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» LymeNet Flash » Questions and Discussion » Medical Questions » cholestryramine and visual contrast test for neurotoxins

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Author Topic: cholestryramine and visual contrast test for neurotoxins
LymeNet Contributor
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Does anyone have any experience using cholestryramine for neuotoxins? We started our daughter on it about a week ago & I was wondering how quickly results might be seen.
She did the on-line visual-contrast test for neurotoxins last week which came out positive.

Her homebound teacher recently told me she had seen a considerable amount of deterioration in my daughter's fine motor skills,handwriting, etc. and a little in her cognitive skills. We have seen a lot of forgetfulness & moodiness & she has become increasingly accident prone. Can some of these trends actually be reversed or just stopped at their current level?

Any one with experience or knowledge - I appreciate your input!!!

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Some of the symptoms you have described could be caused by toxin in the blood stream.

I have a feeling that at least forgetfulnes should improve after this treatment.
Perhaps other symptoms as well.

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Tom Grier
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Bristol, the manufacturers of cholestyramine and the original patent holders maintain that cholestyramine is incapable of being absorbed through the gut into the bloodstream.

Therefore any toxins cholestyramine binds to, have to be bound inside the the GI tract and eliminated through the GI tract.

Cholestyramine cannot travel to the brain or other tissues. Its domain is from the mouth to the rectum.

I know cholestyramine is talked about as binding to toxins, but has anyone done binding affinity studies to know that these toxins are actually bound and eliminated by cholestyramine? And what are the Bb toxins. For all the talk about Bb toxins have any been detected in Lyme patients?

Has anyone done before and after assays in any animal model to see that specific Bb toxins are actually reduced?

Of course to do this you have to know what toxin you are dealing with, and have an assay that looks specifically for that toxin and not just measure visual accuity and say that eye test results are the same thing as measuring actual levels of neurotoxins.

Talk to Dr. Melvin P Hayes PhD about what it takes to measure and assay toxins in Lyme patients. He's written 40 page articles in the journal BRAIN based on real science. And it is those kind of protocols we need to employ before we banter aroud phrases like: "Cholestyramine reduces neurotoxins."

Maybe but just like math class you have to show your work.

So what are the toxins Borrelia produces?

If these toxins are produced by Bb and get to the brain, how does a medicine that never leaves the intestines bind to toxins in the brain?

People who are making a lot of money from eye tests have made extraordinary claims but have offered little no real science to back up claims about toxins. Theories and belief systems are not the same as science nor proof. Neither are anecdotal accounts by people who have done this treatment and yet are still seeking out a dozen other cures or selling a dozen other cures. TG

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Great point Tom
If these toxins are produced by Bb and get to the brain, how does a medicine that never leaves the intestines bind to toxins in the brain?

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This is one of the rare instances I respectfully disagree with you Tom.

Existence of the Bb toxin is to a sufficient extent confirmed indirectly or clinically to be discussed on this board.

There are problems with good lab tests for biological toxins such as venoms of snakes and spiders. Yet, they do exist, but we believe in them on the basis of skin bite marks and personal accounts. With Bb we are less lucky as there is no bite marks.

The Bb venom is likely a very complex chemical compound (phospholipids) and we have to yet wait for a test proving directly its existence or description of its chemical structure.

There is nothing wrong, however, to use the concept of neurotoxin at present when designing treatment or interpreting symptoms.

In my interpretation of Lyme disease, Bb toxin is present in blood stream. Also, biotoxin is present in tissue directly adjacent to tissue cysts getting out through diffusion process.

The blood stream fraction can be picked up by the liver and bind with cholestyramine.

I also wish that science would do more work in this field.

Perhaps I will exchange with you some emails on the subject when I have more time.
Today I unfortunately have to disappear from this forum.

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A study on CSM binding to toxins: &volume=062&issue=12&page=1461

Neurotoxins are not just in the brain. They are everywhere. They are bad for the brain.

The toxins are filtered and released by the liver and the gallbladder as part of the bile acids. Bile acids are recycled up to 20 times. Binding bile acids along with their toxins prevents this reabsorption.

