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  Topic Forum Date
1 Can Turpentine Gum Cure Babesia? (post #3) Medical Questions
2 Fox video interview with Dr H (post #0) Medical Questions
3 Bartonella treatment survey please (post #1) Medical Questions
4 Memory Loss - 26 yr old female (post #6) Medical Questions
5 Back from ILADS conference (post #5) Medical Questions
6 How can a well researched article like this get drowned out by CNN's Garbage?? (post #7) Medical Questions
7 The Challenges Combating Lyme Disease (post #2) Activism
8 The Challenges Combating Lyme Disease (post #1) Activism
9 LLMD Dr. J in Maryland Needs Patient Support Letters!! (post #2) General Support
10 lyme clinical trial, have u seen this? (post #3) Medical Questions
11 Hopkins says Lyme is invented by you- like global warming (post #14) Medical Questions
12 Lyme Advocates Call on IDSA to Focus on Patient Care Instead of Attacking Those in Di (post #2) General Support
13 The Mayday Project: Help us to contact media to cover IDSA protest! (post #1) General Support
14 The Mayday Project: Help us to contact media to cover IDSA protest! (post #3) Activism
15 Are they listening to us? NOPE! (post #3) Activism
16 Re postings for May Lyme Disease Awareness month... (post #1) General Support
17 "I hope you get officially sick" Drs misdiagnosing (post #4) General Support
18 Urgent question: friend bitten by tick includes rash! (post #4) Medical Questions
19 LLMD Challenging Lyme w/ABX to see if I herx (post #5) Medical Questions
20 Mayday Project - Watch the Rally Live (post #0) Medical Questions
21 Scam call, MADDOG strikes back. good for a laugh! (post #12) General Support
22 need articles on how Lyme and company can effect the gut!! (post #11) Medical Questions
23 Hopkins Paul Auwaerter- You're not sick! (post #3) Medical Questions
24 Maple Syrup Vs. Biofilms? (post #5) Medical Questions
25 Mail Your Shoes To The IDSA To Arrive on May 1st, 2015 and End Lyme Disease! (post #9) General Support
26 Elevated liver enzymes from arteminisin or cat's claw? (post #6) Medical Questions
27 Babesia testing if bitten in Texas/southern states (post #2) Medical Questions
28 Elevated liver enzymes from arteminisin or cat's claw? (post #2) Medical Questions
29 Need Advice- Treat Lyme Or Babesia First? (post #2) Medical Questions
30 Grab a shovel and start digging (post #19) Medical Questions
31 Everyone Can Participate in the Mayday Project (post #0) Medical Questions
32 Back from ILADS conference (post #0) Medical Questions
33 Random Bleeding from Hands (post #14) Medical Questions
34 Help it's 3am Central Freezing / Burning up. High temp 103.7 ???What? ?? (post #3) Medical Questions
35 Urgent! Malarone causing fever after one stops usage (post #4) Medical Questions
36 JONI MITCHELL HAS MORGELLONS DISEASE (post #16) Medical Questions
37 ILADS/Drexel 2015 Tickborne Diseases Conference (post #2) General Support
38 I am doing Better, turns out I probably didn't have Lyme (post #7) Medical Questions
39 Siebertneurolyme---mailbox full (post #2) Medical Questions
40 new tick bite (post #3) Medical Questions
41 PLEASE HELP! NEED ADVICE! (post #5) Medical Questions
42 liver enlarged off all meds (post #1) Medical Questions
43 Complications after bone marrow transplant- Lyme? (post #4) Medical Questions
44 Horrible Babesia die-off & symptoms, etc. (post #8) Medical Questions
45 Abx or antimicrobial that go with mepron/zithromax to treat both babesia and Lyme? (post #2) Medical Questions
46 Horrible Babesia die-off & symptoms, etc. (post #3) Medical Questions
47 Horrible Babesia die-off & symptoms, etc. (post #2) Medical Questions
48 I can't wake up in the morning. (post #4) Medical Questions
49 When Wrong They Are Dangerous (post #12) Medical Questions
50 Yolanda Foster, thank you for speaking out (post #8) General Support

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