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» LymeNet Flash » Questions and Discussion » Medical Questions » Allicin and Samento? "Miracle" cure?

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Author Topic: Allicin and Samento? "Miracle" cure?
LymeNet Contributor
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A new friend (newly diagnosed with Lyme disease) told me a friend in Boston had Lyme for a couple of years but then a Boston LLMD put her on Samento and Allicin.

I know Samento but never heard of Allicin. I see a lot about it using Google and reading about it now.

Said "completely cured" after a few months of the two drugs. It simple cannot be that easy but her friends swears she is now A-OK and feels great after REALLY suffering with Lyme disease.

Does anyone know about Allicin in particular and the two drugs together.

I have Samento but will have to buy Allicin. No info on dosage, - anything. Just the names of the two drugs the lady told my friend said 100% cured her of Lyme.

Anyone? A new friend. She found me three months after being bitten. Too late for doxy plus she said she is major league alcoholic (bad combo!).

Thanks much.

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Topic: Garlic / Allicin

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In my opinion, miracles are pretty thin on the ground.

If you hang around long enough, you will hear any number of stories like this, the only difference between them is the identity of the miracle agent.

As you probably know, allicin is a garlic derivative. Who knows, maybe it does have some ability to kill pathogens. There is a chinese medicine practitioner that uses it on lyme. However, this still doesn't make it a miracle.

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I hate to rain on anyone's parade. Some have reported great help from Samento. And some, too, with Allicin. Allicin can be marvelous, but it's just not that simple, even with Samento added.

Allicin is usually never alone, though, for many reasons discussed in the set above. The protocol that incorporates that is a full combination protocol. And for longer than 3 months.

Any treatment needs to last at least 7 months, and usually longer, with various adjustments along the way.

"New" combinations can "come along" that seem to be great for some. I'm sure we've all gone off chasing the rainbow that set some up with all the light and color back in their life but drop us before we found that luck.

But, very often, when we check back with those who had tales of "miracles" in a few months or a year, it's not so rosy.

Still, always worth looking into. Just know that Samento does not offer the same thing to everyone. Phrased as neutral yet cautioning as I could think of.

I hope it works for you. Be mindful, though, of other tick borne disease that may be in the picture that will require additional considerations. It's all likely far more complex, no matter what path you take. Comprehensive is the go-to word.

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Samento does have broad spectrum antimicrobial properties. A handout sheet from a Cowden natural practitioner mentions what it hits for microbes:

Babesia(some), Bartonella, Borrelia, Chlamydia, E. Coli(most), Gram-negative bacteria(some),Mycoplasma, Rickettsia(including Coxiella and Erlichia), Salmonella, Shigella, Streptococcus(most)

and under conditions it treats:

Acute pharyngitis, Bronchitis, Diabetes mellitus (especially Type 2), Cancer (some), Food poisoning, Helicobacter Pylori infection, Hypertension, Intestinal diseases, Lyme disease, Lupus, Parkinsons disease, Rheumatism, Sinusitis (some), Urinary tract infections

So, generally, Cat's claw is effective against the lyme bacteria, and even some of the coinfections.

I heard of a wheel-chair-bound PD man that after taking TOA-free Cats Claw for 3 or 6 weeks(I don't think it was months, but could have been), that he was again going deep sea fishing and standing without help.

As for the Allicin. I know garlic breaks down biofilms, and maybe even cysts and protozoa. So it may very well be possible for some to get cured with Samento + garlic since the garlic would eliminate the hiding place(biofilm), and Samento would kill the spirochete. Very possible I would think in relatively early uncomplicated lyme disease.

I attribute garlic as one of the few supplements I was taking that was keeping me functional and able to work between the time I got infected, and the time I got diagnosed.

I actually had a couple good years there in between, but I was not taking Cats Claw, only relatively high dose garlic gelcaps. If I missed my garlic for a while, I would start to slide.

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Thanks to all!

I've been here for many years so I've read MANY quack miracle cures!

After MUCH research and e-mailing with over 1,000 others also with Lyme I've found many ways to lessen effects of Lyme but never a full cure!

I'm as "comprehensive" as you get but had never heard of this Allicin Samento combo. Thought I knew them all! Not so obviously.

Had heard of garlic and Cats Claw and had tried them so guess I did know of them. Just not those names.

Garlic PILLS. Tried garlic powder, then crushed fresh garlic (whew!) then liquid. Breath so bad think I lost friends! Dog avoided me.

About caused me to keel over from stink of garlic!

BUT garlic pills are OK.

The Allicin I ordered are pills. No smell (it said on Amazon page).

I'll keep doing what I do as I can now again lead a pretty normal life unlike when Lyme was at its worst and was seeing one doctor after another who knew NOTHING!

Wasted big bucks on them all.

They all just picked my pocket! I do NOT like worthless doctors who sponge off Lyme patients claiming cures. No referrals of cured patients!

I helped put one in jail - insurance fraud. I enjoyed that! FBI asked me to volunteer to nail her. Friend who was an agent until retirement asked me.

There at at least a dozen Lyme quacks here - I know them all - all crooks!

