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» LymeNet Flash » Questions and Discussion » Medical Questions » Handicapping Zika virus in moquitoes

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Author Topic: Handicapping Zika virus in moquitoes
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Zika virus. My parents, who live in Brazil, are speaking about it in the last months. Now it's even on CNN.

Many people are affected. Numbers are scary. Neurological diseases, handicapped children...

See the other video in CNN called VICTORIAN DISEASES RE-EMERGING.

Tuberculosis is spreading in GB, as well as other infectious diseases.

I had TB from the joints DURING LYME DISEASE many years ago (about 2007 or 2008). The only thing that stopped it was not antibiotics. I'm usually against it, but I even tried abx when all my treatments failed.

ABX failed too. My finger joints opened, and I could see a bone from one of the fingers!!

It was extremely painful and devastating. The worse infection I had, even worse than lyme, in terms of pain and hard-to-eliminate pathogen. Full body fever, weakness, and going downwards very fast.

What healed me in the end? A nosode from TB VACCINE. In fact, I took that vaccine for TB as a child in Brazil, and I suspect that dormant pathogen just woke up BECAUSE of lyme.

The only thing that healed me was to take TB vaccines in homeopathic doses: it put the exact strain that was antibiotic resistant to dormant. Nothing else worked.

Normal TB nosodes did not make anything to my infection. It didn't react to normal TB nosodes, only to that specific vaccine!!!

So you guess: had I not taken that vaccine as a child, it would probably not have made me so ill.

TB attacked me exactly when I was most vulnerable, after fighting lyme disease for years, with a weak body.


Anyway, as I said before: killing pathogen by pathogen is not the way out of diseases, unfortunately.

It WAS the way out when abx were discovered. Until the 80s abx were still working.

Today, the approach has to be systemic, holistic, and we have to deal with all the burdens that are in fact, damaging our immune system. It's not only the pathogens.

So many new pathogens are coming, and old ones coming back in support.

See the other CNN video (same link above) on the Kansas patient who died after a tick bite: organ failure, due to an unknown pathogen!!!

Too many bugs are showing up, merging their DNAs with themselves, and with our DNAs, going to the brain, to red blood cells, intra cellular...

Dr. K. says that Borrelia can even GO INSIDE white blood cells and stay undisturbed there! It goes inside the 'enemy' to live inside it, the safest place to be!!!

The only way out of lyme and other chronic infections is a thorough approach: diet, electrosmog avoidance, protection, organic food, taking off burden by burden, when possible.

If we had just one critter to fight, fine. The problem are the unknown critters, the new ones, and a multitude of simultaneously active infections. Most, we don't even suspect we have. How to fight these?

Even the ones we know about, we have difficulty finding efficient treatment.

What about what we even do not know we have?

Still not convinced you got to try energy testing?

Energy testing at least, can help you find Rife frequencies, herbs, abx, nosodes, drugs that help solve that unknown problem, without needing to identify the pathogen.

You can do the test yourself and see if your symptoms disappear. That is how I got convinced.

that is how I discovered many chinese herbs against babesia, bartonela, and how I did my combinations of herbs, cooking them more or less, until they were testing 'good enough' to fight my symptoms /infections.

Anyway, with or without energy tests, ultimately, with so many new bugs around, only our immune system can do a better protective function.

That is how I got saved from TB.

Dr. K. believes that some critters (like Borrelia itself) love a bit of toxins (lead, mercury, pesticides etc). They develop better on low level toxicity, he says.

You still believe the talk of doctors saying 'we find more sickness now because we have better diagnostic tools?'

Well, it is not the case for TB.

TB is an old story. Same as whooping cough. We had already means to find about these classic diseases in the past, and they are coming back!!!

I hate to scare people, but I sort of try to write some awful threads like this one, sometimes, so that perhaps, some people change their approach to a more holistic approach.

Killing only may give you some relief (which is great) but it is not a healing approach.

Give your body a chance, and it will help you more than any killing approach!!!

Posts: 6196 | From Brussels | Registered: Oct 2007  |  IP: Logged | Report this post to a Moderator
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great info Brussels thanks
Posts: 747 | From Utah | Registered: Apr 2010  |  IP: Logged | Report this post to a Moderator
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how will zika effect those with lyme?

do not look back when the only course is forward

Posts: 12262 | From texas | Registered: Mar 2007  |  IP: Logged | Report this post to a Moderator
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Wow fascinating you cured yourself with the vaccine! Homeopathics are truly amazing. No one could have convinced me a few years ago when I first got on Lymenet that they worked though. I thought it was nuts. Now I know better (I use them all the time).

Randibear, zika is just one more virus none of us needs. They all affect lyme making it harder on the immune system.

--Keep an open mind about everything. Also, remember to visit ACTIVISM (we can change things together).

Posts: 5418 | From earth | Registered: Mar 2011  |  IP: Logged | Report this post to a Moderator
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Very interesting indeed.
don't know what childhood diseases I had.
don't know what vaccines I had.
don't know if the vaccines I had "took" since I apparently have had an immune deficiency since birth.

Today I had an appt. with hematologist/oncologist. I had to check off childhood illnesses - ie mumps, chicken pox, measles. I left those boxes blank with a ? mark.
So this subject was on my mind today.

I sure wish I had a medical file from my childhood.

I remember the polio sugar cube?

In the 60's were all kids vaccinated against TB?
Was that the "under the skin" forearm area one?

Oh - am remembering - yes did have CPox vaccination - have the scar.... duh.

Now my immune system is shot (deficient/CVID) (I infuse donated antibodies ie IVIG).

Which begs the question:

Homeopathy "works" with one's immune system to heal the body. ? What if one has a compromised immune system?

What would happen: homeopathic remedy meets "aliens" in a person's body? "Aliens" being antibodies infused from blood donors' plasma. (IVIG). *

(Where do I come up with these lu-lu questions?)

*I asked on another thread - could these donated antibodies circulating in my body effect energy testing ie EAV/EDS? Make finding remedies that way difficult?

(I can envision the probe on my skin and the "hands" of the EDS machine going in circles 100 mph trying to "read" the "aliens" from 1000 blood donors).

Point: Folks on IVIG might not be able to do homeopathy?

(Pardon I am wired and tired - should probably delete this)

Also remembering from Peter Alex's book about possible relationship between tetanus vaccine and MS.

Pos.Bb culture 2012
Labcorp - no bands ever
Igenex - Neg. 4 times
With overall bands:
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Icon 1 posted      Profile for Brussels     Send New Private Message       Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote 
You can find out which vaccines (some of them, at least) through antibody tests. That is what they usually do to find out if you took a vaccine or not...

Homeopathy works in mysterious ways. It's an old 'science', based on empirical evidence, lists of thousands of cases, reactions etc.

Everyone with chronic lyme have deficient immune systems, or you can fight lyme easily (even if there are so many coinfections with it).

I just look around me, all these people being bitten and NOT falling sick. People dying in their 90s, with tick bites every year. That is here in Switzerland. Only a few fall sick.

It cannot be ONLY the tick and pathogens.

It's my experience with homeopathy that it does help with symptoms, and many problems, and heal things that chemicals and plants cannot.

But when the body is too weak, it cannot help A LOT. Adding photons to homeopathic treatments can help.

Posts: 6196 | From Brussels | Registered: Oct 2007  |  IP: Logged | Report this post to a Moderator

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