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  Topic Forum Date
1 Bartonella Herx and Deseret Biologicals Homeopathic (post #46) Medical Questions
2 Looking for help and ideas, please (post #2) Medical Questions
3 I am LOW enough to slide under the door crack (post #25) General Support
4 L-Arginine and Babesia and Mast Cells (post #45) Medical Questions
5 Reverse Hyper machines for lower back (post #1) Medical Questions
6 Have Apple/Mac, No Camera/Phone, You Tube Video? (post #14) General Support
7 Safe to take 400mg Doxy daily for months on end? (post #16) Medical Questions
8 Beating Protomyxzoa (post #12) Medical Questions
9 Any one have TIA pre strokes? (post #11) Medical Questions
10 Any one have TIA pre strokes? (post #10) Medical Questions
11 Having Difficulty Getting System to Post my Posts (post #4) Medical Questions
12 Drug Expiration Dates (post #0) Medical Questions
13 Bartonella why we stay sick. (post #8) Medical Questions
14 just feeling so lost and lonely... (post #32) General Support
15 just feeling so lost and lonely... (post #1) General Support
16 quick question re: Flagyl and alcohol... (post #14) Medical Questions
17 Yeast research: eucalyptus and peppermint oils (post #1) Medical Questions
18 POOP PILLS!!! (post #2) General Support
19 Fasting triggers stem cell regeneration of damaged, old immune system (post #7) Medical Questions
20 Allergies Driving Me Crazy-Need Help (post #4) Medical Questions
21 Low adh and msh? (post #2) Medical Questions
22 Have You Used Cowden Protocol? (post #3) Medical Questions
23 Have You Used Cowden Protocol? (post #0) Medical Questions
24 Yellowstone super valcano rumbling. (post #11) General Support
25 Muscle wasting doesnt stop (post #3) Medical Questions
26 Beating Protomyxzoa (post #7) Medical Questions
27 Beating Protomyxzoa (post #4) Medical Questions
28 Embarrassing pee question! (post #15) Medical Questions
29 Cinnamon Oil got rid of Lyme? Is Link True? (post #22) Medical Questions
30 Dark chocolate (post #1) Medical Questions
31 anyone used xifaxin? is it for lyme too or just the gut? (post #4) Medical Questions
32 Extreme irritation (post #32) Medical Questions
33 Extreme irritation (post #29) Medical Questions
34 bubbly foaming urine??? (post #9) Medical Questions
35 For fun--what kind of car do you drive (post #48) General Support
36 Think I have Cdiff but test was negative? (post #7) Medical Questions
37 Need help figuring this out -- new symptoms (post #2) Medical Questions
38 Doxy Costs- Jumped from $20 to $3,000 (post #1) Medical Questions
39 Nocturia - frequent night time urination (post #9) Medical Questions
40 Biofilms and magnesium.... check this out! (post #3) Medical Questions
41 colloidal silver.... Danger (post #6) Medical Questions
42 Lipostabil (post #6) Medical Questions
43 Seeking perspective -- and encouragement (post #15) General Support
44 Why not a complete blood transfusion? (post #15) Medical Questions
45 Article: Salt key in new drug for Malaria from "Brisbane Times" (post #3) Medical Questions
46 About Parasites and MMS -- and a lot more (post #31) Medical Questions
47 About Parasites and MMS -- and a lot more (post #27) Medical Questions
48 Alinia, insurance denials, state going after LLMD's (post #14) Medical Questions
49 Alinia, insurance denials, state going after LLMD's (post #8) Medical Questions
50 WBC's & neutrophils critically low, worse than before. I'm upset. Update 10/3 below (post #24) Medical Questions

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