Hope this helps,


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Tom Grier
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I have read the bile acid abstracts and studies such as was posted here from the steemed "Journal of Food Protection", and in almost every case as in this one they are dealing with known toxins from an exogenous source and placed inside the GI tract of the test subject. (In other words rats swallowed poison from a fungus followed directly 1-3 hours later by cholestyramine)

Let's repeat that same experiment using IV administration of the toxin and or a Borrelia toxin into the brain of the rats and see what the reduction of serum toxins is from bile acid recirculation and cholestyramine binding?

( Journal of Food Protection: Vol. 62, No. 12, pp. 1461-1465. )

Let's compare cholestyramine to a similar therapy used by poison control centers nationwide. Activated Charcoal.

Activated charcoal will decrease plasma levels of toxin from increasing by absorption, binding and elimination. But oral consumption of charcoal won't affect toxins already being produced within the brain. That is what I am saying about this proposed mechanism of cholestyramine. The studies sited here and elsewhere are GI studies not brain studies.

In the abstract that follows:

Cholestyramine binding to an orally ingested mycotoxin and is not the same thing as saying it binds to neurotoxins inside the brain. Or reduces those toxins because they recirculate in the bile.

Cholestyramine may have some positive benefits in many ways but proving to me that endogenous neurotoxins are bound and eliminated from the bile requires recovering those toxins bound to cholestyramine and or an assay that shows a pretreatment level and post treatment reduction of those specified toxins in the brain.

All I am saying is that these studies haven't been done and need to be done.

The proposed mechanism of action of cholestyramine doesn't convince me it is true and the sited GI tract studies done on rats taking oral mycotoxins offer little resolution to shedding light on this subject.


Journal of Food Protection: Vol. 62, No. 12, pp. 1461-1465.

We have shown that the addition of cholestyramine (CHA, a resin known to bind bile salts in the gastrointestinal tract) to ochratoxin A (OTA)-contaminated rat diets reduced plasma levels of the toxin and prevented OTA-induced nephrotoxicity. To elucidate the mechanism of action of CHA, we carried out in vitro experiments to determine whether the resin may bind the toxin. For comparative purposes, binding of bile salts to the resin was also examined. Results showed that CHA binds both OTA and bile salts (taurodeoxycholate [TDC] and taurocholate [TCA]). Also, CHA showed greater affinity for OTA and TDC than for TCA. At 1 mM concentration, 96% of OTA and 80% of TDC were bound to the resin, while for TCA binding was only 50%. However, saturation of the resin was reached at higher levels with bile acids compared to OTA (3.67 mmol/g resin for TCA and 3.71 mmol/g resin for TDC versus 2.85 mmol/g resin for OTA). To characterize the nature of the binding of the toxin to CHA, NaCl (0 to 200 mM) was added to a fixed amount of OTA or bile acids. As expected, TCA absorption was decreased by the addition of NaCl (<50 mM), indicating electrostatic binding. However, OTA and TDC sorption was decreased only at high concentrations of NaCl (>150 mM), suggesting a stronger binding to the resin than that shown with TCA. Sequential competitive studies demonstrated that CHA binds more OTA than TCA. The results of the in vivo study show the role of bile salts in OTA absorption. The toxin's plasma levels at 1 and 3 h after a single oral dose of OTA were significantly decreased in bile salt-depleted rats compared to the control. Thus, the alteration of the bile salt biliary pool and OTA enterohepatic circulation may be an additional mechanism of action of the resin against mycotoxin toxicity.

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LymeNet Contributor
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UP - still confused
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Unfortunately we are not just dealing with neurotoxins of the Bb. But we are dealing with thousands of neurotoxins, and if I had the guts I would add a couple more zeroes onto that number. We are producing hundreds of thousands of new chemicals each year - which ones gives you the brainfog or
paralyzes you and/or stops your organs producing what you need - that is another question.

The Shoemaker test is another good tool to diagnose that neurotoxins are involved. It does not tell which neurotoxins are the culprits.

Cholestyramine works nicely for some people; while it is not tolerated by others. There are many other agents available to help "mop" up.

