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  Topic Forum Date
1 stem cell/bone marrow donor (post #1) Medical Questions
2 Dr H in Ohio (post #0) Seeking a Doctor
3 Gabapentin 300mg (post #22) Medical Questions
4 Fleas - Natural Bombs? (post #1) Medical Questions
5 Need feedback on Dr S and Dr J in the town of H in western PA... (post #8) Seeking a Doctor
6 Need feedback on Dr S and Dr J in the town of H in western PA... (post #8) Medical Questions
7 Who has tried IV abx? Who got better/worse? (post #3) Medical Questions
8 Amantidine (post #0) Medical Questions
9 Help. Need link to recent article declaring LD as in the top 5 misdiagnosed disease! (post #5) General Support
10 Please Share This Version of the Dr Phil Show 18 Min Clip (post #1) General Support
11 Donating Blood (post #11) Medical Questions
12 IV response (post #4) Medical Questions
13 IV response (post #0) Medical Questions
14 he wants to travel for 2 weeks?? (post #10) General Support
15 IV abx easier on stomach? (post #3) Medical Questions
16 Symptoms Come & Go? (post #2) Medical Questions
17 ouch, now also trigeminal neuralgia... what helped? (post #13) Medical Questions
18 TIME FOR MARCH BIRTHDAYS!! (post #16) General Support
19 why does exercise cause so much pain?? (post #1) Medical Questions
20 Diane Rehm show Lyme (post #3) Medical Questions
21 help for tight painful muscles (post #7) Medical Questions
22 Exercise: What can you do today? Feb 21 to (post #10) General Support
23 seborrheic dermatitis / peeling rash (post #7) Medical Questions
24 working full time? (post #3) General Support
25 I am Mom to one less Boxer (post #12) General Support
26 one dry, achy eye, droopy lid - aging or lyme? (post #1) Medical Questions
27 guaifenesin? (post #0) Medical Questions
28 2 years off all med's. Yea! (post #4) General Support
29 Therapist suggests I try gluten free diet (post #6) Medical Questions
30 IV Medications (post #5) General Support
31 Is IV worth it (post #20) Medical Questions
32 Is IV worth it (post #12) Medical Questions
33 Is IV worth it (post #10) Medical Questions
34 Is IV worth it (post #4) Medical Questions
35 Is IV worth it (post #1) Medical Questions
36 Is IV worth it (post #0) Medical Questions
37 Neuro symptoms (post #2) Medical Questions
38 How do you protect your PICC line? (post #0) Medical Questions
39 Magnesium dose (post #0) Medical Questions
40 anybody have body numbness?? (post #3) Medical Questions
41 Anybody ever have a sleep study done? (post #5) Medical Questions
42 One dilated pupil? (post #9) Medical Questions
43 Dr L in IN (post #0) Seeking a Doctor
44 Canine doxy dosage 500 mgs! (post #3) General Support
45 Every one look please!! (post #0) Activism
46 Everyone look please! (post #0) General Support
47 Do you have endometriosis or are on birth control?? (post #34) Medical Questions
48 Do you have endometriosis or are on birth control?? (post #32) Medical Questions
49 Why am I sweating? (post #10) Medical Questions
50 Why am I sweating? (post #7) Medical Questions

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