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I think!

After lyme went dormant, my main problems were several allergies (food mainly, but also in the nose / eyes from pollen, dust, mold), left cheekbone infection, some arthritis (very slow growing), chilblains, very mild tinnitus... Basically that.

Well, the allergy chapter seems to be getting to the end - I can eat everything without any reaction (such as burning the mouth, stomachaches, diarrhea like before).

And my nose allergies seem to be also past history ! I can be in a moldy place, clean old clothes with dust, mites, mold, old books, boxes I haven't opened for more than a decade and I don't react with sneezing, runny nose, NOTHING.

All I'm doing is food control and some supplements. Basically following Anthony William's advice.

I'm also taking celery juice daily, and also using it in my nostrils as nose drops (it's my own experiment), in the same way people in Russia use beet juice even for babies in the nose, to heal sinusitis or colds.

I know Anthony's not a medical practitioner, but so far, his diet advice is what changed the course of my health picture drastically :

.... instead of getting MORE problems every year - like it was my case, slowly but surely - the list is getting smaller!

I started his advice out of desperation, when I realized the number of foods I could not eat was getting too big - most fruits had become impossible to be consumed...

And I kept losing weight, probably due to these food allergies.

It's been ups and downs, but so far, I'm progressing.

By the way, it was my lyme doctor who recommended Anthony's books to me, even though Anthony states that lyme is mostly caused by immune deficiencies caused by chronic viral infections (that the person could be even be born with these chronic viruses, and in anyway, easily get infected during the course of life, with many strains).

My daughter (15) is following me and these are the progresses she made:

- no more panic attacks, much less anxiety

- almost no more allergies to food (except for kiwi). She was born with many food allergies. She had even more than I had.

- no more depressive phases (she had that coupled with panic attacks).

- no more need to stay home during her periods due to excessive pain and bleeding

- she barely looks like having hormonal changes, she'll go swim, she'll walk, cycle, go to school normally... Before, was a roller coaster: every month she suffered for several days and could not even go to school.

- her nails are growing strong and shiny

- less episodes of hypoglycemia

- we gotta check her iron levels, that were EXTREMELY low in the past years... We'll do that after the summer vacations.

And we both came out of electro-hyper-sensitivity. We don't have that problem like before.

I can sleep in a bedroom I couldn't sleep before, since lyme disease 14 years ago.

Even if his diet is not on fashion among practitioners - as most people are recommending keto-paleo - it took me only 4 months to get rid of ALL food allergies.

No other diet before had this impact, and not so fast.

Another impressive medicine he recommends is celery juice to fix digestive problems, fight pathogens (its salt is said to burst any pathogen by contact, in the same fashion as baking soda would), clean ammonia, prepare toxins such as heavy metals for detox, rebuild good hydrochloric acid, reinforce the bile, clean the gall bladder, kill H pylori, strep, staph, herpes etc....

He describes celery juice as a potent biofilm / mucus breaker, and I have to admit it has been doing wonders to my nose / sinuses / upper jaw tooth root / inner ears.

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