Everything we did along those lines, got both my husband and me closer to wellness. We are both well today. Thankfully our doctor just doesn't have the patience to wait for a few more studies because the patients are hurting right now and need help.

Here is a copy of a lecture on neurotoxins by our physician:

This lecture was presented by Dietrich Klinghardt M.D., Ph.D. at the Jean Piaget Department at the University of Geneva, Switzerland Oct.2002 to physicians and dentists from Europe, Israel, several Arab countries and Asia

What are Neurotoxins?

Neurotoxins are substances attracted to the mammalian nervous system. They are absorbed by nerve endings and travel inside the neuron to the cell body. On their way they distrupt vital functions of the nerve cell, such as axonal transport of nutrients, mitochondrial respiration and proper DNAtranscription. The body is constantly trying to eliminate neurotoxins via the available exit routes: the liver, kidney, skin and exhaled air.

Detox mechanisms include acetylation, sulfation, glucuronidation, oxidation and others. The liver is most important in these processes. Here most elimination products are expelled with the bile into the small intestine and should leave the body via the digestive tract.

However, because of the lipophilic/neurotropic nature of the neurotoxins, most are reabsorbed by the abundant nerve endings of the enteric nervous system (ENS) in the intestinal wall. The ENS has more neurons than the spinal chord. From the moment of mucosal uptake the toxins can potentially take 4 different paths:

1. neuronal uptake and via axonal transport to the spinal chord (sympathetic neurons) or brainstem (parasympathetics) - from here back to the brain.

2. Venous uptake and via the portal vein back to the liver

3. Lymphatic uptake and via the thoracic duct to the subclavian vein

4. Uptake by bowel bacteria and tissues of the intestinal tract

Here is an i n c o m p l e t e list of common neurotoxins in order of importance:

(i) Heavy metals: such as mercury, lead, cadmium and aluminium.

(ii) Biotoxins: such as tetanus toxin, botulinum toxin (botox), ascaridin (from intestinal parasites), unspecified toxins from streptococci, staphylococci, lyme disease, clamydia, tuberculosis, fungal toxins and toxins produced by viruses. Biotoxins are minute molecules (200-1000 kilodaltons) containing nitrogen and sulfur. They belong to a group of chemical messengers which microorganisms use to control the hosts immune system, host behaviour and the hosts eating habits.

(iii) Xenobiotics (man-made environmental toxins): such as dioxin, formaldehyde, insecticides, wood preservatives, PCBs etc.

(iv) Food Preservatives, excitotoxins and cosmetics: such as aspartame (diet sweeteners) food colourings, flouride, methyl-and propyl-paraben, etc.

I have found that mercury in its different chemical forms has a synergistic amplifying effect with all other neurotoxins. When mercury is removed, the body starts to more effectively eliminate all other neurotoxins, even if they are not adressed.

What are the symptoms?

Any illness can be caused by, or contributed to, or exagerated by neurotoxins. Fatigue, depression, insomnia, memory loss and blunting of the senses are common early symptoms (see list of mercury related symptoms on the following pages).

How is the diagnosis established?

1. History of Exposure: (Did you ever have any amalgam fillings? A tick bite? etc)

2. Symptoms: (How is your short term memory? Do you have areas of numbness, strange sensations,etc)

3. Laboratory Testing: (Metals: hair, stool, serum, whole blood, urine analysis, xenobiotics: fatty tissue biopsy, urine)

4. Autonomic Response Testing: (Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt M.D., Ph.D.)

5. BioEnergetic Testing (EAV,
kinesiology etc.)

6. Response to Therapeutic Trial

7. Functional Acuity Contrast Test (measure of Retinal Blood Flow)


Why would we want to treat anyone at all? Is it really needed? Can the body not eliminate these toxins naturally on its own?

