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Posted by Pinelady (Member # 18524) on :
Posted by Pinelady (Member # 18524) on :

State by State Breakdown. No wonder they felt the need to take it out of country...

Side up with Canada who has government run health care to deny Lyme....

You see they only pay what the protocols subscribe.

Like in Europe. You are allowed so much for this condition, etc. etc. Deny chronic infection and...

Wow. Watch for the bilingual version of IDSA Guidelines coming soon to Canada.

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Posted by Pinelady (Member # 18524) on :

S&RS Legislative Map and Advocacy Resources

The map below highlights state legislation that would restrict thimerosal in vaccines and mandate

insurance coverage for controversial Lyme disease treatments.

Click on individual states for a summary of local bills and statutory language as well as to view

IDSA's position on these topics.

These resources have been developed to assist local ID societies and their members.

Please contact Clinical Affairs staff with questions about these resources.

Download Draft Legislative Advocacy Letters related to Thimerosal in Vaccines and Lyme Disease.

Legislative Letters

IDSA Sends Letters to the NGA and NCSL Outlining the Negative Consequences of Legislation Banning Thimerosal in Vaccines 09/05/2007
IDSA Sends Letters to the NGA and NCSL Regarding Problematic Lyme Disease Legislation 08/07/2007

For those that don't know-

Additional S&RS Legislative Resources
For information about public reporting legislation,

please visit the healthcare-associated infections legislative map developed by the Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology.
Copyright IDSA 2009
Infectious Diseases Society of America 1300 Wilson Boulevard, Suite 300 Arlington, VA 22209 [email protected]

PLEASE CHECK OUT YOUR STATE on what they have sent them on vaccine & your LYME BILLS!!
sound off as necessary!! emails, phone calls, or faxes OR snail mail. thank you all
Posted by maps (Member # 19758) on :
Actually I think you misunderstand how our insurance works. I don't think you will find one case where the government health insurance (which of course is funded by us the people) has denied payment to any doctor treating us.

The problem is and has been finding a doctor willing to go head to head against the medical board. The medical board that is following the American IDSA guidlines.

What we do need is the same laws that many of your states now have to protect our doctors from persecution from the medical board.

Below are some links provided by canlyme organization who are very active here. Don't be surprised if the IDSA group draw a large crowd of protesters.

On CTV's program W5 airing at 7:00pm will be a documentary on some Canadian Lyme victims. It should be available on the web after the show.

Alberta Chief Medical Officer of Health

Lyme blitz at the gates of Rondeo Provincial Park - Department of Public Health, Ontario
Posted by Pinelady (Member # 18524) on :
I'm sorry maps- maybe what I have been told is wrong. A friend of mine who lives in Europe said

they only pay for 3 visits a year for diabetes and it took him 8 mths to get approved for hip replacement...

I'm not dissing Canadian health care. I think it can be a good thing.

I just worry about those chronically ill who can't afford extra ins. to go along with the it.

With proper implementation of the Guideline we have the chance to improve the lives of people

with diabetes by reducing complications and achieving a substantial reduction in future

health-care costs that unchecked will devour our health-care budgets''.

I do think if they are together on the guidelines-the most anyone will qualify for is 4 weeks of antibiotics.
I see and example in Diabetes being a long term illness. Most of their infection control has not been updated since the

Yet many Canadian researchers have made great strides in many things needed for the people globally.

I fear the same mentality of the IDSA-"If it ain't broke don't fix it" coming soon to Canada.

:Yes we need to protect our doctors what few LLMD's we have left, but that may become much harder if IDSA guidelines are to be the rule in Canada as in US. As soon as they all agree-it is in Canada.
He spoke alongside Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell (R), who said his administration now believes

Virginia will face $1.5 billion in increased Medicaid costs between 2017 and 2022, due to new

patients added to the Medicaid rolls as a result of the federal law.

The problem I have with this is---If they would just come up with a better test and approve us for treatment we would not have a catastrophic increase in patients added to the rolls.

I do hope Canadians protest if they try to do more harm by denial.
Posted by Neil M Martin (Member # 2357) on :
Hi maps:

I lived in Canada four years and played enough sports to find ER and allopathic care there rather good. But no Kenuck I knew with Lyme symptoms was diagnosed or treated for LD. Or have you noted exceptions? How many Canadians do you know with physician diagnosed LD who obtain long term IV antibiotics?

They get other diagnoses and sent home with "comfort care."

The web site below indicated that BC is using MAXIMUS' "innovative technical solutions, proven processes, and established methodologies" to decide Canadian health care and payments. Here in America, MAXIMUS specialises in saving costs by denying treatments-especially to chronically ill patients.
"Canada Operations: With over 650 professionals across Canada, we deliver outstanding customer service to Canadian citizens through the use of innovative technical solutions, proven processes, and established methodologies.

"We provide operational efficiency for Health Insurance BC and the Family Maintenance Enforcement Program at service levels never before achieved by the province of British Columbia. MAXIMUS Canada understands the government, industry, legal and cultural context in Canada, and its application in the work we do. We possess the dual advantage of having a global presence and a local focus."

maps, in southwest states MAXIMUS absolves the Medicare carriers from treating Lyme disease, by recognizing IDSA Lyme guidelines.

Hence Medicare patients with Lyme disease are almost always denied long term IV antibiotics.
Now Maximus is moving to a Province near you.

If a US or Canadian hospital admits a patient with physician-diagnosed Lyme requiring long term IV antibiotics even if the treatment is effective and economical, how will the provider be paid if chronic Lyme does not exist?

Medicare contract hospitals bill by the HHS' Diagnosis Related Groups/Length of Stay Guide.

Please find me what the DRG/LOS guide says about Chronic Lyme.

I checked DOG/LOS data for infectious diseases. In general, the approved duration is typically short and the Group is lightly reimbursed.

If a patient costs more than the DRG provides, or stays past what the LOS allows, or both, the hospital has to bear the additional costs.

Where do these "innovative technical solutions, proven processes, and established methodologies" offer incentive for hospitals to admit a CLD patients in either Canada or the USA?

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