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» LymeNet Flash » Questions and Discussion » Medical Questions » son having cardio symptoms!!

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Author Topic: son having cardio symptoms!!
LymeNet Contributor
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My 14 year old son has been having chest pain and lightheadedness for a few weeks. I took him to the doctor on Friday and he diagnosed a right bundle branch block and he now has an appointment with a peds cardiologist next week.

His older sister has Lyme. I am at the point of freaking out now because I suspect that his symptoms could also be from Lyme. Over the July 4th weekend, he played in his friend's yard and came home saying "Wow! Justin's yard is CRAWLING with ticks!"

Can his symtoms be caused by LD?? I am steeling myself up, physically, mentally and financially for another nauseating go round of tests for him.

I know I should take him to his sister's LLMD...and just need the support of you guys for the horrendous financial hit (unpaid time off work as it is an hour away, out of network insurance issues, fear of actually filing with the ins co because they might refuse to cover any prescriptions)

However, if it seems that his symptoms COULD be Lyme related...I would not hesitate to take the plunge.

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Dear Elle,

First of all, my prayers and thoughts go to you and your son.

Glad you caught this.

I am starting to wonder what symptoms/problems that Lyme can't cause.

I think I would at least pursue a Western Blot and possibly a visit with a LLMD just to be sure.

Please keep us posted.



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Hi elle,

I'm sorry your son is having problems. What kind of doctor diagnosed the bundle branch block? Do you know if that's a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd degree heart block? Definately could be a Lyme/coinfection symptom.

You might want to call your daughter's LLMD and see what his recommendations are. ...maybe a trial of antibiotics followed by a Western blot test by Igenex.

Give him supplements now to boost his immune system and support his gut health.

My 16 year old son has been dealing with pain, a thumping heart, and near fainting for almost a year. LLMD believes it's all Lyme/coinfection related and gives a great prognosis.

Son only recently told me of the chest pain...after hearing how people were concerned about a lady at church having heart pain. I'm glad he told me!

I don't know if you have a yearly deductible, but if so, you may want to get him into the LLMD before the end of the year to save money.

Also, if travel is too hard physically/financially, look into a medical mercy flight, such as Angel Flight. transportation from the airport nearest you to the one nearest your must qualify financially and with medical need (no local treatment of evaluation available).

I have been blessed with 2 flights to Pennsylvania, and one to North Carolina. NC is only a 6 hour drive, but too much physically and financially for me.

Angel Flight found a willing pilot for the NC trip, but the plane didn't cooperate...mechanical problem.

Hopefully your son's PCP or pediatrician will give him a referral to Angel Flight for an evaluation by your LLMD.

Melanie Reber posted financial help links...I think they are in the newbie links pages. Angel Flight is one of many medical mercy organizations.

Mom of 5 Lymies, ages 3, 5, 11, 14, and 16

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I'm sorry you are now worrying about your son's health with a daughter also caught in this nightmare. I hope you get some answers from the peds cardio. If you are still in doubt, thank goodness you know and use a LLMD.

Might want to go ahead and schedule it anyway.
Have him keep a daily log of every little thing odd feeling until you guys get a dx.


"Never, never, never, never, never give up" Winston Churchill

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You guys are great. I am definately going to run this by my daughter's LLMD--Dr S. It just oiccurred to me that my son was on abx for a sinus infection when all the chest pain started...I assumed the pain was the infection getting into his chest...thus the visit to our PMD on Friday...but now that I think about it, the poor guy may be herxing...

I will keep everyone informed...

Not sure what degree heart block it is...the PMD ran an EKG in his office and compared the strip to the one he ran at his physical last Spring. He was concerned enough to make the cardio referral. He is, however, NOT Lyme friendly...still sees my daughter as a Psych I didnt even ask him about Lyme as a possibility...

I again so appreciate all your support. My heart goes out to everyone here especially the Moms and those with multiple sick kiddos. This is a nightmare lived one family at a time, Thank God for this site.


Posts: 217 | From New Jersey | Registered: Apr 2007  |  IP: Logged | Report this post to a Moderator

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I think he probably has Lyme, but given your whole family has it, I would seriously consider measuring the EMF levels in your home and at your son's school (if possible).

The last 3 houses on my street are filled with chronically ill people, and we have above ground wires and a transformer close by, not to mention a zillion cell phone towers. And since I have no job, I stay.

Google 'electromagnetic hypersensitivity' or 'electrical sensitivity'.

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We had a support group member with a bundle branch block but she has not had problems from it at all- I haven't heard her mention it in years- 8 years- as issue!!!! I think she had it get betetr or something- I don't know- I could call and ask if you want!! So that's good!!!
She got into full remission but recently relapsed with babs-

My daughter sees a ped cardiologist since LD, even still, been in remission 6+ years, sees him yearly to do an ultrasound and make sure it's all okay- just MVP which I also developed with Lyme- and I see cardiologist since it came too-
we also both had Babs-

Babs can be heart too!!

Pediatric cardiologists- yikes- I know the weeks BEFORE my daughetrs first visit were SO SCARY-

her other doc- pediatrician- had used the phrase-
"if she turns blue- " I was like, WHAT!! And kept watching her skin all week very worriedly- checking her fingers by holding her hand and pretending to read her palm- just SCARED to death- awake at night, "my baby, my baby-!" She is fine. Her MVP was worse and improved with Mepron!!!! ALmost normal- just goes to ped card to make sure nothing changes!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope he is okay!!!!

There is no wealth but life.
-John Ruskin

All truth goes through 3 stages: first it is ridiculed: then it is violently opposed: finally it is accepted as self evident. - Schopenhauer

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