Here is a short list of independent risk factors which can either cause accumulation of metals in an otherwise healthy body - or slow down, or inhibit the bodys own elimination processes.

occupational exposure to toxic material
prior illnesses
surgical operations
medication or recreational drug use
emotional trauma, especially in eary childhood
social status
high carbohydrate intake combined with protein malnutrition (especially in vegetarians)
use of homeopathic mercury
food allergies
the patients electromagnetic environment (mobile phone use, home close to power lines etc)
compromise of head/neck lymphatic drainage (sinusitis, tonsil ectomy scars, poor dental occusion)
number of dental amalgam fillings over the patients life-time, number of the patients mothers amalgam fillings

We will discuss here only those elimination agents, which are natural, safe and have also been shown to be as effective (or more effective) than the few available pharmaceuticals. Because these products cannot be patented and exploited for unethical personal gain, little attention has been given to them by European or North American medical researchers.

Many of the best scientific studies on this topic are from Asian countries.

The basic program:

High protein, mineral, fatty acid and fluid intake
proteins provide the important precursors to the endogenous metal detox and shuttle agents, such as coeruloplasmin, metallothioneine, glutathione and others. The branched-chain amino acids in cow and goat whey have valuable independent detox effects.
Metals attach themselves only in places that are programmed for attachment of metal ions. Mineral deficiency provides the opportunity for toxic metals to attach themselves to vacant binding sites. A healthy mineral base is a prerequisite for all metal detox attempts (selenium, zinc, manganese, germanium, molybdenum etc.). Substituting minerals can detoxify the body by itself. Just as important are electrolytes (sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium), which help to transport toxic waste across the extracellular space towards the lymphatic and venous vessels.

Lipids (made from fatty acids) make up 60-80 % of the central nervous system and need to be constantly replenished. Deficiency makes the nervous system vulnerabe to the fat soluble metals, such as metallic mercury constantly escaping as odorless and invisible vapour evapourating from the amalgam fillings.

Without enough fluid intake the kidneys may become contaminated with metals. The basal membranes swell up and the kidneys can no longer efficiently filtrate toxins. Adding a balanced electrolyte solution in small amounts to water helps to restore intra-and extracellular fluid balance

Cilantro (chinese parsley)
This kitchen herb is capable of mobilizing mercury, cadmium, lead and aluminum in both bones and the central nervous system. It is probably the only effective agent in mobilizing mercury stored in the inracellular space (attached to mitochondria, tubulin, liposomes etc) and in the nucleus of the cell (reversing DNA damage of mercury). Because cilantro mobilizes more toxins then it can carry out of the body, it may flood the connective tissue (where the nerves reside) with metals, that were previously stored in safer hiding places. This process is called re-toxification. It can easily be avoided by simultaneously giving an intestinal toxin-absorbing agent. Our definite choice is the algal organism chlorella. A recent animal study demonstrated rapid removal of aluminum from the skeleton superior to any known other detox agent.

Dosage and application of cilantro tincture: give 2 drops 2 times /day in the
beginning, taken just before a meal or 30 minutes after taking chlorella (cilantro causes the gallbadder to dump bile - containing the excreted neurotoxins - into the small intestine. The bile-release occurs naturally as we are eating and is much enhanced by cilantro.

If no chlorella is taken, most neurotoxins are reabsorbed on the way down the small intestine by the abundant nerve endings of the enteric nervous system). Gradually increase dose to 10 drops 3 times/day for full benefit. During the initial phase of the detox cilantro should be given 1 week on, 2 -3 weeks off.

Other ways of taking cilantro: rub 5 drops twice/day into ankles for mobilization of metals in all organs, joints and structures below the diaphragm, and into the wrists for organs, joints and structures above the diaphragm. The wrists have dense autonomic innervation (axonal uptake of cilantro) and are crossed by the main lymphatic channels (lymphatic uptake).

Cilantro tea: use 10 to 20 drops in cup of hot water. Sip slowly. Clears the brain quickly of many neurotoxins. Good for headaches and other acute syptoms (joint pains, angina, headache): rub 10 -15 drops into painful area. Often achieves almost instant pain relief.

