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Posted by Kerryblue (Member # 4077) on :
Recently friend went to donate blood & Lyme was not on list of people who can not donate.

I was told even with FM not to give blood much less people suffering from Lyme or post Lymies.

I personally do not feel right about taking chance of giving anyone this horrific disease.

For more than 25yrs. have suffered & to take chance passing this life on would be out right cruel.

Has anyone here given or accepted blood? [confused]

Has anyone here

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Posted by SickSam (Member # 45330) on :
I gave blood before I knew I had Lyme. I'm way too sick now though.

If I were well enough, I would only give blood if there were a serious shortage and people would die without the blood. I just don't want to pass this stuff on.
Posted by Bartenderbonnie (Member # 49177) on :
I would NOT donate blood ever, or my organs for that matter.
Posted by ukcarry (Member # 18147) on :
No, it's a real no-no to me. I had a blood transfusion after giving birth and I think that that has contributed to the state I am in now.

Some people with Lyme may do so (give blood) because they are not too badly affected by Lyme, but they can never tell how the same pathogens may take off in a different person's body.

Also very troubling is the fact that many people have spirochetes/borrelia in their systems with their immune systems handling it, so may give blood without realising that the spirochetes are there. What happens when those spirochetes find themselves in the body of someone who is under stress already?.......
Posted by sixgoofykids (Member # 11141) on :
I have been well for 8 years now, so I don't think the Lyme would be an issue in donating blood for me. I don't do or take anything to stay well from Lyme. For a person sick with Lyme, no, I don't think anyone who is sick should donate blood.

I can't donate blood because babesia is on the list of diseases that if you have ever had it, you can't donate.
Posted by Kerryblue (Member # 4077) on :
I went to blood bank the other day.

Lyme is of ailments you can give blood if you have, if you had some sort treatment.

To mention the list Very long ailment you can`t give blood.

They said was OK to give blood. I told them in good conscience I could not do that. I had treatment later got worse.

I called later they told me if you had some sort of treatment you can give blood...DUH, I thought.

Got into disagreement tad heated they said used to be on list but they took it off...DUH, I thought again.

I said over some extra pints blood you would take that chance to have someone live horrific way I live?

She gave me argument.

I asked her to least bring it up again as I asked at blood bank.

I am shocked, after I told her how sick many of us are even after treatment.

She still gave me hard time & we hung up.

How can any of live with our selves & do this to another human??

Huggggssss, to all in need...
Posted by terv (Member # 29410) on :
I have hemochromatosis, HH, (iron levels get too high) so I need medical phlebotomies.

I was initially under the care of NIH (in study and got free phlebs). Once I knew I had lyme I went in there and told them they couldn't give my blood to the NIH hospital patients (I feel so guilty for those who got it when I didnt know I had lyme).

The director of the study talked to one of the NIH lyme brains and I ended up in an 30 minute argument with her over the issue.

Anyway I then I had to find somewhere else to give. Lucky me my county has a blood donor center that accepts blood from HH patients. Because of this new directive, they were not allowed to throw my blood out. So then I told them I had babesia because that was on the list of things you couldn't have. That opened up a whole other can of worms so much so I tried to undo my checklist.

Finally I had to have my lyme doctor talk to my oncologist who then had to tell blood center not to use my blood. Amazing all that happened.
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
No, NO, NO.

If you've had babesia, then a GREAT BIG NO!!!!
Posted by Christopher J (Member # 46401) on :
People who are sick with anything including Lyme shouldn't donate blood. It's irresponsible and there are more than enough well people to do so.
Posted by Robin123 (Member # 9197) on :
A top LLMD said recently that the Lyme bacteria doesn't survive well in the blood bank supply, but babesia does.
Posted by dal123 (Member # 6313) on :
Absolute BS from this top LLMD. Do NOT give blood if you have Lyme and any co-infections. I know many people who have contracted problems like LD from blood transfusions.
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
Right .. and I know someone who got babesia from a blood transfusion.
Posted by Kerryblue (Member # 4077) on :
We may have to have more people call the Red Cross being that gave me such hard time about this.

I asked them to least consider putting back on the list.

Many of us have had treatment then still cropped up with symptoms of co-infections or Lyme, as I did.

I stand with would not give this life I live to anyone.

I am unable to get any more treatment. Daily,
Just about, have another neuoro symptom. It has been scary & awful way for any human to live.

BTW/ Lymetoo & others they told me they knew of NO ONE having a problem from a Lyme person passing this on???? Duh, again Big Mistake..

Hugggssss, to all in need
Posted by unsure445 (Member # 15962) on :
You are not permitted to donate bone marrow if you have Lyme disease, not sure why blood would be much different.

With the lack of knowledge around these diseases from our governing bodies, its no wonder they still allow it.
Posted by randibear (Member # 11290) on :
no way, ever. myfriened, who died, firmly believed she got ill from blood transfusion.

I'd never put anybody at risk.
Posted by mrsfarmer (Member # 50042) on :
A blood transfusion is the conclusion my LLMD and I came up with on how I got Lyme's disease. It was life or death for me so I couldn't refuse the transfusion, but my husband donates and we recently found out he has been exposed to lyme's disease and didn't know it (he has no symptoms). Everyone I talk to now has it. I feel as if it is just something most people have now and it seems inevitable. [Frown]

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