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» LymeNet Flash » Questions and Discussion » General Support » Seen ID yesterday. She said it was all just in my head

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Author Topic: Seen ID yesterday. She said it was all just in my head
Member # 12688

Icon 9 posted      Profile for naysmommy     Send New Private Message       Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote 
My primary care doc just told me last week that I tested positive for Lyme she didnt show me the results and I didnt bother to look.

She reffered me to a ID because she didnt know much about the disease.

I went there yesterday. She looked what I was there for and without even seeing any test results said, "Oh no you don't have Lyme you are just depressed after having a baby."

Still not having looked at my test results she said from 1-10 how happy are you. I said 8 because I have a loving husband and a baby I love. She said come on your not happing, your 21 with a baby, married, and now your stuck at home for life.

Then she asked me why I was on Volume. I said my doc put me on that for my twitches and to help me sleep.

She finally looked at the results and laughed. She said they are all negative, you are just depressed. I asked to see the test and all of them were negative but 1.

I tested positive for band #41. I said look what is this. She said oh that is just one that dont mean anything.

I go on and say that all the symptoms I am having (which are the exact symptoms of Lyme) are just because I am depressed and she said yes.

I said well why is my white blood count up sky high and why am I having heart issues. She told me because I am overweight.

She next proceded to cut me off and said here I will give you some Prozac and take this for awhile and then come back and see me and you will be all better. Oh yeah and if she test me after I take the prozac she will only treat me for 3 weeks.

I was in tears. I didnt even get my test done at a special lab so they could have not been as sensitive right. With only being positive with Band #41 could I still have Lyme.

I just want to get better. Please some one help!!!!

Naysmommy (Elaina)

Posts: 12 | From Souther CA | Registered: Jul 2007  |  IP: Logged | Report this post to a Moderator
Frequent Contributor (5K+ posts)
Member # 2022

Icon 1 posted      Profile for map1131     Send New Private Message       Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote 
Elaina, please forget and forgive the lyme ignorance you have (or will) experience. Follow back up with your primary doctor and at least get them to start abx. Hopefully you can get enough abx to get you going while you inquire into other options in California.

Tell them about your wasted trip to this ID and ask for other referals or docs that are experienced treating lyme disease. You could waste alot of time and energy going from one specialist to another and face others just a lyme literate as this ID.

Keep looking for a doctor that will look for answers as to why you are so ill and not tell you it's all in your head. They are out there, you just have to work really hard to find them.

Good luck, Pam

"Never, never, never, never, never give up" Winston Churchill

Posts: 6459 | From Louisville, Ky | Registered: Jan 2002  |  IP: Logged | Report this post to a Moderator
Frequent Contributor (1K+ posts)
Member # 5374

Icon 1 posted      Profile for Aniek     Send New Private Message       Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote 

A lot of doctors don't know how to react when they don't have answers. So look to blame the patient, or come up with something that, in their head, explains it all.

Forget about this doctor. She's not worth your energy. Whether you have Lyme or something else, no doctor should try to convince you that you aren't happy.

"When there is pain, there are no words." - Toni Morrison

Posts: 4711 | From Washington, DC | Registered: Mar 2004  |  IP: Logged | Report this post to a Moderator
just don
Frequent Contributor (1K+ posts)
Member # 1129

Icon 1 posted      Profile for just don     Send New Private Message       Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote 
RIGHT after reading this,,,go to the drop down box on the bottom of the page and go to "Seeking a doctor" (A llmd specificly).

Post there and someone hopefully knows where a either close or really GOOD llmd is located for you and just go there and forget the ID DUCKS,,,ALL of them!!

Sorry you have to put up with id idiots but we read that same thing here day after day!! You are NOT the exception but the rule.

Dont ask why they are so stupid,,,no body else knows either. Some things they MAY know,,,lyme they dont have a clue!!!for sure--just don--

just don

Posts: 4548 | From Middle of midwest | Registered: May 2001  |  IP: Logged | Report this post to a Moderator
Member # 11141

Icon 1 posted      Profile for sixgoofykids   Author's Homepage     Send New Private Message       Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote 
You are correct, the test probably was not very sensitive.