Both C.pyreneidosa (better absorption of toxins, but harder to digest) and C.vulgaris (higher CGF content - see below, easier to digest, less metal absorbing capability) are available. Chlorella has multiple health inducing effects:

Antiviral (especially effective against the cytomegaly virus from the herpes family)
Toxin binding (mucopolysaccharide membrane)
all known toxic metals, environmental toxins such as dioxin and others
Repairs and activates the bodys detoxification functions:
Dramatically increases reduced glutathion,
Sporopollein is as effective as cholestyramin in binding neurotoxins and more effective in binding toxic metals then any other natural substance found.
Various peptides restore coeruloplasmin and metallothioneine,
Lipids (12.4 %) alpha-and gamma-linoleic acid help to balance the increased intake of fish oil during our detox program and are necessary for a multitude of functions, including formation of ther peroxisomes.
Methyl-cobalamin is food for the nervous system, restores damaged neurons and has ist own detoxifying efect.

Chlorella growth factor helps the body detoxify itself in a yet not understood profound way. It appears that over millions of years chlorella has developed specific detoxifying proteins and peptides for every existing toxic metal.
The porphyrins in chlorophyl have their own strong metal binding effect. Chlorophyll also activates the PPAR-receptor on the nucleus of the cell which is responsible for the transcription of Dna and coding the formation of the peroxisomes (see fish oil), opening of the cell wall (unknown mechanism) which is necessary for all detox procedures, normalizes insulin resistance and much more.

Medical drugs that activate the PPAR receptor (such as pioglitazone) have been effective in the treatment of breast and prostate cancer.

Super nutrient: 50-60% aminoacid content, ideal nutrient for vegetarians, methylcobolamin - the most easily absorbed and utilized form of B12, B6, minerals, chlorophyll, beta carotene etc.
Immune system strengthening
Restores bowel flora
Digestive aid (bulking agent)
Alkalinizing agent (important for patients with malignancies)

Dosage: start with 1 gram (=4 tabl) 3-4 times/day. This is the standard maintainance dosage for grown ups for the 6-24 months of active detox. During the more active phase of the detox (every 2-4 weeks for 1 week), whenever cilantro is given, the dose can be increased to 3 grams 3-4 times per day (1 week on, 2-4 weeks back down to the maintainance dosage). Take 30 minutes before the main meals and at bedtime. This way chlorella is exactly in that portion of the small intestine where the bile squirts into the gut at the beginning of the meal, carrying with it toxic metals and other toxic waste. These are bound by the chlorella cell wall and carried out via the digestive tract.

When amalgam fillings are removed, the higher dose should be given for 2 days before and 2-5 days after the procedure (the more fillings are removed, the longer the higher dose should be given). No cilantro should be given around the time of dental work. During this time we do not want to moblize deeply stored metals in addition to the expected new exposure.

If you take Vitamin C during your detox program, take it as far away from Chlorella as possible (best after meals).
Side effects: most side effects reflect the toxic effect of the mobilized metals which are shuttled through the organism. This problem is instantly avoided by significantly increasing the chlorella dosage, not by reducing it, which would worsen the problem (small chlorella doses mobilize more metals then are bound in the gut, large chlorella doses bind more toxins then are mobilized).

people have problems digesting the cell membrane of chlorella. The enzyme cellulase resolves this problem. Cellulase is available in many health food stores in digestive enzyme products. Taking chlorella together with food also helps in some cases, even though it is less effective that way. C.vulgaris has a thinner cell wall and is better toerated by people with digestive problems.

Some manufactures have created cell wall free chlorella extracts (NDF, PCA) which are very expensive, less effective - but easily absorbed.

Chlorella growth factor

This is a heat extract from chlorella that concentrates certain peptides, proteins and other ingredients. The research on CGF shows that children develop no tooth decay and their dentition (maxillary-facial development) is near perfect. There are less illnesses and children grow earlier to a larger size with higher I.Q and are socially more skilled. There are case reports of patients with dramatic tumor remissions after taking CGF in higher amounts. In our experience, CGF makes the detox experience for the patient much easier, shorter and more effective.

Recommended dosage: 1 cap. CGF for each 20 tabl.chlorella

Garlic (allium sativum) and wild garlic (allium ursinum)
Garlic has been shown to protect the white and red blood cells from oxidative damage, caused by metals in the blood stream - on their way out - and also has ist own valid detoxification functions. Garlic contains numerous sulphur components, including the most valuable sulph-hydryl groups which oxidize mercury, cadmium and lead and make these metals water soluble. This makes it easy for the organism to excrete these subastances. Garlic also contains alliin whis is enzymatically transformed into allicin, natures most potent antimicrobial agent.

