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» LymeNet Flash » Questions and Discussion » Medical Questions » PICC Adhesive allergy?? HELP!

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Author Topic: PICC Adhesive allergy?? HELP!
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Hi everyone,

I've had a PICC line in for over a month and have been on IV Rocephin. Everything has been going great up until a few days ago...

The site under the bandage is blistering, peeling and oozing!!! I appear to be reacting now to the adhesive? The catheter site itself looks fine.

I've ordered a new type of bandage to try which will come in the mail tomorrow, but I'm worried about the oozing infecting the site (I cannot afford to have the line pulled and replaced! Too $$$)

Should I go to a doctor? What could they do?



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I recommend that you go to the doctor right away! Any broken damaged skin will be susceptible to infections of all kinds. You need to be looked at and likely given some topical treatment and maybe some gauze or other material that won't have adhesives. The doctor or ER will have the best selection of alternative bandage options.

Please try to get to an ER if you can't see a doctor today.

I can't give you any specific advice on bandage adhesive sensitivity, but I am having the same problem with bandaids (many brands) - I can't find any that don't cause raised red itchy ares under the adhesive parts.

Good luck to you, and don't be casual about this - any infection risks anywhere near the PICC site are very dangerous - you need immediate assistance and treatment.

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I used teflon coated bandaids and then taped it down with hypoallergenic tape. I applied pure aloe vera gel on the area directly from the plant and had no more problems after that.

Of course have your doctor look at it. This is just what worked for me,



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Hi Kyla, sorry to hear that you are have developed a problem at your PICC site. I know how frustrating and scary that can be.

I would highly recommend that you have the site looked at by a knowledgeable physician. You could be having a reaction to the cleanser, skin prep, the dressing itself or you may have developed a fungal infection.

If you go to the ER they should be able to have a wound care specialist take a look at the site for you. The specialist will know how best to treat the problem and take care of the site. Most regular doctors do not have the experience to help in these situations.

I am currently healing from a yeast infection that developed under my PICC dressing. Thankfully one of my best friends is a wound care specialist. I don't know what I would have done without her help.

Please have the site looked at by someone with experience. If you don't take care of it now it will only get worse.

If the dressing is peeling off because of all the oozing you may want to go ahead and change the dressing. If you have been using Chlorprep maybe try switching to alcohol as i've heard that many people are allergic to Chlorprep. Skip using the skin prep as that may cause irritation too.

If you have been using a stat-lock to anchor the PICC you could switch to using steri strips. They might be a little less irritating. I would apply a sterile non-stick dressing over the site then wrap sterile gauze around the arm/site area to hold the dressing in place. Be generous with the wrap. Instead of using tape you could use some "Elastic Stretch Net" (a tubular stretchy mesh dressing holder that you can buy at CVS) to keep everything in place.

I would only use this type of dressing temporarily to allow the site to breathe and heal until you get help from a professional. It will not be as secure or protective as the typical dressings are.

Most important reminder of all, whoever looks at the site or changes the dressing for you must use sterile technique. You do not want to lose the line due to infection!

Please take care and keep us updated.

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Hey Kyla, When I had the picc I had the exact problems as you. Terrible itching, redness, and blistering under the statlock and bandages. I suppose you have a infusion nurse who changes your bandage weekly?

If so this is what you need to do. When he/she changes the bandages/ statlock have them swab the area really good with ChloraPrep, if they are using iodine have them stop and use ChloraPrep. Allow to dry. Then spray Nasonex (yes Nasonex) around entire area that will be covered. You do not need much. Allow to dry. Apply BioPatch around the picc line where it goes into the skin. Then use gentle adhesive bandages to cover up areas. Sometimes you have to use two or more bandages. Sometimes you have to put bandage on first then put the Statlock over the bandage, then another bandage over top the statlock.

The Nasonex is the key. The steroid in the Nasonex prevents the allergy from the adhesive to occur. Do not be concerned with the steroid tag. It is a topical and it's only a really fine mist that you need. So if someone comments about the steroid don't have any worries. This works and within a week or two your site will look beautiful.

Karl A

HERX is a Four Letter Word!

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Icon 1 posted      Profile for kylasrain   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message       Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote 
I really appreciate all of the feedback and suggestions from you all!! THANKS!! I am going to forward this to my nurse.

So, I went to Urgent care last night (apparently, if the line itself turned out to be fine--the ER said the insurance wouldn't cover to be safe, go to urgent care.) I called to different urgent cares to be sure they dealt with picc lines.

I ordered new bandages to try and they should arrive today. In the meantime, the doc said it def. looks like a skin allergy and the line looks fine. (Whew!) They did a swab to be sure and then cleaned it with iodine (I've been using chloroprep this whole time) and wrapped it in gauze to let it breathe a bit.

To be continued...


Posts: 97 | From CA | Registered: May 2007  |  IP: Logged | Report this post to a Moderator

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