natural Wonder Food

Composition of Chlorella
Posted by n.northernlights (Member # 17934) on :
I heard one must take enough, like 15 grams a day, any links for that?
Posted by Keebler (Member # 12673) on :
Any amount can be helpful. I don't think mega doses are required. It's food. And a little bit of a good food is going to offer benefits. there are reasons some people should not take too much.

The links above do detail dose ranges (though always start VERY low & with excellent brand).

Page 31 of Adams' pdf

and be sure to see this in one of Mercola's:

" . . . Too Much Iron?

One other thing to be aware of when using chlorella is that this green algae does contain large concentrations of iron.

Iron levels in women should not be a problem due to the loss of iron related to the menstrual cycle, but for men, or postmenopausal women, excessive iron can become a problem.

So for men using chlorella, you want to have your blood iron levels checked regularly to ensure the iron in your blood is staying within healthy levels.

The simple best screen is ferritin. Ideally it should be between 20 and 80 ng/ml. Levels over 150 or higher become problematic and should be treated by blood donations or therapeutic phlebotomies. . . . "

Be sure to read a wide range of authors on this topic for a well rounded view of considerations. And also read what LLMDs may have written about it, too. Dr. K, in particular.

[note regarding end of excerpt above: for those with lyme / TBD: NEVER DONATE BLOOD, also never plan to donate organs]
Posted by tulips (Member # 44773) on :
Thanks - good to know about the iron too!
Posted by Brussels (Member # 13480) on :
I just got my supply of 3 pounds of chlorella. It should be enough for about a year.

I can't live without chlorella. Besides being a complete food (with all aminoacids), it detox my organs in a way nothing does.

I do not take it everyday, but during herxes, I couldn't behave like a human if I didn't take chlorella. I felt just like a junky sick cabbage without it.

Chlorella did miracles to me, really. It cured a very long lasting gastritis 24h/365 days.

I had that pain for about 2 decades! I've been pain free for about 10 years , due to ingestion of chlorella (on and off).

It helps me with keeping joints feeling healthy despite age, and I feel safer with chlorella (because I do consume fish and sea products).

My daughter is 12, and she's been taking chlorella for almost all her life now. She had lyme when she was 2, that is when I started giving her chlorella, to ease herxes.

Now, she's like me, we take it about once, twice a week.
Posted by tulips (Member # 44773) on :
Thanks everybody. I love the fact that it comes from algae. I guess I need to ask my real question and stop beating around the bush. It won't cause diarrhea, will it? There, I said it. 😀
Posted by lymegal23 (Member # 28573) on :
Chlorella has also been a god send for me too. I started getting a lot of symptoms of metal toxicity, like very cold extremities and bad yeast-like symptoms with my stomach. i noticed when I started taking chlorella that these symptoms seriously subsided. anytime my stomach hurts or starts to feel yeasty, i take a good 7 grams of chlorella and I feel soon much better.

i think its because it detoxes the body. the toxins are what is the main problem with lyme. its the best thing I've taken so far. I've been taking it EVERYDAY religiously for about almost 4 years. it never gave me diarrhea. it did give me good solid stools. but never diarrhea. it can effect everyone different. sometimes it gives people diarrhea in the beginning before they get used to it because it increases the probiotics in the gut and it helps detox
Posted by Brussels (Member # 13480) on :
Dr. K. used to say that children that are on chlorella regularly will have better teeth growth.

There is something inside it, called Chlorella Growth FActor that seems to help there.

Chlorella never caused me diarrhea either, but on the contrary, healed problems of the gut.

To work well, the stools have to become green (rule of thumb of dr. K's practitioners).

There are HUNDREDS of papers about uses of chlorella.

Some people though, can't tolerate it and can vomit. It can be pretty bad (as it stirrs toxins before binding to them). When that happens, it may mean they can't take chlorella. I was lucky to be able to digest it.

AT first, it was hard to adapt to it. Only later, I could finally take it without any trouble.

My daughter, if she feels tired, airy, some tummy ache, she asks energetically, if she needs chlorella. That is her FIRST question, for the last 3, 4 years. She's so used to it. She knows that after taking it, the symptom will disappear extremely fast (if toxicity was the problem).

I do find it helps against candida too.
Posted by Keebler (Member # 12673) on :

I do fine with it, bowel-wise, no diarrhea at all.

Start low, once a day for a couple days and then work up to a little more and then go to twice a day and later on, 3 or 4 x.

Same as with magnesium & bowel effects, working up slowly, if you sense your bowels say "enough, already!" just back down a little bit. [Since chlorella has magnesium in it, that makes me very happy and I can streamline].

I do about 1 teaspoon (by official teaspoon measure) 3 or 4 x a day. Started (again) about a month ago. Years ago when I took this, also never any diarrhea.

It seems to be helping my hands (though I must have overdone typing yesterday without their screaming at me at the time -- hands did yell at me when I woke up this morning, though and I had to think as to what I might have overdone yesterday: typing -- but able to type a few posts today okay).

If you sense feeling better, don't go just run a marathon.

My teeth are also not as painful, just happened to notice that yesterday, too. Yippee.

Be sure you have a very clean source. I get mine from Mountain Rose Herbs (Oregon - maybe too far from you) and then put in a glass jar in the fridge after it arrives.

Check 10-day weather forecast before you order it and try for cooler stretches. Get from as close to you as you can.
Posted by still winning (Member # 44439) on :
A couple of questions:

First, I take it that spirulina and chlorella are not the same things, right?

Second, what is the best form and brands for chlorella and spirulina.


Still Winning

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