I know more about Lyme than any of them. They all charge HUGE fees! A sure tip off is if first visit is over $400!

Thank heavens for good people of Lymenet who answered my pleas for help years ago!

Some meds and diets worked - most did not but enough that instead of crawling to the bathroom I as I say now again lead a pretty normal life.

Mostly tired and have relapses about 2x a year but I think everyone does.

Reading more it look like Allicin is just garlic oil and Samento is Cat's Claw. Have been on both.

Don't remember either helping but think will try them again. Longer this time!

Can't find my Samento and have tons of garlic pills but not garlic OIL and it says Allicin is oil.

Cheap so I ordered some. Had to order more Samento as I looked through all of my 500 herbal meds I've tried.

Maybe it's only 499 - who's counting when you're having fun!

I'll give them a 7 month try this time. I'm sure I gave up on Garlic pills and Samento after a month. Maybe not long enough?

Read caution about not taking Samento and/or Allicin within three hours of taking magnesium and other drugs.

I'm starting Levaquin soon. Hope there is no inter-reaction.

I can't find any warning re Levaquin using Google and Google seems to always list problems even if just a few people got sick.

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger". The two times drug reactions ALMOST killed me BOTH were doctor prescriptions!

Neither bothered to look them up. Pharmacist missed them too. But NOT her job!

They KNEW all my drugs - they prescribed them! But did not check! NOW I check everything myself - nothing goes in or on me unless I've read everything possible.

Another doctor would have killed me for sure with a drug he prescribed but I checked Google and it had a big red X next to it!

I called the doctor and he just said "oops, sorry!" The guy could have killed me. Didn't even say "sorry for almost killing you".

I found a new doctor.

Anyway, thanks to all.

Think I have enough info now to at least try the two. I found dosage info on line.

No reactions other than cautions not to take with x, y and z.

Not dangerous just said "Allicin does not work well if taken within three hours of ---".

Pays to read (a lot). I read doctors and hospital errors are #2 killer in USA.

Correct? No clue but it was in the Sat. Ev. Post a few months ago.

Doctors today so pushed to rush patients they no longer take time.

I recently bit the bullet and signed with a concierge doctor who only takes cash $4k a year.

But he sees patients same day and even takes e-mails and phone calls. REALLY checks me over.

He's also the one remaining LLMD (in hiding) in my large city after the two other LLMD got busted by feds in April.

Book Lab 257 tells why!

Since he switched to concierge and charges a flat $4K a year he lost/dropped all but 300 patients plus added me for a special reason.

I think many doctors going to do concierge in future.

Posts: 133 | From Shawnee, KS | Registered: Sep 2007  |  IP: Logged | Report this post to a Moderator
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You say: "A sure tip off is if first visit is over $400!" as to "quacks"

A first visit with a good LLMD or LL ND can be up to and over $400. and well worth it if they spend a couple hours, put their effort in to make a plan, etc. Their extra training, too. Experience takes time and effort.

They have to pay the rent, staff, insurance, etc.

It's sure nice for it not to be that much, of course, and it can vary. But so can the time, the degree of their expertise and input.

Most specialists in other areas of medicine get more than that. It's just that insurances often cover them or they have lower overhead in with others.

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Icon 1 posted      Profile for steve1906   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message       Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote 
Just like Lyme affects everyone different - So doe’s treatment – some do well on certain protocols, and some don’t.

I wish you luck on this one, keep us updated on how it goes.


Everything I say is just my opinion!

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I would hesitate to put anyone out of business that was treating lyme. There just aren't enough of them, and some people will die, or have terrible consequences from lack of treatment. I doubt if very many of the patients of those doctors would thank you for what you did, and they may not have $4000 for concierge service.

Law enforcement should start with the people who have put us into this situation, where we don't get timely diagnosis or any treatment, or inadequate treatment. I am looking at the greater evil here, and seeing it in a different place than you are. I would also question whether any patient knows enough about a situation to pass judgement. Please don't give any details on this forum to prove that you did know. A lot of lyme docs have been falsely accused and patients believed in the charges, but they were wrong.

The biggest insurance fraud in lyme disease occurs when insurance companies will not pay for our treatment.

Your idea of what are normal charges for doctor visits is not current. Do you really think a doctor can take only 4 patients a day, new ones, and charge $400 and still cover all the overhead? New lyme patients can take 2 hours for a first visit. A doctor I know who treats lyme has something like 8 staff people in the office on any given day. Tell me how $1600 is going to cover the salaries of all those people, plus the doc's, office rent, phones, computers, utilities, etc, etc. And if they try to take insurance, it will never cover the true cost and they will soon be out of business.

I feel it is best not to be very judgmental in situations like this or too sure that you are right.

Posts: 2888 | From USA | Registered: Mar 2004  |  IP: Logged | Report this post to a Moderator
LymeNet Contributor
Member # 13104

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I'll grant you $400 (and MUCH more!) is well worth the money for helpful treatment for Lyme Disease (LD).

Over a 25 year period I've spent well over $300K of MY money plus I'm guessing the same amount by my insurance company. $400 or $4,000 or $400,000; it's worth it if it really helps!

