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» LymeNet Flash » Questions and Discussion » Medical Questions » interesting graph

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Author Topic: interesting graph
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see the growth inhibition graph using various fatty acids against malaria...scroll down to page 2, the graph is there.

Note...C 22:6 and C20:5 are quite effective...not a total wipe-out, but...

Respectively, those are DHA and EPA.

The Omega 3s are off in lyme...way off. Esp. focus on EPA. EPA and DHA work very differently!!! Though they can convert to each other.

DHA is a longer chain...22 carbons with 6 double bonds. EPA has 20 carbons with 5 bonds.

EPA (OmegaBrite) is wonderous. Take it in combination WITH aspirin it -> ``resolvin E-1''. It must be taken with a fat (like butter, ice cream, etc.) and ideally in the morning.

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Wow Marnie thanks! Great info ...Marnie in laymans terms what supplements are these?

thanks :-)

~Things may happen in my life time to change who I am but I refuse to let them reduce me...~

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This is going to get pretty "off stream", but bear with me...I hope you can BEGIN to see the "big picture".

I think in lyme (AND co-infections!) there is a TREMENDOUS loss of EFAs...essential fatty acids.

The original link I provided as a way to fight malaria indicates that the Omega 3s are needed to fight the malaria pathogen (which is very similar to babesia).

In lyme, the Omega 3s are way too low. AND in our typical Am. diets...Omega 3 fatty acids are way too low.

Let me provide you with just one link to this:

"It has been estimated that the ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acids in the diet of early humans was 1:1 (2), but the ratio in the typical Western diet is now almost 10:1 due to increased use of vegetable oils rich in LA as well

as reduced fish consumption."

(EXTREMELY reputable website.)

EFAs= essential fatty acids = omega 3s and the omega 6s.

While our typical American diet is VERT VERY VERY high in the omega 6 fatty acids...this is NOT GOOD!!!

Okay...I's one more link to prove my point:

"Excessive amounts of omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA) and a very high omega-6/omega-3 ratio, as is found in today's Western diets, promote the pathogenesis of many diseases, including cardiovascular disease, cancer, and inflammatory and autoimmune diseases, whereas increased levels of omega-3 PUFA (a low omega-6/omega-3 ratio) exert suppressive effects.

In the secondary prevention of cardiovascular disease, a ratio of 4/1 was associated with a 70% ***decrease in total mortality.***"

PMID: 12442909 (Pubmed)

Those are the ones (omega 6s OR omega 3s) we USE to make an Omega 9 = mead acid. Guess which ones we use...

Okay....first time I've heard of mead acid too!!! Ancora imparo = I am learning (too).

(Better if we use the omega 3s.)

We are using what we have "available"...the omega 6s... to ultimately -> the omega ***anti-inflammatory*** called mead acid (an omega 9)


We are trying to head for the omega "9"...hey, Rifers...432 is divisible by 1,2,3,4, 6,8,9. (689 is a "cult" number...can read it upside down)... notice 5 and 7 are NOT included. 5+7 = 12 = 3 numerogically speaking. While 1+2+3+4 = 10 =1 and 6+8+9 = 23 = 5 and together = 6 or in Greek numbers..."W" = double "u".

And yes, I am aware that all of the recommended Rife frequencies for lyme are divisible by 9 (and 1,2,3,4,6,8,9)

I think 432 *maybe* "substituting" for the overexpressed Omega 6s -> Omega 9s.

Okay...are you Rifers catching on...6...indigo...pineal gland...6th chakra...(kapoot) about putting a *red* dot on the center of your forehead...(red absorbs the blue wavelength). Color of the chromophores in the WF lizard...hummm.

Are you catching on? There is a REASON FOR EVERYTHING...for EVERY "tradition" in religions!

If you don't think this all ties in...I it is quite complex...and is truly AMAZING! I've been blown away.

Believe me...the ancients knew a LOT!!!

The symbols used to represent "God" = alpha and omega..or in Greek numbers = 1 (alpha) +800 (omega) = 801 which reduced to 9 (numerogically).

