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  Topic Forum Date
1 high dose doxycycline for erlichiosis (post #2) Medical Questions
2 NEW RESEARCH (post #0) Medical Questions
3 Newsweek Article: Docs puzzled about Chronic Lyme (post #2) General Support
4 New Study on Disulfiram for Lyme and Babesia - Cure? (post #1) General Support
5 Dapsone (post #10) Medical Questions
6 Shapiro now on Lyme Working Group (post #13) Medical Questions
7 Daptomycin, Doxycycline and Ceftriaxone (post #1) Medical Questions
8 DAN PATRICK (post #2) General Support
9 CT LLMD (post #0) Seeking a Doctor
10 DAN PATRICK (post #0) General Support
11 is CLL related to Lyme disease in any way?? (post #5) Medical Questions
12 Dapsone (post #3) Medical Questions
13 is CLL related to Lyme disease in any way?? (post #2) Medical Questions
14 Need more info on lyme testing (post #1) Medical Questions
15 got a tick off my calf last night (post #2) Medical Questions
16 Dapsone (post #1) Medical Questions
17 New Lyme Study From The New Kids In Town (post #7) General Support
18 Where to Get Ticks Tested (post #1) Medical Questions
19 Best Testing for lyme? Igenex? (post #2) Medical Questions
20 New! Dr H Dapsone Combination Therapy (post #8) Medical Questions
21 Lyme literate ophthalmologist and psychiatrist/psychologist Ohio (post #4) Seeking a Doctor
22 ALZHEIMER'S ARTICLE (post #0) General Support
23 diagonosed and praying my LLMD is right (post #6) Medical Questions
24 Another reason to be careful about ticks all winter! (post #2) General Support
25 Dr. says I don't have lyme (post #2) Medical Questions
26 NEED PSYCHIATRIST-Lyme aware in MA (post #3) Seeking a Doctor
27 Galaxy labs (post #4) Medical Questions
28 Post Lyme Disease Syndrome (post #4) Medical Questions
29 Best protocol for early Lyme Disease infection (post #6) Medical Questions
30 Global Lyme diagnostics test (post #8) Medical Questions
31 Update Treatment plan for 11 year old with rash (post #3) Medical Questions
32 Bartonella Tests- Not Good (post #2) Medical Questions
33 Son has Babesia duncani and starting Nizonide (post #1) Medical Questions
34 mephron and zirthromax (post #1) Medical Questions
35 Boston Children's Hospital- Tests "REQUIRED" (post #3) General Support
36 Get Wormser OFF Federal Group! (post #8) General Support
37 Vit D3 (post #10) Medical Questions
38 IV/IG (post #4) Medical Questions
39 Negative Igenex test? (post #15) Medical Questions
40 WARNING! Dapsone deaths & adverse reactions (post #1) Medical Questions
41 Long Term Antibiotics ... (post #3) Medical Questions
42 Lyme Results Help (post #4) Medical Questions
43 Mepron: anyone have luck getting it down? (post #2) Medical Questions
44 Negative tick test (post #11) Medical Questions
45 CT - In need of LLMD (post #2) Seeking a Doctor
46 antibiotic combinations for Lyme (post #2) Medical Questions
47 Need inputs from experts here on the medications (post #2) Medical Questions
48 How is Doc J doing? (post #3) General Support
49 Claratin help Lyme? (post #2) Medical Questions

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