I was referring to the (too many IMO) doctors who charge $400 and up just for an "initial "meeting" just to "get to know the patient".

No treatment, little (or no) review of records from other doctors - just "chat".

I have been told many patients do not return a second time after the potential long-term costs are explained to the potential patient so the"doctor" at least has made $400 (or more) for a chat lasting up to an hour.

But I've also been told of "chats" that were just a few minutes in length after the patient insisted on hearing the potential long-term costs before beginning their "chat".

(To me) another "tip off" is "cash only" for the $400 (or whatever amount) as credit card payments can be stopped.

I know of numerous small claims court cases of people attempting to retrieve their $400 (or ?)
for "chats" that in a few cases lasted just minutes.

When asked, I ALWAYS advise against legal action. Consider it a "lesson learned" I've told others.

The doctors DID "provide" the advertised "service" thus a court challenge is "throwing good money after bad" (I say). If any of these "chat doctors" did provide help with Lyme disease to patients who continued on, I have no idea.

I have heard of none that had patients who SAID "I was helped and would recommend Dr --". I have asked a number of them who told me "I saw Dr. -- for X period of time (before giving up on the open ended time frame "treatments).

None reported the slightest improvement.

I have been made aware of (about) a dozen Midwest doctors all put of business by the FBI and a significant number of these were among the "$400 chat doctors" I've kept track of.

But I won't quibble over $$ with anyone. I should not have mentioned it - I added an issue that is of no real consequence. An error on my part.

The insurance company that had also PAID significant sums to various doctors as the "plan" my company was called "partially self insured" insurance company.

LOW premiums BUT they only pay "catastrophic" claims. Only claims above $20K in my case (i.e. a heart transplant).

I owned the company (!) that was insured and the payments were spread over decades thus I'm guessing "their" payments were actually ALL paid by me! (by me owning the insured company).

The only "advantage" I gained was this moved the payments to "before tax dollars".

I have no reason to assist any insurance company and I "assisted" the FBI primarily being "mad" after realizing yet another "scam" (IMO plus proven in court) doctor had tricked me out of a lot of money ($50K?) once again providing me zero decrease in the effects of LD.

I thought I had become "smarter". I had not. The doctor knew more about the "chemistry" of Lyme disease than any doctor I had ever encountered.

She had me fooled and strung me along for two years.

Fortunately, earlier in life I was very successful (lucky?) in business and could afford any/all tests and treatments she wished to perform on me. I essentially gave her a "blank check". I fault only myself.

This particular (now ex) doctor had a long-time and largest LD practice in the USA Midwest and perhaps in the entire country (the FBI told me >4,000 patients were in her "active patient file" although some had not seen her for a year or more.

I am NOT a vindictive person and if someone simply cheats an insurance company I'd have NO interest in helping the FBI, insurance companies - anyone.

I will add, I am aware of more than a few doctors who have filed claims listing fictitious information so as to get paid for valid Lyme disease treatment instead filing treatment for an illness that might require the medicine(s) used to treat Lyme to avoid suspicion.

In fact I'd add I'm guessing MOST LLMDs could not remain in business if they did not engage in this (I believe) common practice to be reimbursed for Lyme disease treatments they perform!

Since I'd be endorsing breaking a law I'll make no comment as to whether I approve of this common(?) practice BUT I am very glad they receive enough compensation from some source (!) to remain in business providing what is often valid helpful treatment lessening the effects of Lyme disease.

I was an in=depth highly trained (in basic research)scientist for the AEC decades ago plus I later owned businesses often involved in uncovering fraud.

Thus, I had the training and experience plus my years in business put me in contact with literally hundreds of people who committed frauds of various types.

I am as trained in "fraud" as anyone can be.

I won't say my background made me suspicious of everyone but being "automatically trusting of others" (as a child) ended for me decades ago.

YET, I was desperate to rid myself of this horrid disease that was wrecking my life. I was down $200K+ before I was even correctly diagnosed! I trusted others when I otherwise would not without investigation being so frantic to regain my life!

As they say, "I let my guard down". MY FAULT!

Seeing a room full of patients receiving PICC line injections of supposed ABX each time I saw her caused me to know she was VERY "popular". It seemed virtually every LLMD in the Midwest knew of her or LD infected individuals were patients of hers.

Since I was always a cash paying patient she seemed to always be able to "fit me in" on short notice.

After the suicide of one of her ex-patients (who I got to know) I became suspicious. I learned when a patient truly ran out of money to pay her the patient was given his/her files and then barred from entry to her practice. "Dropped cold".

By talking to many patients, I learned of four suicides. Suicide because of being dropped as a patient? No idea. The one who I especially got to know HAD been a relatively wealthy woman but, after five years, reduced to living under a bridge near the doctor's office. I often gave her money to stay alive.

"Good Samaritans" kept her fed and clothed. She sold her blood at a nearby blood bank then saw this doctor when the dollars for her blood were enough for one office visit fee. She became a suicide a few months later after being barred by the blood bank.

I then became VERY suspicious!

I was taking (expensive) "Mepron" for babesia (or Bartonella - I forget) from her. Her Mepron patients were VERY pleased and thanked her for making "my special blend of even better Mepron in my own in-office lab for only $800 a bottle" (pharmacy price is usually $1,200 and up).