Your ID doctor is correct ONLY that band 41 is not specific ... HOWEVER, Lyme is a clinical diagnosis and you present symptoms. Your ID doctor is ill-informed on the disease.

I would get to an LLMD asap.


Posts: 13449 | From Ohio | Registered: Feb 2007  |  IP: Logged | Report this post to a Moderator
Frequent Contributor (1K+ posts)
Member # 12041

Icon 1 posted      Profile for merrygirl     Send New Private Message       Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote 
I am so sorry you have to deal with peopl elike this. I have been as well. We are here for you. You need to get with an llmd. please call and make an appointment.

You need to do this for you and your baby.

You have to take control and dont let them control you!

Good Luck- Melissa

Posts: 3905 | From USA | Registered: May 2007  |  IP: Logged | Report this post to a Moderator
LymeNet Contributor
Member # 9702

Icon 1 posted      Profile for susiecv     Send New Private Message       Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote 
I KNEW better from all I have read here-but attempted anyway to see if the ID doc at a nearby "highly" regarded teaching hospital might have a clue about Lyme (also showed only #41 positive)

I did it partly because insurance covered the visit-and was still holding out some hope. Had to see a student fellow first, then the doc came in-the man was visibly nervous (or else had Parkinson's?). His hands shook, was defensive & seemed to think no one EVER gets coinfections-

Everything I said to him received the same doubtful (of my sanity?)look-he attributed everything to coincidence-I finally left, saying that I must be a "walking coincidence." [Smile]

My suggestion-pursue treatment if you have symptoms! Find a doc who will listen-

Posts: 249 | From finger lakes, ny | Registered: Jul 2006  |  IP: Logged | Report this post to a Moderator
Frequent Contributor (5K+ posts)
Member # 9256

Icon 1 posted      Profile for hopingandpraying     Send New Private Message       Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote 
Sounds similar to what one duck told me about my son. He also said "it was all in his head".

My son had a positive 41 band on the Quest test but when he was tested through IGENEX, he had other bands positive as well! (We did the Western Blot). He also has Babesiosis.

Get to a LLMD immediately and don't waste your time with ID ducks who haven't a clue about Lyme and co-infections.

It has made all the difference in the world and my son, after a year of treatment, is slowly getting better.

Posts: 8969 | From Illinois | Registered: May 2006  |  IP: Logged | Report this post to a Moderator
Honored Contributor (10K+ posts)
Member # 5829

Icon 7 posted      Profile for Tincup         Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote 
Unfortunately it is still illegal to shoot people... even if they are IDIOTS and dangerous to the public health.

So the next best thing you can do is avoid them! Kinda like you would do if coming across a big pile of doggie doo doo.

RUN Forrest, RUN!

Don't let a duck git ya down!!!

I have yet to meet an ID duck who knew his *** from a hole in the ground.. and this duck is no exception!

Actually if you had said they did something for you... you know.. something to HELP... I'd probably fall off this chair.

So pick up the pieces and roll on momma, roll on!

Don't let the dirty devil ducks get you down. Kick duck butt and move on!

[Big Grin]


Posts: 20353 | From The Moon | Registered: Jun 2004  |  IP: Logged | Report this post to a Moderator
Frequent Contributor (5K+ posts)
Member # 10375

Icon 1 posted      Profile for Geneal     Send New Private Message       Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote 
I am so sorry for your frustration and needing some answers.

Unfortunately, your story is the norm here and not the exception.

I was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and given paxil and xanax.

I asked to be tested for Lyme. I couldn't find a duck willing

To until I went to a walk-in clinic.

Didn't know about this board then. Had a Quest test done.

Later diagnosed with Lyme based on symptoms and one Lyme specific band (Igm 23).

It is of utmost importance for you and your baby that you find a Lyme Literate Medical Doctor.

You also need a Western Blot via Igenex.

I had my husband and children tested via Igenex.

I believe one or both of my children have congenital Lyme (passed in utero from me).