Metal toxic patients almost always suffer from secondary infections, which are often responsible for part of the symptoms. Garlic also contains the most important mineral which protects from mercury toxicity, bio active selenium. Most selemium products are poorly absorbable and do not reach those body compartments in need for it. Garlic selenium is the most beneficial natural bioavailable source. Garlic is also protectice for against heart disease and cancer.

The half life of allicin (after crushing garlic) is less then 14 days. Most commercial garlic products have no allicin releasing potential left. This distinguishes freeze dried garlic from all other products. Bear garlic tincture is excellent for use in detox, but less effective as antimicrobial agent.

Dosage: 1-3 capsules freeze dried garlic after each meal. Start with 1 capsule after the main meal per day, slowly increase to the higher dosage. Initially the patient may experience die-off reactions (from killing pathogenic fungal or bacterial organisms). Use 5-10 drops bear-garlic on food at least 3 times per day.

Fish oil:
The fatty acid complexes EPA and DHA in fish oil make the red and white blood cells more flexible thus improving the microcirculation of the brain, heart and other tissues. All detoxification functions depend on optimal oxygen delivery and blood flow. EPA and DHA protect the brain from viral infections and are needed for the development of intelligence and eye-sight. The most vital cell organelle for detoxification is the peroxisome. These small structures are also responsible for the specific job each cell has: in the pineal gland the meltonin is produced in the peroxisome, in the neurons dopamine and norepinephrine, etc. It is here, where mercury and other toxic metal attach and disable the cell from doing its work.

Other researchers have focussed on the mitochondria and other cellorganelles, which in our experience are damaged much later. The cell is constantly trying to make new peroxisomes to replace the damaged ones- for that task it needs an abundance of fatty acids, especially EPA and DHA. Until recently it was believed, that the body can manufacture ist own EPA/DHA from other Omega 3 fatty acids such as fish oil. Today we know, that this process is slow and cannot keep up with the enormous demand for EPA/DHA our systems have in todays toxic environment.

Fish oil is now considered an essential nutrient, even for vegetarians. Recent research also revealed, that the transformation humans underwent when apes became intelligent and turned into humans happened only in coastal regions, where the apes started to consume large amounts of fish. Why not benefit from that knowledge and consume more fish oil?

The fatty acids in fish oil are very sensitive to exposure to electromagnetic fields, temperature, light and various aspects of handling and processing. Trans fatty acids, long chain fatty acids, renegade fats and other oxydation products and contaminants are frequently found in most commercial products. Ideally, fish oil should be kept in an uninterrupted cooling chain until it ends up in the patients fridge. The fish-source should be mercury and contaminant free, which is becoming harder and harder. Fish oil should taste slightly fishy but not too much. If there is no fish taste, too much processing and manipulation has destroyed the vitality of the oil. If it tastes too fishy, oxydation products are present. I recommend to use the product recommended below (grade I), where meticulous care has been taken to comply with all the necessary parameters. The clinical results are outstanding.

Dosage: 1 capsule Omega 3 taken 4 times/day during the active phase of treatment, 1 caps. twice/day for maintainance
Best if taken together with chlorella
The VegiPearls contain half the amount of EPA/DHA. The vegetarian capsules eliminate even the most remote possibility of containing prions and make the idea of taking fish oil more easily acceptable for vegetarians.

Recently a fatty acid receptor has been discovred on the tongue, joining the other more known taste receptors. If the capsules are chewed, the stomach and pancreas start to prepare the digestive tract in exactly the right way to prepare for maximum absorption. Children love chewing the VegiPearls.

To treat bipolar depression, post partum depression and other forms of mental disease, 2000 mg of EPA are needed/day (David Horrobin). For the modulation of malignancies, 120 mg of EPA 4 times/day are needed. The calculations can easily be done with the information given on the label.