I contacted a friend at the FBI. I was then shocked to learn they already had two agents assigned to this doctor and had for TEN years! My FBI friend told me (his words) "she knows the law better than any lawyer. We may NEVER stop her!"

In reviewing old court records I discovered she had lost three malpractice cases (>$2 mil payouts) but had fought successfully to keep her MD license, to have the cases "kind of buried but not sealed.

I was able to find and read them). She also managed to keep an active malpractice insurance policy (reqired in most states to practice medicine).

I was told her "premium" was now just over "seven figures a year". I was also told "she has the highest single doctor malpractice premium in the country!"

I took my latest $800 bottle of Mepron to the FBI and they had it chemically analyzed. They told me "it appears to be half Pepto Bismol and half Mylanta".

Mix the two together as I did and the color, consistency and taste is almost identical to real Mepron!

I had stopped seeing her as I was not improving in spite of over 50 "specially formulated medicines made to my formulas by my in-office pharmacist".

She DID have an in-office pharmacy and I assume the young lady was a licensed pharmacist.

The FBI told me "if you wish to volunteer to help us, we will accept". I volunteered.

I then saw her a few more times. The FBI told me "do as you wish but if not legal do not tell us".

Numerous times I sat outside the in-office pharmacy. I learned when the pharmacist left for lunch. One day she did NOT lock the pharmacy.

When the receptionist was away I walked into the empty pharmacy. I saw empty and full bottles of Pepto Bismol and Mylanta. I testified as such in my deposition.

I then spent time "chatting" with patients she seemed to always have lined up in a room receiving ABX via PICC lines. Six at a time all day every day! I saw a full sealed vial of what was injected and took it. Yes, I broke the law.

She charged $1,300 for each PICC injection. I had another doctor inject (real) ABX into me via a PICC line. The cost was 15% of what she charged. As is written up on Quackwatch a "full course" of these PICC line injections with this doctor cost over $400,000!

I gave the vial to the FBI. What had I stolen? A vial of distilled water! Worth only pennies thus IF I was ever charged with taking it, it would be a petty crime misdemeanor. I am not worried.

Her office was "raided" and shut down the next day. She and her husband were charged but they could only get "tax evasion" based on "insurance fraud" to stick.

As I wrote, she knew more about medical law than almost any attorney!

In ten+ years in practice she never signed her name even once! She did not allow patient tape recorders and (thinking back) she chose her words carefully.

But she always had "new" electron beam microscope images of cures going on in my body. Even long after I stopped taking what she told me to take.

She always always had "good news!". "Good news" usually meant I needed extra treatment sometimes costing as much as $4,000! I was given one of the EB blood images and the FBI told me their forensic (?) lab showed the image had been taken at least five years earlier

Did she use copies of the same images for all patients? No idea.

Go to Quackwatch and find "ryser". In court testimony I am "unnamed patient A". The FBI attempted (unsuccessfully) to keep my identity secret fearing for my safety. "Out of 4,000+ patients there will be a couple who will believe in the doctor forever no matter what and will believe YOU took their ONLY chance at a cure away from them".

They were correct. Six death threats but none were real. Just VERY sick frail people who were now "lost" in the world. I became friends with three (!) and pointed them to VALID LLMDs.

That is the full (way too long story - sorry).

No, I had and have no interest in "tax fraud" for the couple or anyone else!

Of stopping an EVIL (IMO) doctor who (I believe) is responsible for numerous suicides of patients she dropped cold and giving false hope to thousands of others and as she put many of them into the ranks of the "flat broke" destitute - YES!

Read Quackwatch. The sentence was so light to be a travesty of justice but this is all the FBI KNEW she would plea bargain and plead guilty to. The FBI was just happy to have finally stopped her.

As an aside, the FBI believes she has $22 million hidden even though she plead poverty for her trial.

The government had to pay her legal bills! The FBI has an open ended 10% reward for the $22 million.

There MAY be a certain person watching them closely with plans for $2.2 million dollars! Any guesses as to who that might be?

Questions? Hope this changed your "opinion" of me. If so, that's OK.

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BTW - I have written several books on LD and am now in the thick of documenting everything written in the book Lab 257. I have new information and will write an addendum if nothing else.

"Some" are not happy I am working to provide MORE proof the government (IMO) created "weaponized LD" and are actively shutting down LLMDs as they are discovered.

I just had two of the three LLMDs in hiding in my major city shut down by armed federal agents (I witnessed one occurrence) leaving the remaining LLMD beyond paranoid.

The world desperately needs MORE LLMDs but with (IMO) "certain entities" creating even more lethal illnesses (i.e. Ebola) this war on humanity is only beginning. WHY? Only guesses.

I now have real death threats to deal with all I have newly uncovered. Copies are in the hands of many thus losing me would only cause this damning information to be released to the public.

To say the least I am a major "thorn" in the side of some who wish me harm. I do not scare easily.

I am doing everything possible to INCREASE the number of doctors who can openly research LD and treat those who are infected with it and do so with NO fear!