Please, please find a LLMD. Get the right testing done.

For you and your precious baby.



Posts: 6250 | From Louisiana | Registered: Oct 2006  |  IP: Logged | Report this post to a Moderator
Frequent Contributor (1K+ posts)
Member # 380

Icon 6 posted      Profile for RoadRunner     Send New Private Message       Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote 
a lot of people with just band 41 are positive but go also by symptoms because that is what needs to be treated.


"Beep Beep"

Posts: 2630 | From ct | Registered: Nov 2000  |  IP: Logged | Report this post to a Moderator
Frequent Contributor (5K+ posts)
Member # 6046

Icon 1 posted      Profile for hiker53     Send New Private Message       Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote 
Throw the ID into the alligator pit! Keep your primary physician--at least that doc considered Lyme! Band 41 is usually the first band to show for lyme. It showed for me at Mayo and Mayo clinic ignored it, but there was a little asterik that said that the test could be wrong, so I followed up. I tossed Mayo's neurogolists in the our alligator pit. Dang. We are going to have to enlarge that thing.


"God is light. In Him there is no
darkness." 1John 1:5

Posts: 8664 | From Illinois | Registered: Aug 2004  |  IP: Logged | Report this post to a Moderator
Frequent Contributor (5K+ posts)
Member # 7136

Icon 1 posted      Profile for CaliforniaLyme     Send New Private Message       Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote 
Nimzo, I vote C*)!!!!!!!!!!!!!


You COULD have Lyme or other TBDs- OR not!!! I would go to an LLMD and get evaluated.

That doctor sounds like an IDiot (that's what we call most ID docs around here!!).

41 is not specific at all. BUT you can test negative and have Lyme and in California you are statistically MOST likely to have WA1 Babesiosis out of all the TBDs and I am willing to bet that doctor has never heard of it.

In SC County CA where I live there is 17.8% MIR (Minimum Infection Rate) in Adult ticks, so that garbage about CA only having 2%? Ignore it!!
Studies showed WA1 Babs rates in 3 communities of CAians to be 16%, 17.8% (yup, same % as our local Lyme in ticks, weird coincidence!) and 3.5%!! That's in people!!! The only comprehensive serosurvey- blood survey- ever done in CA found 23% of a community had one TBD or another (of that the 17.8% was Babs!)- so that is one of 5 people- so in CA, TBDs are NOT rare- they are COMMON!!!

Welcome*)!!! You MAY have a TBD, you may NOT- but either way, you are very welcome to find out
what you do have and we all send warm wishes for your better health, I am sure-

There is no wealth but life.
-John Ruskin

All truth goes through 3 stages: first it is ridiculed: then it is violently opposed: finally it is accepted as self evident. - Schopenhauer

Posts: 5639 | From Aptos CA USA | Registered: Apr 2005  |  IP: Logged | Report this post to a Moderator
Ellie K
LymeNet Contributor
Member # 12056

Icon 1 posted      Profile for Ellie K     Send New Private Message       Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote 

I intially tested negative on the WB with only band 41 reactive.

I then took an Igenex test and found that I had both bart and lyme.

Please make sure you get an Igenex test and an LLMD as soon as you can!

At least have your primary care doc order an Igenex test if you cannot get to an LLMD immediately.

I'm so sorry you were treated like this.

Posts: 390 | From Oakland, CA | Registered: May 2007  |  IP: Logged | Report this post to a Moderator
Frequent Contributor (1K+ posts)
Member # 3159

Icon 1 posted      Profile for tabbytamer     Send New Private Message       Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote 

Please don't get discouraged. The thing is, if it is Lyme, you can feel better with treatment.

And a doctor that is an expert on Lyme can tell by how you respond to treatment whether or not Lyme is a possibility.

There is a link below my name for a California Lyme Support Group online. You can join that group and anyone there will be happy to give you up to date info on Lyme docs in California.



California Lyme support group

Posts: 2098 | From San Diego, CA, USA | Registered: Sep 2002  |  IP: Logged | Report this post to a Moderator

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