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» LymeNet Flash » Questions and Discussion » Medical Questions » my suggestion for tackling wormser and others..

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Author Topic: my suggestion for tackling wormser and others..
polar blast
LymeNet Contributor
Member # 9142

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it is clear that we need to come together and change what is going on. we cant use this chat room for in depth lyme disease discussion anymore. we need to make support groups in all areas of the united states that when called for a meeting then there would be the patients and a head of the support group who is a delegate for there state. that delegate is in charge of meeting with all other delegates of all other states to discuss in depth...who has lyme?who is a troll? what is the current treatment? and this is to get a better understanding of who we are dealing in my opinion...







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you have got that right! i'm proof! [cussing] [puke] [tsk] [toilet]
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The reason that Wormser and Company can say what they want is

because there simply is not enuff research being done and the

lyme tests are diagnostic and lousy.

Without clincal trials, research and activism the ISDA will always

win. We know we are chronically ill, but we simply have no

scientific proof.

Until someone comes up with a test, that definatively find ketes

in you body, we won't win the argument. Until that time

wormser will continue to stick his head in the sand cause we

have no hard science to prove the bugs are still in us.

That being said, how we get the awareness and funding, that

say Autism gets? Thats a biggy right now, and prolly related to


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polar blast
LymeNet Contributor
Member # 9142

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absense of proof is NOT proof of absense!!!it is like the fire dept not responding because it has no proof there is a fire!!messed up...
Posts: 593 | From long island ny | Registered: Apr 2006  |  IP: Logged | Report this post to a Moderator

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If you read wormsers paper on chronic lyme all his viewpoints are based on science, if he had lyme himself he would maybe be a bit more open minded, but he doesn't, so all he has to go by is clinical studies which are few and far between.

Based on the posters on the board, it certainly appears that chronic lyme exists, but how many can even produce a positive PCR test?

One group, I think lymefriends raised money for research, all they got was 100,000 dollars, thats peanuts and a joke.

The company I work for only has 1000 employees and raises a half million dollars a year for the United Way, why, cause the united way is known, they send representives to our company to explain what our donations are going too and how they are using our money to help people.

I am not activist, I don't throw partys, I go and stand in the corner. But its gonna take money to shut up wormser and unfortunately this disease takes the fight outta people cause
there is very little activism going on.


The ISDA are doctors, most doctors are robots, they don't speculate they simply respond to scientifc proof, and no one providing is that, Spock on StarTrek would have the same view of chronic lyme as Wormser.

ILADS is simply too small and underfunded. thats why we are all being swept under the rug.

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LymeNet Contributor
Member # 13649

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Plenty of studies have been done proving lyme still exists, IDSA simply ignores them. These are all studies that prove the persistence of infection, Wormser was even involved in one of the older studies, but since he was bribed by insurance companies he has ignored the research even he conducted.

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Posts: 499 | From Indiana | Registered: Oct 2007  |  IP: Logged | Report this post to a Moderator

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Nice list, the most recent paper is 9 years old, thats what I am illustrating, none of the research is progressing. So why would the IDSA change their viewpoint??

The IDSA and Insurance company are not our enemys, what does a insurance company have to gain by paying for a lifetime of pain medicine for someone misdiagnosed with fibromyalgia?
Research and Proof, I am sorry but simply being chronically ill is not good enuff.

Proving lyme chronic is is step 1, finding a cure is step 2, cause oral abx can only put lyme in temporary remission if your lucky.
Do you ever look at peoples signatures and the meds they have been on, for years, and they're still here sick??? WHY? They are finding LLMDs that disagree with Wormser and getting treated long term with abx but they still aint getting well. So what makes Wormser so wrong? The only thing he's wrong about is the chronic part, the use of long term abx, he isn't too off the mark there unless every one gets long term IV rhocepherin, and even people that get that relapse!

Go on the research page ILADS, your are lucky to find 10 papers and not one written in 2009, its june the year is half over ,they are ineffective in raising awareness, getting research funded or doing any decent research.

Wormser and Company can only work with information they have. When ILADS is recognized like JDF or ACS then maybe we'll get somewhere, until then good luck trying to get cured.

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LymeNet Contributor
Member # 13649

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Well I think you're mostly right, but one thing is for sure, the research has been done proving lyme is chronic so step 1 is taken care of. There's not much sense in repeating all the research just to say it was done in the last few years. But the next steps like you said are just not getting done and it's all because of companies looking at short term profits and bribing the right organizations with the power to influence academic institutions and the medical community. It took the government to fund research to cure TB so it will probably take the same for lyme, but the private sector wants the government out of the picture so they can profit as much as possible so.... yeah who knows how this will all work out.

But what makes Wormser so wrong is taking bribes, ignoring medical research, blatantly manipulating data to draw false conclustions, and lieing to patients leaving them to suffer and not try anything.

Our llmds at least try to treat patients, yeah some don't get better after long periods of time but we all know many factors play into treatment and still research is suppressed concerning those factors (coinfections, heavy metals, immunology).

Part of the reason ILADS isn't recognized at the level these other oganizations are is because they don't take payouts from drug companies to fund research promoting corporate interests. They also don't get money from insurance companies to suppress the existence of certain illnesses. Most of our national medical associations are simply tools of the private industry, all which do profit based research rather than scientific research.

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Frequent Contributor (5K+ posts)
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I agree 100% with what you say losferwrds.
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could you go back please and BREAK UP your link with all those links/info you showed after EACH one with a double space!! then we neuros could enjoy what you posted today ok [Smile] huge thanks. xox

we can read only SHORT paragraphs now long ones; lyme has taken that way too.

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LymeNet Contributor
Member # 18905

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Work is still being done and research is ongoing. Lets not forget about Dr. Alan MacDonald's research of the biofilm and proof that Chronic Lyme disease exists. Not to mention the research that members of this site do on their own time.Just because we don't hear about everything all the time the work is being done.

If you keep doing nothing...nothing changes!

Posts: 579 | From NH | Registered: Jan 2009  |  IP: Logged | Report this post to a Moderator
LymeNet Contributor
Member # 19883

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Thank you, losferwrds.
Posts: 822 | From midwest | Registered: Apr 2009  |  IP: Logged | Report this post to a Moderator

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