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I asked you not to post details. They do not belong here as they will be used to blacken the name of every doctor who treats us. You should edit and remove that post.

Frankly, the contrast is astonishing between your described ability to spot fraud and your asking if allicin and samento are a miracle cure.

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Icon 1 posted      Profile for steve1906   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message       Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote 
There will always be good and bad doctors, treating Lyme or any illness.

I think it's good to be reminded to be careful! When someone is desperate, like Lyme disease symptoms, we’ll sell our souls to feel better.

It’s very well known, many doctors pretend to be Lyme-literate, and are not. And those doctors rob us blind with no improvement.


Everything I say is just my opinion!

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The problem here is that we don't know you and it is always best to assume nothing about strangers online. Anyone who mentions quackwatch in an approving message will always raise eyebrows here. They are full of misinformation and slander about lyme.

You may be accurate about what happened, but I still don't feel we have any way of knowing for sure and definitely don't think those kind of details belong on a public forum. Will you please remove them?

I don't see how people in that state are surviving. But then my state isn't any better.

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Icon 1 posted      Profile for w0tm     Send New Private Message       Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote 

With all due respect everything I wrote is as it happened and in fact there are court records to prove it.

There are other posts I don't like but I don't ask that they be removed as long as the writer is posting the truth.

There are details such as gruesome (IMO) facts of some of the suicides but stating them would serve no purpose thus they remain unsaid.

I don't mean to be overly dramatic but there are people in this world who are beyond sadistic, cruel etc. I confront them - I don't turn away.

Many people (most?) are doing that today (IMO). I refuse to be in that 98%(?). Called "Normalcy Bias".

Most European Jews in the 30's turned away but turning away did not cause the problem to stop. Six million learned the hard way.

You DO have a way of 100% knowing what I wrote is accurate. It's all in court records! I only posted details because the reason I was involved in a doctor losing her license and going to jail was the incorrect assumption by several others I was

seeking to aid the insurance industry as opposed to stopping an evil person who (and many testified in court to the fact) ruined lives.

I read nothing from the others who jumped to an incorrect conclusion so I assume they accept what I wrote. I intend to write nothing more about this.

I do hope I "saved" a few people from "Dr. Ryser" type people. "Dr. Ryser" is not alone. There are many especially in Lyme disease where authentic LLMDs are being put out of business by the government! That is beyond WRONG!

Stopping such actions by (for instance) "hash tag candle lit vigils" has never worked and never will. Feeling good by "doing something" (even if it meaningless) is not something I will ever do.

Within days several unemployed (mostly disgraced for various reasons non-practicing but still with MD licenses) doctors bought copies of her patient list from her (also) dishonest office manager and quickly set up new LD treatment "practices" and began to call each of the 4,000+. They even stated "Dr. Ryser's office referred me to you".

Fortunately, I was one of those called and the FBI quickly ended their practices before they got started.

Evil will always reside among mankind.

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I'm sure then that you also understand why people on this forum are not immediately believing when someone says bad things about a lyme doc. Most of it is untrue and is part of the campaign to shut them all down. Or at least people here should be careful about not accepting all complaints about a doc.

There have even been those who cashed in by filing lawsuits when a state medical board has persecuted a lyme doc, for no good reasons at all. Then others have come to this board and complained constantly, without good cause either. Some skepticism is warranted.

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We REALLY are on the same side! I have "gone to the wall" to help good LLMDs stay hidden and be able to keep helping LD patients. The ex-doctor was just a total con (and now convicted criminal) and she proved it.

I'll take a hot poker in the eye before I'll divulge the identity of an LLMD I know of. Since (I think) this is a private message (I joined in 2007) and I'm still lost with it sometimes.

The world is in such need of doctors even with limited knowledge of Lyme disease and ability to help others I still encourage help from anyone who can provide any amount of help with LD even if it is minimal and not long-lasting.

This includes help from both doctors and individuals with no medical training. If something helps "anything is better than nothing!".

I used to "camp out" on this beyond helpful Web site but, after awhile, I was learning nothing new myself and I found myself answering the same questions plus spotting trolls.

I (probably like you) had and have little patience with those best called trolls and would spend enough time to discredit their incorrect disruptive comments until they usually moved (I guess) to another Web site to do what they do (I've never understood "trolls" and never will).

So I rarely get on lymenet these days unless I have an odd question (like what I asked about Allicin and Cat's Claw. As you read, it turned out I had tried that combo but if it does anything apparently I didn't do it for long enough. I'm going to try again.

This time I'll give it 6 to 9 months.

I wish I could publicize my book on Lyme as is does contain a lot of info that does lessen the effects of LD for most people with LD. I'd be dead by now if I hadn't launched into "interviewing and polling literally thousands with LD then writing a book about it. To find my notes just put my last name Yantis into the search window of Amazon and you'll find them.

There is another fellow I'm sure you know of who I consider (IMO) is mostly benefiting from LD with various books plus selling other items. To me, it seems as if someone often "mentions" his books or Web site almost every day on lymenet.

Accidental? I have no idea.

