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Posted by Jenifer (Member # 697) on :
Happy new year!

My name is Jenifer, and I am LymeNet's webmaster. LymeNet offers a place to ask and to get answers to medical questions and to get information related to Lyme disease and other tick-borne diseases. It also offers support and discussion for Lyme disease patients, provides a place for patients seeking help from a health care professional specializing in Lyme disease, displays news about Lyme activism, protests and patient advocacy events, and even has a section for topics that have nothing to do with Lyme disease.

LymeNet is an invaluable website and resource and even a place of refuge to those afflicted with Lyme disease. It has been a couple of years since the last fundraising event. Because of that, the funds are running very low. In order to keep LymeNet up and running, it costs around $200 a month to operate. We are asking to raise enough funds that would help offset these costs for two years, $5,000.

If you feel LymeNet has helped you or a loved one in any way, please consider a donation in any amount that you are comfortable with. The LymeNet Team and Community would be very grateful.

You can click on the "Make a Donation" button on the left side of the page to make a donation through Paypal, or you can mail a check made payable to The Lyme Disease Network of New Jersey to 43 Winton Road, East Brunswick, NJ 08816.

Thank you for your consideration, and for making LymeNet what it is today!
Posted by TNT (Member # 42349) on :
Something I usually forget about but want to bring to the attention of everyone is the Amazon redirect link to the left of every Lymenet page.

As it says on the left, "The Lyme Disease Network receives a commission from for each purchase originating from this site. When purchasing from, please 'click here' first."

So, a reminder to myself and everyone, when purchasing from Amazon, go to that site by using Lymenet's redirect link for every purchase.

This is a great way (and the least we can do) to donate to Lymenet and keep it up and running, especially for those of us strapped by the heavy burden of medical expenses.
Posted by optimumpremonition (Member # 47449) on :
Hi, I was wondering if someone could help me determine the likelihood of me having Lyme.

I recently got a western blot done by Medical Diagnostics Laboratories and am not 100% sure how to read it.

It's confusing about what make a band positive. Some appear positive to the naked eye but are they technically positive? The intensity of the band is labelled. As an example: the intensity of band 30 is 077% and band 93 is 065%. The intensity of the band 23 is 034%

Does anyone have experience reading MDL western blot results? This would really help me. I have chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia.


The test results are posted below:
Posted by Keebler (Member # 12673) on :

Welcome - yet sorry for the need you have but hope you will find answers here.

As this is Jenifer's thread about fundraising, it's best if you repost so you have your own thread on your own topic and a place for replies.

You can copy your post and then click onto the "post new topic" at the top of page. After you've successfully got a new thread,

The edit icon, just above your post (tiny paper & pencil) will allow you to delete your post here.

You most certainly do have very significant positive bands on your results. I hope you can see an ILADS educated lyme literate doctor to clarify and assess your symptoms.

Good luck.
Posted by Keebler (Member # 12673) on :

My eyes failed to see this until today as I don't usually look to the top of the page. Maybe others' eyes are also trained to skip over the top so I hope you don't feel neglected.

I want to thank you - and all - who make LymeNet possible. Sadly, it's rare to have even $5. left after rent & food (and even nothing for treatment). So there is no way I have anything to give. Still, I wanted to acknowledge your post and hope that others will see this.

For those of use who may have friends or family who might help, either with funds . . . or just by passing this on, and on . . . that might help.
Posted by Jenifer (Member # 697) on :
Thank you, Keebler, for the kind words!

Best wishes for you,
Posted by Lymetoo (Member # 743) on :
A good way to thank Lymenet. Keep it here for the next generations.
Posted by Karensky (Member # 21350) on :
Though I have not been able to work now for 3 years because of the lyme I was able to contribute a bit finally , just a few weeks ago , thanks to ( however awful this may sound ) my father's recent passing . He left a bit of money so I passed some of it on ... I am so grateful for all the help I have received from everyone here & though I have not been active for a few years here due to other family illnesses etc I have never forgotten the support & good advice that has helped me immensely in my lyme journey ... thank all of you all here for that & please keep it up ... you are an invaluable resource for those seeking ! [Razz]
Posted by Jenifer (Member # 697) on :
Karensky, I am sorry to hear of your father's passing. May the good memories you have shared help you during this difficult time.

On behalf of LymeNet, I would like to thank you for your generous donation. It doesn't matter how big or small it is, every little bit counts and is very much appreciated.

Best wishes,
Posted by kctpac (Member # 48106) on :
Originally posted by Lymetoo:
A good way to thank Lymenet. Keep it here for the next generations.

Posted by kctpac (Member # 48106) on :
How do I post a new topic here ???? What do I click on ????
Posted by HW88 (Member # 48309) on :
How much of the $5000 have you earned?
Posted by Jenifer (Member # 697) on :
$3,000 have been raised so far. Thank you!!

We need more. Keep those donations coming!!
Posted by Chris the Lyme Warrior (Member # 49058) on :
I'm thinking of having a benefit for helping me and, i will set up a box for you people as well, if i succede at getting a benifit, i am also planing on selling awareness t-shirts, even though everyone around here has heard of it, they dont know how serious it is, it feels to me, maybe i'm just lyme fogged, sorry for the ranting.

Any ideas to help me out on making a lymes benifit, please direct message me or whatever its called. it would just help me personally just to talk to someone as well...
Posted by TNT (Member # 42349) on :
Just bringing this thread back up to the top of "today's active topics." I rarely use the main pages like medical, general, etc., and this bumps it back to the top of today's threads.

All of us use Amazon, so when going to Amazon's site, get there from Lymenet and use the "click here" link on the left of every Lymenet page. Lymenet receives a donation every time you use that link to purchase something on Amazon and it doesn't cost you anything more.

Do I understand it correctly that the bigger the purchase on Amazon using Lymenet's link, the bigger the donation to Lymenet??

Jenifer, what is the fundraising total at now?
Posted by TomA72 (Member # 49613) on :
I finally got log on for months it was all way one
Thing or my fog an this tablet it finally worked.
I answered a thing under general about food. Tincup
And today I seen maddog reply to me Jennifer could
U check it! Pls. I said allot tired.
Peace an Love keep up. The good work an vibes.
Toma72 that is my age 27yrs fighting this enough!!

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