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» LymeNet Flash » Questions and Discussion » Medical Questions » Why Lyme Disease isn't just a Tick-borne Disease any more

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Author Topic: Why Lyme Disease isn't just a Tick-borne Disease any more
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I have a couple comments...

If the tests are not accurate - how do we even know that's what is making us ill in the first place.

The co-infections are or can be worse than Lyme (Bb), itself. I'm also sure that there are other variations of spirochetes that are making people ill that are not Bb. So, the tests would not even find these specific strains.

What about all the other co-factors such as genetics, stress, mutations, parasites, viruses, retroviruses, mycoplasmas, chemical & metal toxicity & fungal/yeast issues? Then, you add in radiation from a number of sources & GMOs...

The number of factors to determine what exactly is making us, as individuals, ill is probably infinite...

Don't mean to be a downer - but this is the reality of it all. Not everyone can afford to move, live in a place free of EMFs, eat all organic & non-GMO food, stop having stress, + deal with all the pathogens.

I'd appreciate a few basic suggestions. I live very near to a big city & there are alot of people in my neighborhood with WiFi - so I can't get rid of that... I tried the grounding wire but it didn't seem to do much. Earthing is kind of an interesting idea but it's freezing here 1/2 of the year + who knows what kinds of pathogens are in the dirt...?

A quasi faraday cage is expensive & would it cause EMFs to pool in other locations in my apartment? The same may be true of using silver fabric sheets or clothing. Remediation is a tricky business... Maybe the clothing or bedding is the best option?

I would like to move but I can't afford to right now.

Posts: 7772 | From Northeast, again... | Registered: Oct 2006  |  IP: Logged | Report this post to a Moderator
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How about this explanation?

1) More humans in close contact with nature. Growing each year.

2) More traveling by humans and foreigners coming from outside areas. These contribute to new organisms and species as part of the ongoing natural trial and error process. Those that don't make it into the chronic disease package, die out or are less successful. Those that contribute to the chronic conditions can contribute to propegation.

3) More pet owners, sympathies and kindness toward pets (cat's and dogs). These feed the insects, parasites, as well as bring them right to our own doorsteps.

4) We have become more tolerant to wild animals, that tend to establish themselves around us. What do I see when looking out my suburban dwelling? Squirrels, chipmunks, rabits, goefers, racoons, DEER ALL OVER, bears, mice & foxes.

These would have normally been food for us or even target practice. Instead they are the packages of infection and act as powerhouses in insect population (Ticks, fleas, mites, sandflies, horseflies..etc).

Take a look at the History Channel's "Mountain Men." You don't find many smaller animals around them, because that is their food. They would hunt, kill and eat all those animals around them. Thereby, lowering tick and insect populations directly around them.

5) More bio weapons & genetic engineering that bring new organims that would have otherwise not existed.

6) More ABX usage & resistance. Yes some of us to blame too. We take all these ABX & then go back out again to get rebit. New bite transfers give new organims & take with them those ABX resistant ones. Each year and decade the trial and error process builds on the next.

Best scenario for the trial & error process is make animals initially unaware & then chronically sick. In this way the package can have a longer opportunity to spread, be it placental, sexual, contact transmission, or human to insect and back to human transmissions.

7) Stress, pollution, EMF, metal toxicity, parasitic opportunities grow around us.

8) Idiocy and lack of responce from the medical community overall. Inability to understand, accept, or realize the full severity of the factors at work. Some of these greedy pharmaceutical players (& their families) may be the ones to succumb to what is left unchecked with time. It will get to a point when no matter how much money you have, it won't matter.
Then some might realize it was not worth it.

Take the sum total of the aforementioned and we have a powerful driving force. One in which the virulence plays a major role. Those more virulent combination of packages that cause death faster will not be as wide spread. Those with initial asymptomatic & then chronic conditions can be spread for years & in many ways.

Posts: 2087 | From NY | Registered: Oct 2011  |  IP: Logged | Report this post to a Moderator
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Originally posted by sparkle7:
Don't mean to be a downer - but this is the reality of it all. Not everyone can afford to move, live in a place free of EMFs, eat all organic & non-GMO food, stop having stress, + deal with all the pathogens.

I'd appreciate a few basic suggestions.

As long as we live in a high tech world, it is going to be VERY difficult to be free of EMFs, even if you live far out in the boonies. Almost the entire country is covered by cell towers and electric lines. Additionally, many people depend on their phone and the internet for their livelihood.

Therefore, my suggestion is to start by eliminating the things that are known to be very dangerous and yet are relatively easy to eliminate. I would start by eliminating flouride from your water by using a good water filter. Then, eliminate BPA by not drinking out of plastic bottles and not storing food in plastic containers. Finally, begin moving to eliminate GMO from your diet. (One more thing - obviously don't poison yoursel with vaccines)

These things are much cheaper and more doable than eliminating EMF and I would argue are much bigger dangers than EMF.