I won't play games. I may buy ad space on for my book, The book is really "taking off". But I'm really trying to at least break even this time so I'm doing one time FYI e-mails to the thousands who to subscribed to my Lyme newsletter before I had to shut it down with 15,000 on the list. I now have a free Web site that has taken the place of the newsletter although I will be restarting a (also free) companion newsletter after receiving hundreds of requests to do so.

Plus, I realized I was "preaching to the choir." I wrote every possible thing I've learned about Lyme and put it in a book. it is priced as low as possible on Kindle. Kindle won't allow "free" as they don't make money at free just as authors make nothing from anything given away for free.

I'll eventually give away free copies to Lyme groups but Amazon lowered the boom on me last time when they found many thousands of free doc version copies floating around.

I just wanted to help people but I must play by the Amazon rules. They let me back into Kindle and sales are doing well. I'm doing dozens of interviews plus other PR.

Anyway my new book contains lots of info unknown to virtually everyone else. And as long as the rules of include no commercials I won't have others plant questions like "what do you think of XX's new book? (If that is indeed what is happening - it's really none of my business other than I won't do it).

Planted "ads"? Perhaps. I don't care; I just know I won't do it. Sometimes including "M.D." after his name then, when asked, explains it stands for Medical Detective" I consider that to be "pushing the envelope clear off the table! I don't agree with some of what he sells so I just keep quiet.

I have no desire to get into an argument with him or anyone else. I just don't agree with what appears to be "slight of hand" marketing. He's not bankrupted anyone so I, as I say, just keep quiet. BTW - I am allowed to send out free "review" copies of my book (Amazon tells me) to book critics; just not the thousands of free copies I used to give away of my earlier book on LD.

This book is no comparison to the last one. By spending a thousand plus hours "interviewing and poling" others with LD I learned so much new info that is is more than a revised copy of the first book. I decided to write a new book from scratch.

If you want a free copy, send me a PM with your e-mail address and I'll send you a doc (not Kindle) version. To strictly abide by Amazon's rules, please add you want the copy to "review" it as a book critic. It's currently at 4.5 stars on Kindle so it must be of some value to others.

Of those I "interviewed", many started early with some of the treatment "protocols" described in the book and among those who started at least six months ago doing some of what I write a recent poll I did of a few hundred people showed 90% saying "some improvement" to "major improvement".

Besides the standard disclaimer that I'm not a doctor (I still consider "medical detective" abbreviated after you name as M.D. to be a bit too much - I'd NEVER do something like that!) I also caution "relapses WILL occur - don't panic - here's what to do and you'll be out of the relapse in a few weeks".

That includes me! I've been in a relapse for the last ten days but I'm coming out of it in good shape. I tell people "the relapse is rarely more than 10 to 20% of when you were REALLY sick with Lyme - don't panic and don't do anything foolish or you really will have a hard relapse".

Taking Lab 257 to heart as a true believer of all the author discovered plus considerable reading of other books and material becoming almost a self-taught chemist (makes me a C.D. I guess - Chemical Detective - sorry I just had to throw that in - consider it a joke as it IS a joke).

"Weaponized LD I now believe ex-Nazis and certain Americans concocted and IMO purposely turned loose from Plum Island in 1975 on Lyme CT as a test (believing they had had an instant cure for it - they did but it wears off with time) really drives me on to try to bust open the much increased bacteria and virus warfare research currently going on (reasons as to "WHY NOW?" is still not clear to me but I'm not giving up). If anything, I'm pushing harder to yank out unknown solid proof that is becoming lost for good with the passage of time (with Lab 257 opening in 1954 and most (all?) of the scientists and other workers of that era now dead or well into Alzheimer's or dementia.

I've had many essentially worthless conversations with individuals who were young in 1954 who worked at Plum Island but because of their youth none held positions where they did much more than "maintenance" and mopping floors but now the few who are not dead from old age are almost all lost in mental fogs of some mental illness or another.

And so many important records and entire archives were destroyed decades ago. At least much of the destruction was chronicled in Lab 257 so we know generally what existed - we just know almost nothing that was in those destroyed files. Very frustrating!

In one of my companies before I was forced to retire due to LD (I am MUCH better now - I could go back to work but I sold my business interests and am not going to start over at my age. Plus it would serve no purpose to do so.

I had dozens of people working with me (I was the "boss" and owner but I preferred to work WITH others - not give orders). If someone wasn't truly a self-starter given an end goal to attain then left to his or her own devices to attain results I defined the few non-self starters who got into one of my companies didn't last long.

I was VERY careful in hiring and the hiring mistakes I made out of hundreds I can count on the fingers of one hand. All of us did a lot of "blue sky open ended" research. A term used by some particularly in science meaning you ALWAYS keep an open mind and just "follow your nose" to see where things lead you.

I've done the same with LD and have come up with some most unexpected results. I work very hard at ENCOURAGING LLMDs not to give up and I've even helped a few avoid detection by the "powers" that want to stop them for reasons stated in Lab 257 and for reasons I'm learning that go far beyond covering up "government mistakes" on Plum Island (assuming the alleged mistakes did occur as the author of Lab 257 details exceptionally well).

