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  Topic Forum Date
1 Lyme and seizures (post #5) Medical Questions
2 Starting to Wonder about Lyme & Stuff (post #15) Medical Questions
3 IT'S ON!!! IDSA is broadcasting (post #740) Activism
4 IT'S ON!!! IDSA is broadcasting (post #740) Activism
5 IT'S ON!!! IDSA is broadcasting (post #142) Activism
6 IT'S ON!!! IDSA is broadcasting (post #142) Activism
7 Which lab if I can't afford Igenex? (post #1) Medical Questions
8 llmd price seems so high for everything. (post #9) Medical Questions
9 IDSA/Hopkins Spokesman Auwaerter Videos on Lyme (post #4) Medical Questions
10 Questions about July 30th panel (post #4) General Support
11 IV Nutrition, hydration for critically ill Lymie (post #6) Medical Questions
12 Dr. S in PA (post #6) Seeking a Doctor
13 has anyone had an RBC exchange transfusion to help lower Babesia load? (post #1) Medical Questions
14 Babesiosis .. TV SHOW (post #23) Medical Questions
15 Stony Brook Lab (post #2) Medical Questions
16 Insurance denial of IV rocephin in NY state--who got it covered/overturned? (post #2) Medical Questions
17 How many of you mix ceftriaxone yourself? (post #16) Medical Questions
18 Anyone taken the IDSA Study Course? (post #7) Medical Questions
19 Finished IVIG 1st dose, and I feel different this morning. 4 more doses to go (post #13) Medical Questions
20 Help for Hypersensitive Hearing? (post #4) Medical Questions
21 Terrifying son went in to Anaphylactic shock...UPDATE! (post #18) Medical Questions
22 This should go in activism because I've been missing the point! (post #10) Medical Questions
23 Anyone seen this?-- IDSA Lyme Disease Case Course Study (post #0) Medical Questions
24 how many have crohn's disease (post #5) Medical Questions
25 Low Blood Pressure Question (post #2) Medical Questions
26 Still can't eat ..... Need advice (post #15) Medical Questions
27 Johnson & Stricker- how IDSA became entangled with antitrust (post #2) Medical Questions
28 FAITH and dealing with Lyme (post #4) General Support
29 who is THE best LL radiologist at Columbia? ....SPECT results.... (post #1) Medical Questions
30 To those with psychiatric symptoms.....some info (post #23) Medical Questions
31 C Diff...anyone with knowledge? (post #7) Medical Questions
32 Divorce (post #6) General Support
33 hyperacusis (post #9) Medical Questions
34 (Ladies) there is hope. (post #9) Medical Questions
35 I was moved (post #6) General Support
36 testosterone - site of application (post #9) Medical Questions
37 Is anyone taking IV Ig? (post #3) Medical Questions
38 Studies On Persistent Borrelia Burgdorferi Inspite Of "Adequate" Antibiotics (post #11) Medical Questions
39 Ever have one of those days with your kids? (post #14) General Support
40 WBs In: What Do They Mean? (post #19) Medical Questions
41 Is this too much medicine? (post #11) Medical Questions
42 Scared of IVIG (post #5) Medical Questions
43 Feel Like Giving Up....... (post #56) Medical Questions
44 IDSA mentality finally managed to take over wiki lyme (post #17) Medical Questions
45 Feel Like Giving Up....... (post #23) Medical Questions
46 Vancomycin Denied 3rd Time by Insurance - Questions??? (post #1) Medical Questions
47 Our LLMD's are the BEST in the world! ILADS Submits! (post #15) Medical Questions
48 Our LLMD's are the BEST in the world! ILADS Submits! (post #8) Medical Questions
49 Questions about CD57 not being a good indicator... (post #19) Medical Questions
50 Pregnancy test came back positive (post #4) Medical Questions

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