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  Topic Forum Date
1 Ketamine and nerve pain questions (post #11) Medical Questions
2 Re mold and nerve pain (post #0) Medical Questions
3 Has anyone tried a peat bath? (post #2) Medical Questions
4 Re a good thyroid specialist (post #0) Medical Questions
5 My dizzy spells have increased. Why?? (post #5) Medical Questions
6 Re urine female hormone testing (post #4) Medical Questions
7 Cannabis/cbd dispensary question. (post #2) Medical Questions
8 Seeking Opinions on Dr m and Dr S in IL (post #0) Seeking a Doctor
9 Mold binder effects (post #5) Medical Questions
10 How Many LLMD's did you see? (post #5) Medical Questions
11 Why sudden increase in nerve pain?? (post #18) Medical Questions
12 Anyone familiar with an herbal mix called RenaVen? (post #0) Medical Questions
13 Itraconazole nasal spray and silver edta nasal (post #0) Medical Questions
14 GI or reflux side effects from candibactin? (post #4) Medical Questions
15 Nerve pain and cutting past the nail quick (post #0) Medical Questions
16 Suggestions to move to A mold free environment. Urgent (post #6) Medical Questions
17 What to ask a mold building biologist inspector. (post #5) Medical Questions
18 Pain in teeth. Dentist thinks it's neuralgia. Question (post #10) Medical Questions
19 Xifaxan for sibo (post #20) Medical Questions
20 Recommendation for building biologist for mold (post #2) Medical Questions
21 Cabibactin AR and BR for sibo (post #3) Medical Questions
22 "burned tongue" sensation out of nowhere (post #11) Medical Questions
23 Mold inspection and removal questions (post #2) Medical Questions
24 Bio dentist removing silver. Question.... (post #5) Medical Questions
25 Mycotox results. Anyone help? (post #2) Medical Questions
26 Site for lower cost mold testing. (post #0) Medical Questions
27 Myoclonus--whole body and limbs (post #8) Medical Questions
28 Non fizzy alternatives to Alka seltzer gold? (post #9) Medical Questions
29 Very Stange tickle/pain in a nerve from bottom teeth to chest. Help (post #2) Medical Questions
30 About to start coffee enemas. Kinda s ared. Questions... (post #23) Medical Questions
31 Mitochondrial specialist/issues/low carnitine (post #0) Medical Questions
32 Dr M in WI, or any in his office (post #0) Seeking a Doctor
33 Anyone see Dr W in WI? (post #0) Seeking a Doctor
34 Anyone know of Dr. N in IL? (post #1) Seeking a Doctor
35 Lion's mane for nerve pain? (post #6) Medical Questions
36 Anyone recommend a compounding pharm for LDN? (post #8) Medical Questions
37 Electrical pinprick sensatuins (post #6) Medical Questions
38 Topical or Transdermal CBD oils (post #3) Medical Questions
39 Seeking lyme lit doc in s. Carolina for a friend. (post #0) Seeking a Doctor
40 Low testosterone and weight gain (post #0) Medical Questions
41 Dentist gave me some Energetix homeopathics... Anyone take them? (post #11) Medical Questions
42 Anyone have experience with Dr S in Illinois? (post #1) Seeking a Doctor
43 ? About finding disautonomia specialist and punch biopsy (post #4) Medical Questions
44 Do we need/do coffee enemas due to not detoxing well? (post #11) Medical Questions
45 How to keep going until you reach better health--need help (post #14) Medical Questions
46 Herx from samento? Or am I Just getting worse? (post #5) Medical Questions
47 Part of body or appendage jerks. A bit more often. Worried (post #10) Medical Questions
48 More tooth pain. I don't think in infected teeth. What to. Do (post #7) Medical Questions
49 Mucinex D question (post #5) Medical Questions
50 Low dose naltrexone--what time of day to take it? (post #8) Medical Questions

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