To me, his work and his book is beyond being a treasure as we fight this cursed illness. How hard the government and the media (already even by 2004 becoming another branch of government (IMO) I believe proves just how accurate and damning the book is to the (now dead) individuals responsible and for the continued government harassment of LD researchers and of LLMDs who are forced to live as if they are on the "FBI's Ten Most Wanted" list.

I believe the book scores a direct bulls eye on many mistakes and intentional (?) malfeasance by various individuals, government agencies and of certain NGOs (i.e. the IDSA).

I am working very hard to document additional information that could add to Lab 257 before it is lost forever.

I already find myself often at dead ends with everyone involved having been dead for as long as decades and records and entire reports destroyed not even being able to ascertain what the destroyed documents might have contained.

But I am a careful and trained researcher with decades of experience in this field of endeavor. With enough data (being what I consider unmarked blank pieces of a giant jig saw puzzle) I can sometimes "see" patterns others miss. Of my other pursuits, I am a self-trained "data encryption forensics expert" IMO.

Google the term Dark Net then read about it. Not only did I help contribute to its creation (believing a higher level of data and communications security was needed - proven to be correct if you just read about the recent activities of the NSA in "snooping",

seemingly with no constraints on the American people and, whatever you think of him and what he did, Edward Snowden, who now appears is becoming a permanent resident in Moscow and to quote the most recent issue of Wired magazine is currently "the most wanted man in the world"

Also, whatever your politics, my "sleuthing" into much more than politics but the "future of the world" in 2009 I stupidly decided to take credit for information I uncovered. It resulted in the creation of .

Previously, whenever I uncovered something I considered wrong and/or harmful to our country I would turn it over to various individuals in media who then "went public".

For obvious reasons I won't go into various activities I learned of then gave to others to investigate and often expose to the American public.

This time I put the information on a Web page that traced to me and then notified various people in the media of it. Ms. Michele Malkin (nationally syndicated political op-ed writer) got herself and my single Web page about Mr. Jones on the Glenn Beck TV show (when he was still on Fox News) later that same day.

Suddenly the number of people aware of this situation went from perhaps five to over four million people (the viewership Mr. Beck claimed).

I'll never "take credit" again for something like that considering the significant grief it caused me. In fact, for awhile and for good reason, I feared for my life.

With my skills in data encryption and related fields I still uncover "activities" generally unknown to the American people or people who work in sensitive positions and wish to remain anonymous seek me out with knowledge they've acquired.

Before you ask - no I was not involved with Edward Snowden in any way and was unaware of his activities or what he did until I read about it like everyone else.

This is already too long and I apologize for taking up so much of your time. I consider the matter of what I wrote (even though it was both accurate and documented) to be closed.

We all have reputations and most everyone carefully guards theirs. I'm sure you highly value your reputation and I am no different with my reputation.

In rereading what I wrote about having assisted in putting a supposed LLMD in jail and ending her practice I could see where others might also reach the incorrect conclusion that I helped "go after" a valid LLMD convicting her on tax evasion.

I hope you understand I could not let that stand without it doing significant damage to my reputation.

I helped end the "career" of an individual I considered a criminal and, worse, someone who gave false hope to thousands suffering from Lyme disease. The legal system agreed with me and found both her and her husband guilty of felony charges.

If anything, I champion valid LLMDs and there REALLY should be more of them! But I also know of instances of infectious disease medical school professors advising students studying to be specialists in infectious diseases to "avoid Lyme disease or risk having your career unexpectedly cut short when you believe you are simple providing treatment for a disease that is becoming a full-scale epidemic".

That, to me, is a travesty of the first order.

Can the harassment LLMDs face be stopped? I hope so. I know I am doing all I can to see that happen. Unlike LLMDs who are threatened I have no medical license that can be taken from me!

I have willingly placed myself on the "front lines" of what is truly a battle. In my quest for data looking for clues to lessen the effects of Lyme disease. I heard and read stories that were beyond heart wrenching. I had contact with four individuals who committed suicide while I was trying to provide them any assistance possible I could.

In each case they came to me too late and I believe had already decided to end their lives before contacting me. I now REALLY know the signs of a possible suicide of a person suffering with LD. Losing four I also believe I identified over 30 who were close to suicide but are no longer suicidal and many are experiencing ever improving health. Those at the National Suicide Hotline know me. I contact them early but it often takes hours to trace someone to a particular address who is on e-mail.

I am NOT trained in suicide prevention and they have never asked for my assistance but I have managed to refer people to them such that they accept anything I say at face value and then work with individuals to "pull them back from the edge.

At the same time, if the individuals request it of me, I spend considerable time with each one guiding them through methods, diets, therapies, etc. I've used myself plus, as I mentioned earlier, have documented for others to read and try if they wish (always with the disclaimer "I am not a doctor and I only detail here what I've found helpful in my own struggle with LD").

We've probably both "covered enough ground" that anything else would begin to be repetitious.

Thank you for writing and as I always convey to others on the same never ending journey of Lyme disease, wherever you are in your own illness I wish you the best of luck and ever improving good health.

Best regards,

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So many people have taken either Samento or Allicin and I am pretty sure that a lot must also have tried them together.

