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Posted by Kerryblue (Member # 4077) on :
Hi, Anyone else suffer from passing out at any given time?

I just got out hosp. passed out at pool cracked my head so hard they heard across pool.

Found out what was my blood pressure just drops dangerously low at anytime without much notice. I do not get dizzy just go down hard.

Live alone so makes me nervous since has happened in condo woke up 1 X bleeding & table lamp on me.

Another time getting water & went straight back really hurt my head & spine etc.

Now know I can be anywhere anytime & pass out?
Really scary.

Wonder if anyone has had this happen?
It is a autonomic nervous system problem caused from the brain.

Let me hear if so how you feel???
Huggggssss to ALL in need..

(breaking up the post for easier reading for many here)

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Posted by shoeless joe (Member # 45835) on :
I have dysautonaumia_pots but not to the point of passing out

Salt and fluids help me,stay off your feet for long periods,avoid heat and hot baths.

Compression socks and pants help me a little.

Tilt table test gave the medical diagnosis.

Constipation definitely make dysautonomia worse,probably due to an increase in histamine which lowers blood pressure.

A cooling ice vest was a lifesaver for me to go out in the yard this summer.

Bowel movements can trigger this.

Tried the prescription meds but salt and water works the best for me.

Dysautonomia is a common pattern with lye disease patients.

Caffeiene helps some and hurts others,it helps me
Posted by WPinVA (Member # 33581) on :
Have you been dx'ed for dysautonomia? If it is that, then taking a salt supplement like Thermatabs may help.

I have dysautnomia but have never passed out.

You may want to get evaluated for seizures. What you describe - passing out and falling like a board - is exactly what can happen when you have a drop seizure.
Posted by Kerryblue (Member # 4077) on :
Hi, I have been checked out for seizures 1st before & after the Hosp. stay.

I have tried some of these things but 1 doc. said salt tabs other said no do not?

Suffered from constipation most my life on or off meds. but never had this.

I do go out hard which is part makes me nervous.

Have read a lot about the link with Lyme & Dysautonomia sounds like it is fairly common.

Thanks for feedback & your time.

Shoeless Joe & WPinVA what happens that you found out you had this?

Huggggsss to all in need....
Posted by shoeless joe (Member # 45835) on :
I just began to see a pattern of what made me sick,heat,hot baths,standing,bending up and down,raising my arms,eating big meals,bowel movements.

I believe it from atbx destroying the git flora.

I say this because I keep track of my BP and bowel movements and have seen a definite pattern that when I am not going to the bathroom enough that my BP is always lower.

When I am pretty regular my BP rides ten points higher and I can tolerate heat and bending and standing more.

ATBX,as much as needed are causing all kinds of problems for people on here,gut flora is huge.

Easy to destroy flora but tough to correct.

Salt tablets were tough on my stomach,table salt is much easier for me.

Docs may offer you florinef(no good for overgrowth) or midrodrine to increase your BP.

I tried briefly but everything has a side effect,Im sticking with salt and water.

The gut flora is the key.
Posted by Kerryblue (Member # 4077) on :
Hi shoeless joe, I have absolutely no warning & nothing is diff. from what the day before was.

Heat or what H2O, constipation, BP., allsame as previous days. Have never been truly treated correctly for my Lyme. Many Yrs. ago had short time with pic line. That is all.

I use my meds the same & supplements, no real pattern to this is diff.

BP just drops like a rock all of sudden can be even higher than my norm then just drops I gather. This came & comes out no where. Why it is tad scary.

So have no idea what can even do diff. being no real warning except might have quick funny feeling, not dizzy.

I been told go down so hard that if I would not been holding onto a pole that she said "we would not be talking at that time" days week after passed out.

Happens about once a month. Except had 1 X a entire day felt this way as long as I kept laying down on floor or where ever (I was at luckily at home), if did not stand only very close to passing out.

My stomach is always plagued with nausea. Take pills for so not sure if could take salt tablets. Been trying to eat saltier foods now since never big on adding salt.

Always drink lots of water.

How is your Lyme?

I recently been dxed with late stage chronic neuro Lyme. Last 9 months increase all types crazy neuro problems from electric shocks throughout bod., to vibrating all over, echo in ears, eye changes, burning all under skin ++++.

Never found a true Lyme doc. down here & told recently There is none who in Neurology are lye lit.

Hugggggssss to all in Need...
Posted by shoeless joe (Member # 45835) on :
I had severe late stage lyme,years of orals and then IV seemed to knock it down or into remission who knows.

I still have all kinds of neuro problems but it is clearly related to gut and carbohydrates,pretty much candida-dysbiosis.

Try and get a tilt table test done,maybe you have vaso vagal syncope.
Posted by Kerryblue (Member # 4077) on :
shoeless joe, Thanks, I tried when in hosp. then after for tilt table they said I do not need after all the tests they ran in hosp.

I wanted to get it.

Sorry about all your neuro prob. even after treatment. Yrs. ago had candida trouble but not now.

Hope you have a Healthier Thanksgiving.

I a spending alone do to told not to travel right now. Need to see fam. BIL just had 2 major strokes really sad. Mom is 96 just broke hip.

Yikes, troubles everywhere.
Hugggggssss, to you & all in Need.
Posted by EWT1638 (Member # 11315) on :
I've had Lyme for about 18 years now (first 9 misdx'd), I was dx'd Disautonomic even before I was dx'd w/ Lyme. So hear you!

Thermo tabs and lots of water. Are you detoxing properly? Get your canadida checked, too.
Posted by Kerryblue (Member # 4077) on :
EWT1638, I was dxed wrong for 10+yrs. This been yrs. ago.

I am known for drinking water all the time.

Used to have candida trouble.

What are Thermo tabs.

Do you pass out often? I have hurt myself each time so do not look forward to the next time.

Live alone no 1 close by to contact which makes little worse. I am going to buy ambulance insurance this coming yr. Hope do not need again.

Huggggssss, to ALL in need.

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