Alpha and omega are ALSO represented as two pyramids - (Google: alpha omega and scroll down to near the bottom...see the symbol on the church in Spain)...= one "delta"/triangle/pyramid pointing up and the other pointing down (sharing the same base). The up one = man and the down one represents woman...hey...who remembers "The Divinci code"?

Why is this important? Well that "symbol" is the flower/seed of life, i.e., the beginning of life because it IS the same form (double up-other down) that our own DNA takes to ...begin forms what is called an octrahedron...

Google: DNA octrahedron or Flower of Life...scroll down.

It begins ...spontaneously SPIN...

We have JUST begun to replicate this in a lab...I'm not kidding...we are "playing God":,2933,299857,00.html

This is 9. Nine "sides" sharing one common base. (Each pyramid has 4 sides. 4 sides + 4 sides + 1 base = 9.)

9 correlates to the 7 known chakras and the ***additional 2 from heaven** (black and white or 0 + 8) ROY G BIV = red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet (from bottom up) or including those from "heaven" (0), red (1), orange (2), yellow (3), green (4), blue (5), indigo (6), violet (7), white (8)...nothingness (0) to

9 lives...

You might be interested (or not) that the precursor to indigo (indican) corresponds to ...get this...typtophan!

From light. Black - red - orange - yellow - green - blue - indigo - violet - white...back to red...(8+1)

9 is the beginning of another cycle.

Let me explain in another way...whether or not your are matters not to me, but be aware of this CYCLE:

"Jesus was raised from the dead on the first day of the week.

As seven represents the full cycle of the week then the first day of the next week is the ***eighth day ***of the first week and the

beginning of the new cycle.

In the same manner a modern piano has eight notes in the octave. There being seven in the scale and the eighth is the repeat of the first and the beginning the cycle again."

Omega 9...(8+1)

THAT is what the body is trying to head for (back up route). It is trying hard to get the friggin' inflammation under control.

The balance is off....way off.

"Mead acid (my note: it is one of the omega 9s) ethanolamide is essentially identical to AEA in its ***agonist binding to CB1 and CB2 receptors***"

Those, my friends, are "pot" receptors. CB1 = not so hot...CB2 is another story (beneficial).

Our damaged antibody (AB) to Bb's OspB is mAb...CB2.

Agonist = "helper".

We NEED something to bind to the CB2 receptor..which our (damaged) antibody to Bb's OspB (mABCB2) is supposed to bind to to REDUCE the flippin inflammation!

You ALL have a tremendous EFA DEFICIENCY. You are MISSING the essential fatty acids - the omega THREES. I am absolutely positive.

I bet your level of mead acid (an omega 9) is off the it is being formed FROM TNFa + the omega 6s (specifically...-> AA -> prostaglandin 2 series (not good).

Get your level of EPA up...way up... and take ASA at the same time = resolvin E-1 (= Rev E-1).

And take EPA and the ASA with a "fat" (much like taking mepron with a fat)...for absorption reasons).

And very very likely...morning....for other reasons re: Hsp70= heat shock protein(high in daytime...low at night). Hsp is lowered by...get this...the ketogenic diet...

Simplified...OmegaBrite + ASA in the morning with a fat...pick one...butter, whole milk, ice cream...

We have to drive down Hsp70...heat shock protein...replication, survival, etc. Yes..this will impact the infected cells AND Bb.

In case you wanted to know...and I'm sure you do...;-)...

DNA turns in a clockwise motion and so does Bb's flagella. However, OUR earth rotates in a counter clockwise rotation...trivia...But DNA can REVERSE direction (Z-DNA) -> in sync with the earth's rotation.

OmegaBrite and ONLY that form...(to my knowledge so far) PLUS good old aspirin in the morning with a fat.

Fortunately OmegaBrite IS available in "kids" dosages and so is good old aspirin.

Once again...without Mg, B3, B6, vitamin C, and zinc we can't MAKE EPA. Believe me...they are all very low in lyme.