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I had exposure to all those other things but did not get sick until the tickbite.
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derk diggler
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we live in the worst possible era that there is, unless you love technology which i could give a **** about, than this day and age is the worst to be in

do i have lyme, please comment, derealisation,anxiety,floaters,hypertension,tinnitus,dizziness,minor aches,igenix results,igm,**83-93ind,igg**41++ what do u think,please comment

Posts: 195 | From california | Registered: May 2011  |  IP: Logged | Report this post to a Moderator
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Lymedin2010- Some good points but some people feel that living near animals from a young age may actually help with making people more resistant to allergies, etc. Historically, I don't know. I haven't studied it.

A few years ago, I saw a skunk walking around in circles. It didn't have much fear of being near us... Maybe some of these small animals have been exposed to the same pathogens we are being exposed to? They may not have normally been ill if they weren't exposed to things that weren't originally in nature. So, which is first? The chicken or the egg?

The ecosystem is different since people have created suburbs... I don't know if it's humans hunting - but the natural predators are less. I lived in the south for a bit... I was suprised that some places just don't have alot of the same amount of animals as other places. The squirrels were scrawny & there were lots of hawks & vultures down there - compared to up north. There were aligators (some lady caught a 13 foot one near where I lived) & lots of lizards...

I guess wolves, cougars, snakes, foxes & vultures are kind of socially unacceptable up here in suburbia - hence deer grazing in the park. It's not the animal's fault... We're the ones infecting them with dangerous pathogens & rearranging the "natural order".

Many peoples of the world have lived around animals & pets & I don't believe that they were as ill as some of us are. We do have better hygeine...

Interesting discussion, though!

Posts: 7772 | From Northeast, again... | Registered: Oct 2006  |  IP: Logged | Report this post to a Moderator
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Re the skunk walking in circles: Near me there was a moose that was observed walking in circles for an hour, and it was considered to have brainworm.
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You just start cleaning one by one. Food has to be clean. Water has to be clean. You mind, your friends, your environment, and yes, electrosmog.

You can change your clothes, the products you use at home, eliminate all body contact with unnatural products or chemicals, change most cookware, things you use to pack food in the refrigerator, even white paper has dioxins, etc.

Yes, it is a long term project of life.

I cleanend allergens during lyme (as much as possible), tried to eat the LEAST processed foods possible, never touched a chemical drug only when necessary (no other solution in view...), etc

It all takes time, perseverance and patience. It depends on how much you would like to live or how much you would like to fight to have your life back. And how much you can afford, in time and money.

the only prize is you simply feel better. You feel more connected to the world again, more energy, clear mind, clear skin, your body functions slowly work back again. Your spirit starts feeling alive again.

It's slow, but the result comes, and only because it comes, I continue doing it all.

Yes fluor is bad... but how many years of fluor we already got? How to clean your glands from fluor? Yes, it takes again research and trial and error.

If you don't try the cleaning up process, you will never know how much this all pays back. That is my opinion.

Electrosmog is big. I have no longer lyme, for more than 3 years. Totally lyme treatment free, totally symptom free.

But I know electrosmog still makes me feel crazy, I have less deep sleep, I get cold hands and feet, I feel not normal, more nervous, etc.

I'm changing ALL my economic lamps to old incandescent lamps again. My whole bedroom looks like a metal box, grounded. I still turn off fuses and phones (even house phone) during sleep.

We try to eat only organic. We eat MUCH LESS, really much less (due to cost, yes). I plant some stuff, exchange some stuff, and buy the rest.

We eat less, but we need less (less hungry feeling). Better feeling of being 'full' or complete.

Husband never bought much the whole story of cleaning. Until slowly, he got more and more allergies. And because everyting around gets cleaner (because I'm constant changing things), now he does loads of things (without verbally admitting) and prefers my food to his older types of food.

changing habits is hard, I find. Once you change habits for good, you see it's not that hard, in fact.

Yes, during lyme disease, I simply had little time to treat this stuff, only concentrating on infections and easing symptoms. Once lyme is gone, i still continue cleaning the mess around.

I firmly believe today that it is the mess around, the things AROUND lyme disease that are the causes for our disease.

I am still getting bitten by ticks, so does my daughter, every year, more than once (about 4 times a year in average), and we don^t fall sick anymore (sometimes, some milder symptoms come, but they go quite easily with smaller treatments, very short).

when we first fell sick, we needed one single bite and we collapsed.

It is hard to treat these parallel stuff. But if you, like me, believe that these parallel stuff are the main causes for anyone to fall sick (in SYNERGY, they all form like an army with synergistic effect), well, you will treat them. Slowly, but surely.

Just think that your heart beats with electric signals. And that ALL your nervous system uses electric impulses. If your cells didn't know how to read, interpret and use electric signals, you simply couldn't have your heart beating, nor your nervous system working.

Posts: 6196 | From Brussels | Registered: Oct 2007  |  IP: Logged | Report this post to a Moderator

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