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  Topic Forum Date
1 Injury from vaccines? In absolute physical hell (post #7) Medical Questions
2 Vanco/c-diff/bartonella (post #2) Medical Questions
3 antibiotic question (post #8) Medical Questions
4 Frequent awakenings at night (almost ever 1/2/3hrs) and needing to urinate (post #5) Medical Questions
5 4 months on abx, getting worse, normal? (post #20) Medical Questions
6 Faking illness, I've had enough! (post #6) General Support
7 If Chronic Illness is Making You Want to Give Up (post #1) General Support
8 Keto Diet (post #14) Medical Questions
9 Is DNA connection test accurate? (post #14) Medical Questions
10 Arthritic Flare Relief (post #7) Medical Questions
11 Returning to college-TB test, Tdap vaccine and flu shot REQUIRED (post #6) Medical Questions
12 bart relapse (post #3) Medical Questions
13 bart relapse (post #0) Medical Questions
14 Antabuse (post #38) Medical Questions
15 Curious Why LyneNet is So Inactive Now? (post #26) General Support
16 Positive outcomes (post #5) Medical Questions
17 Interstitial Cystitis Flare-Up (post #9) Medical Questions
18 LDN Herx (post #5) Medical Questions
19 LDN Herx (post #0) Medical Questions
20 How I make herbal tinctures for the Buhner protocols (post #5) Medical Questions
21 Low dose naltrexone--what time of day to take it? (post #10) Medical Questions
22 Low dose naltrexone--what time of day to take it? (post #9) Medical Questions
23 went away felt good, came home- sick within seconds- AGAIN (post #6) Medical Questions
24 Abx side effect Tinnitus (post #7) Medical Questions
25 Abx make me feel better but no herx (post #5) Medical Questions
26 Claritin Question (post #5) Medical Questions
27 Is it ever "too late"? (post #8) Medical Questions
28 What is the best lyme test at this time?? (post #15) General Support
29 Dapsone (post #4) Medical Questions
30 what was your worst med?? (post #32) Medical Questions
31 New! Dr H Dapsone Combination Therapy (post #11) Medical Questions
32 free rife machine (post #2) Medical Questions
33 Cabibactin AR and BR for sibo (post #2) Medical Questions
34 Shingles treatment (post #8) Medical Questions
35 hibernating at home (post #5) General Support
36 hibernating at home (post #3) General Support
37 hibernating at home (post #0) General Support
38 Burning hands and feet (erythromelalgia) (post #10) Medical Questions
39 Treatment Past the 10 Year Mark? (post #3) Medical Questions
40 Bartonella and IC (post #4) Medical Questions
41 Bartonella and IC (post #0) Medical Questions
42 Doctors (post #10) General Support
43 Advanced Labs Culture Test (post #3) Medical Questions
44 History of Lyme & Treatment- Dr. B (post #2) Medical Questions
45 Starting Over (post #8) Medical Questions
46 About to start coffee enemas. Kinda s ared. Questions... (post #11) Medical Questions
47 Checking in , Talked to Cardiac Surgeon Today (post #5) General Support
48 so.. ROOT CANALs I got one, now what? (post #49) Medical Questions
49 Got my answer. In the ER (post #2) General Support
50 air hunger (post #0) Medical Questions

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