Balanced electolyte solution (Selectrolyte)
The autonomic nervous system in most toxic patients is dysfunctional. Electric messages in the organism are not received, are misunderstood or misinterpreted. Toxins cannot be shuttled through the extracellular space. Increased intake of natural ocean salt (celtic sea salt) - and avoidance of regular table salt - has been found to be very effective in resolving some of these problems. Most effective is a solution pioneered by the American chemist Ketkovsky. He created the formula for the most effective electrolyte. I recommend this to all my patients and have observed, that every aspect of the detoxification process seems to be enhanced. (Biopure)

5 % of the population is sodium or chloride sensitive - the blood pressure goes up (easily reversible). In these patients the detox process takes longer and is more difficult.

Dosage: 1 tsp in a cup of good water 1-3 times/day During times of greater stress the dosage can be temporarily increased to 1 tbsp 3 times/day

More agressive approaches, such as i.v Glutathione, Vit.C, DMPS, CaEDTA and others have a place in reasonably healthy people but often worsen the condition in patients with advanced illness.
Most valuable is the addition of psychotherapeutic interventions such as applied psychoneurobiology (APN) and mental field therapy (MFT) to trigger the release of toxins from their hiding places.

Chlorella, cilantro, garlic-products and fatty acids vary greatly in quality and nutrient content, also in content of contaminants. I no longer recommend BioReurella and other products that have not undergone or passed our quality control screening process.

Heavy metal detox has to be done carefully and right!

October 2002
Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD
Bellevue, Washington, USA

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It is clear to me so far. What is you don't understand?
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In answer to that last question, I guess I am still in need of a little convincing of the accuracy of the visual contrast test.

And what are the chances that an actual reversal of symptoms can take place? It has been suggested to us by several doctors that her continued fever (2-3 years) may be caused by dysautonomia - a disfunction of the autonomic nervous system. I would like to think that there is hope that she will actually get better, not just eliminate worsening. She has always been extremely bright, but we are seeing a dip in grades and ability to focus which is very concerning. Her coordination is also declining somewhat. I was always under the impression that injury to the brain or nervous system was pretty much irreversible, but I have more recently come across items in my lyme research that indicates otherwise.

Any thoughts?
I appreciate all the thoughtful responses I have received!!!
Thank You!!

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I also don't believe it is an accurate test, but there is nothing better at the time.
It is just an approximation of toxin level perhaps quite inaccurate.

The test is of course not approved by FDA.

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The stuff actually helped my itching arms and burning feet almost immediately.

However, like many good concepts, it got WAAAAAY oversold.

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I think I read somewhere Dr. S said some Lyme patients will show abnormal results on the VCS, and some won't. If you need more info, do some of the blood tests he uses (blood tests are hard for kids, of course).

His new book "Mold Warriors" is out, and lists his protocol in the back, as well as all the blood tests he uses (which are also on the web site, I think,

Charlie, if it clearly helped with your burning feet I don't know how it could be oversold. Wouldn't the alternatives with any other doctor be toxic symptom suppressors like Neurontin, Topamax, etc.? Now THAT garbage is oversold.

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True. But what I was referring to was using a short course of abx then concentrating on toxin removal. In most cases I know of that's a relapse waiting to happen.

Neurontin helped me too but that's pretty hard to take for a lot of us. I'm lucky in that I can easily tolerate most meds.

I'm also not sold on the mold stuff, coming from the sticky gulf coast but then that's just me.

The oversold thing is JMO....I don't think CSM is any sort of panacea....but it is useful.


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All I can tell you is that the first time I saw my LLMD, he had me take a visual acuity test. I flunked badly.

It wasn't a surprise to me, because I had been having increasing vision problems with one of my eyes. It also ached. In fact that whole side of my head ached. I also was very light and sound sensitive.

He had me take cholestyramine for several months, in addition to a certain brand of detox foot pads. He also had me take a low dose of lithium, which I am still taking. As I recall, the low dose of lithium was to protect my brain from the neurotoxins.

Today, I have no more pain in my eye. I still have a small amount of pain on one side of my head, but it is much better. Lights and sound don't have nearly as bad impact on me. That part is almost normal.

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