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Posted by missing (Member # 22437) on :
Husband came back.

My mother-in-law keeps telling me that it is all my fault that we are sick because we did not take our Usana Vitamins.

She heard of a guy that works for USana, and he had Lyme disease. He was cured by the Usana VItamins!

She is also the expert on Lyme disease and co-infections.

She told me that everyone has Lyme disease and it is no big deal. I guess that means that I am faking it! I must be a loser then!

She went to the gym with me for years, and saw me take vitamins and all sort of nutrional supplements. I guess I was just a stupid athelete/body builder that took the wrong brand of vitamins.

I guess I deserve to have Lyme disease. I guess I am a aweful mother and wife.

She asked "Didn't you guys eat fruits and vegetables? People don't get sick if they eat right and take vitamins!"

Really? I will let my Naturopathic doctor know that the Vitamin B shots that she is giving me are useless, because they are not Usana brand.

I am a vegetarian, our family has only eaten fruits and vegetables for years and years.

A lady at the grocery store once exclaimed when she saw me shopping at the store! She said she had never seen someone shop so healthy as I was doing that day!

I asked my mother-in -law "Have you not watched "Under Our Skin""?""" and read "CURe Unknown"?

YEs she has.

Are they helping us out as a family? NO!

They go out visiting and galavanting all over the place because she is retired!

Does it matter that I can barely walk, and scream and cry from pain everyday? NO SHE HAS TO GO TO HER YOGA CLASS!!! AND VISIT HER FRIENDS!!!


I am trying to hold down a job, just to pay the bills. I collapse constantly. My daughter collapses constantly!

but watching her soap opera's and t.v. shows are more important than us.

I am so hurt and mad.

but we figure that she must have Alzeimers cause from Lyme that she gave her son, (my husband).

She is not the brightest lightbulb!

I did a bad thing and phoned her and her new husband and got mad at them for feeding my daughter ice cream and bad food and dragging her out last night. THey forced her to go. THey did not once try to nurse her , or come over to my house to help me.

They took her to a carnival! Made her go on rides!

Now she is not functioning and our LLMD is demanding that we all get more tests done,and have extra appointments!
Posted by missing (Member # 22437) on :
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
She is clueless, that is for sure! I hope it is all going to work out!
Posted by James1979 (Member # 31926) on :
That's too bad that she isn't understanding. I'm surprised that even after watching UOS and reading Cure Unknown she is still in the dark!
Posted by farraday (Member # 21494) on :
Try some positive imaging: This delightful lady,bound and gagged and forced to watch non stop soap operas while sitting in front of an old black and white tv in an overheated third floor apartment in Guam.

Imaging always works for me! And it never fails to get a laugh when I share my suggestions! Hope it helps you smile.

Living around negative people is very hurtful and must be avoided as much as we can. Our healing is top priority! And laughing is GREAT medicine!!!
Posted by missing (Member # 22437) on :
Thanks all!

She phoned me last night and apologized.

My husband had tried to tell me that she is actually that clueless about things. I have never met someone that dumb.

I guess I just don't get it. I read and research, and then re-read the info. over and over again! I just love to do that! I don't understand someone that chooses to be clued out.

So, I felt really bad that I had called her and reprimanded her so harshly, but maybe it will wake her up, or realize that maybe she has Lyme alzheimers and get treated.

Lots of men took advantage of her after her husband died. They saw her coming a mile away. She can't figure things out on her own. HEr new husband bosses her around, and also is the one convincing her that our Lyme disease is not a big deal and that we are big losers! He never lets her spend any time with us! He controls her, so it is not all her fault. But I would let anyone do that to me.

So, I can tell that she is a little bit confused, because he is lying to her, and she is catching him in the act! I tell her the truth about Lyme, Babesia, and all the other co-infections. I keep telling her to watch UOS many times , just like I did so that she will realize that people become paralyzed, and die from the diseases!

She is in denial! She wants to live in princess-fairy-froo-froo-clueless land where everyone lives happily ever after.

She cannot follow conversations, and can't follow even the simplest movie plot!!! (eg. they went up a mountain and got stranded and they all died!)

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