I go easy on garlic products because of a potential detox issue for garlic, but I have been taking Samento for over 18 months and cats claw for a couple of months before that. It may help me to a degree with body pain, particularly muscular, but is certainly no cure. It has not helped my stomach problems either, so is not necessarily a good catch-all treatment for intestinal issues.

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having been through the various treatments for my family members over the years I would say that herbals like Allicin and Samento are good at finishing the job started by abx.

When my wife was sick 7 years ago she started off with maybe a year on various abx. After the abx she was still quite ill. That's when she turned to Dr.Zhang's Allicin, Buhner herbs, and many other herbals. She did a about 2+ years of herbals (not continuously) and they were a great speeding up recovery.

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Responding to ukcarry and yanivnaced:

Thank you to both of you! Lymenet continues to be my (by far) favorite Lyme disease (LD) information Web site. Such a large number of people on-line to begin with - someone is seemingly always going to have experience with almost any question asked!

Except for profanity and words (rants?) with other agendas in mind being rightfully removed by moderators, information is presented just as it is typed by members. The leaders of Lymenet have helped countless thousands and they continue to do so just by keeping this venue available. Thank you!

1. IMO, based on comments from a thousand plus others who responded to my many requests for their experiences with LD the effects from Bartonella and/or babesia can be as bad or worse(!) than effects of Lyme. Is there a way to learn for sure - I am not aware of one - but I lean toward one or both of the two "B's" as being the "culprit(s)" MORE than Lyme!

2. I took garlic tablets for years but noticed no improvement. But it did not upset my system. I will see if the garlic OIL of Allicin is any different.

3. I am 90% improved from my low BUT still have relatively minor body pain but mostly "fatigue and poor stamina". But then I am now 67 so perhaps some is just age and lack of exercise?

4. Re "herbals that speeded recovery" - would you share what those herbals are ranked by how much each "helps"? Dosage? time period? mixed with? - anything of help would be appreciated by me and I'm sure by many other who are reading this thread.

I've personally found little help from herbals in spite of taking at various times several hundred(!) herbals since circa 2000.

5. Re more than one in a family suffering from LD? I have recently read enough from "researchers" that LD CAN be transmitted via "body fluids" to now believe it. How many of your family has LD and any guess how each became infected?

6. So often being "politically correct"(?) medical "experts" tell us "someone infected with X cannot transmit their illness via contact with others and even via airborne".

Thousands of innocent hemophiliacs and others needing blood transfusions paid the "ultimate price" from circa 1980's blood transfusions being told "you cannot be infected with X by body fluid; particularly blood".

A scandal? I read the Red Cross had HIV/AIDS blood donors on a "special list" for a full three years before issuing instructions to NOT have HIV/AIDS donor blood in blood banks. I've repeatedly read this to where it may be true. Obviously too late to do anything now.

As an FYI many blood donor locations no longer accept blood from those with Lyme disease. I suspected as much and stopped donating blood as soon as I was diagnosed with LD.

I just checked using Google and some STATE Red Cross organizations are on written record (use Google yourself to confirm this) that they will not accept blood donations from those "who have ever had chronic Lyme disease. However, these individuals may again donate blood if proven they are now Lyme disease free" (which, as of now, IMO is not possible).

I recently lost a life-long friend whose life became a living nightmare as an invalid with extreme 24/7 pain and other medical issues. She received a blood transfusion during "routine" surgery circa 1982 - blood that was "tainted" but she was ASSURED "this blood is 100% safe".

She suffered for decades with death almost being an escape from her never ending "nightmare". I am ashamed of myself writing what I just wrote about death being a "relief" but I hope readers understand.

Government, hospitals, insurance companies, etc. etc. paying for her lengthy care then a large "settlement" after her death does not bring her back nor does it restore the years of joyful life with her family and friends that did not occur.

IMO, this is now "repeating" with Ebola with infection information having moved from "it is almost impossible to give Ebola to others" to "Ebola is highly infectious to others and remains active while airborne out to three feet".

I would not be surprised (I'm expecting it in fact) that the next info will quietly change to "much further than three feet" THEN we'll hear/read that Ebola can remain "active" on a surface, object etc. for an unlimited to an unknown amount of time".

Personally, I have witnessed "medical information" being affected by "PC" more and more to where I no longer have faith in information from "medical experts". To many, people are just numbers. THIS IS SO WRONG! To loved ones and acquaintances each "number" is a precious human life to be welcomed and protected.

I personally don't care that correct and full information medical information happens to poorly reflect on an issue, a group, etc. Until the world can again feel confident of the truth and accuracy of information being made public, I will remain suspect.

IMO a major and perfect example is the current situation with the 3/11/11 incident at Fukushima, Japan.

Other than what appears at all else from "media" is (IMO) filtered before being reported to the public. As an aside, ENENEWS has a free daily e-mail newsletter (I consider a "must read").

Will this travesty of what I consider to be a mix of censorship and propaganda ever cease? IMO, it continues to WORSEN with the public seemingly being told what those in power wish the public to "think and know". I REJECT ALL INTENTIONAL MIND MANIPULATION AND PROPAGANDA!

I now doubt and question virtually everything.

IMO, The world should not be as it has become!


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