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Posted by beth090807 (Member # 48178) on :
My 6 year old has been complaining for months of tiredness and achy joints. We blew this off as childhood ailments and didn't really consider them being related, but our chiropractor thinks it might be Lyme. It makes a lot is sense, as we are constantly out in the woods, pulling ticks off, and her sister had acute Lyme last year. I just was never aware of chronic Lyme, and since it didn't hit hard and fast like her sister, I never connected the dots.

The chiropractor made two recommendations for in-town specialists who have a lot of experience in Lyme. One is a doctor and the other is in Chinese medicine. She prefers the Chinese medicine guy, and says he has had more success with his course of treatment.

Does anyone have an opinion here? I really don't like the idea of bombarding her system with rounds of antibiotics. I'm all for Chinese medicine if that is a viable option with success rates. We are going to the doctor tomorrow to just rules out any other childhood illness, then we have to decide what course of treatment to do from there.

Any advice?
Posted by Robin123 (Member # 9197) on :
Both can work. Many have done Chinese herbs for Lyme treatment. You can private message me about it if you want.
Posted by Catgirl (Member # 31149) on :
If I had it to do over again I would have done Chinese medicine. Antibiotics destroyed my gut big time after just 2 weeks of treatment. I'm not alone, lots of lyme patients have gut issues from abx, even IV abx (but much worse with oral abx).
Go for the Chinese guy.
Posted by bluelyme (Member # 47170) on :
Ya i herxed hardest from tcm herbs and bvt and rife ..iv abx are trashing my gut ..was a nice relief but only pallative
Posted by lookup (Member # 44574) on :
As this journey with our son unfolded and not

knowing it was Lyme and him being out of the

country I thought the best bet would be

to find a TCM doctor who was also a QiGong

Master. I mean, who could read the body better

than a TCM doctor? My only hesitation was the

cleanliness of the herbs which is a legitimate


So we paid the couple thousand up front (ugh) and

the hassle of getting him to the appointments as

the TCM dr was far away and to make a long story


it did not help and the TCM doctor and assistant

did not know what Lyme was once we asked them

after getting the confirmed diagnosis from

IGeneX. (We got his western blot results after he

left America and started school overseas)

Sooo, make sure your TCM doc is Lyme literate

(which you did) and

uses clean herbs (certified).

I just found out last week (!) that this TCM doc

overseas had shaking hands which makes me suspect

neuro toxic herbs contaminated with pollution

like heavy metals or chemicals.

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