Those of you who have been here for years already KNOW Mg levels drop "significantly" at the *outset* of lyme. Mg IS an anti-inflammatory, anti-histamine and it INHIBITS HMG CoA REDUCTASE (cholesterol pathway).

Many of you know B6 (its active form is called P5P/PLP) is needed to work WITH Mg (must have a healthy liver to convert B6 to its active form).

Zinc...Bb triggers the "P13K" pathway which upregulates the MMPs...metalloproteinases...which need zinc...there goes zinc....

And last but not least...B3...niacin.

If you don't realize Bb is very very dependent on tryptophan (which converts to melatonin and ultimately to niacin too!) ...then I've lost you.

Bb absolutely can NOT live without tryptophan...and glucose...and a lot of our OTHER nutrients.

WE have ONE advantage over Bb "who" absolutely needs to ferment glucose -> lactate (anaerobically) make "his" ATP.

In a "jam" WE can substitute ketones for glucose to supply energy to our cells.

But the ketogenic diet is very very dangerous kidney-wise, so we have to be very careful.

VERY specifically...ONE ketone, BHB which comes from caprylic acid (in VCO - virgin coconut oil) appears to be exceptionally beneficial to our "starving" defense cells.

IMO...we have to reduce the inflammation - BIGTIME - AND hit Bb.

If we can reduce the inflammation via EPA (OmegaBrite AND ASA) and give the ***infected defense cells*** caprylic acid -> BHB -> increased ATP...have we not prevented their death AND "rev-ed" them up so they can complete the job they were supposed to do?

Bb is depriving the powerhouses of our cells (mitochondria) of ...glucose.

We have to supply an "alternative fuel" to those defense cells....the ketone BHB.

Slowly....this will not...and should not...happen overnight.

I don't care HOW you go about this, but one thing is for sure:

The real "cure" is 2 fold...reduce the inflammation AND hit the pathogen.

(ALWAYS...whatever treatment method you chose...keep pumping in the probiotics!)

Bottom line...I think OmegaBrite AND good old aspirin (ASA) taken in the MORNING with a fat.

Plus capylic acid (taken with a good hearty meal) ...

May help...a lot...OVER TIME.

Always...lots of probiotics...and vary hour before a meal with a full glass of water daily.

Good luck. God Bless. A cure is possible. Never ever forget that.

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I followed your advice and got OmegaBrite. I notice it thins the blood quite a bit at recommended dosage. It does it to my mother as well.

Is this normal? I went from 4 pills down to 3 and haven't noticed blood thinning so much.

What kind of magnesium do you recommend? Any research on magnesium chloride (transdermal)? It seems to boost my energy fast when I take it, but the magnesium chloride molecule seems to deactivate my silver solution. I could be wrong, but it's a weird coincidence a herx response and fever can stop after MgCl. I haven't used it enough to verify if this is reproducible.

I know you are against silver. I have read your posts before. All I can say is that it works for me, but I respect the position you take.

Posts: 967 | From A deserted island without internet access | Registered: Sep 2009  |  IP: Logged | Report this post to a Moderator
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I'm not a big fan of silver...we have absolutely no way to ever chelate it...but I do understand...really I do.

MgCl is available from Liquimins. It can be applied topically (2 eye droppers = approx. the RDA). It is not expensive.

Sublingual B6 is quite effective. Mg works with B6, but the conversion from B6 to its active form happens in the liver. The active form is called P5P or PLP. It is available from Source Naturals. It is called coenzymated B6.

B6 has more functions in our body than any other vitamin.

Mg and B6 work TOGETHER.

(I sure wish they wouldn't call things by so many different terms!)

OmegaBrite...bottle says to take THREE capsules (all at once, daily) I've also read it should be taken with a fat.

In addition...EPA + good old aspirin (would a child's dose be enough?) -> resolvin E-1.

Posts: 9402 | From Sunshine State | Registered: Mar 2001  |  IP: Logged | Report this post to a Moderator

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