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» LymeNet Flash » Questions and Discussion » General Support » Desperate MD Issue Here we go again

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Author Topic: Desperate MD Issue Here we go again
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I have returned to PA almost 18 months ago. A Pac from the clinic I attend was treating the Lyme along with all the other BS symptoms and degeneration of my once healthy body.

Now all the sudden upon returning to get my Duragesic script and flu shot and pnuemovax shot the Head Doctor in charge of the facility decides for the second time to see me and give me the first degree over being on the duragesic tells me I should not be driving (mind you I see a neurosurgeon for the seizure disorder)bc of my seizure activity.

not like I do not discuss this with him. The neurosurgeon does not feel that I should have my license suspended or revoked since 99 % of the time my seizures occur at night and if on medication that I can ingest (no vomiting) I usually benefit greatly with treatment.

Anyway the local yocal decides after 2 years of being on duragesic he is going to wean me off it.. the PAC that has seen me every time over the past 18 months outside of the two that this MD has seen me firmly believes that after reviewing my clinical notes from Florida that I should remain on the managed pain care that was working for me since I had been through a series of PT, Spinal injections.

including steroids which I no longer can endure since they land me into psychotic episodes requiring hospitalization.

After telling me that he is going to wean me off the duragesic I asked him what he was going to do to help with the other two days of pain I am going to deal with since the 75 MCG patch is only holding me for 2 out of the 3 days he said steroids (mind you this guy is all sports medicine.. that is why I prefer to interact with his PAC... the pAc has much better sympathy and listens to the patient where this guy does not.

I bellowed at him that he is not going to used steroids on me not with the Lyme disease it suppresses the immune system and I end up in the physic ward when using them. He request Are you on physc meds now? I told him no. well he said who do you live with..
I told him my mother..

he asked do you drive I said yes but I would rather not because of the seizures lately but it is hard not to when I make plans to come in here for a script and they inform me I have to be seen which requires me to come back and I cant always count on people to drive me in.

he said there is nothing in your chart about seizures. I said well there should be..
he said oh here it is..
then he said you shouldn't be driving. I replied.
I thought that decision was best decided by a neurosurgeon or a neurologist..

he kept making notes in my chart and said he asked me what meds I was on Mind you I am on like 13 different meds for heart copd back pain seizures and Lyme so that is a headache to recall on the spot for me..

I started the list and told him it is hard for me to recall all of them on the spot.. he asked me when I had a cbc or blood work I told him I had a cbc and dilatin level script from my neurosurgeon but I don't recall the last time I had any blood work done may a year ago. said he is going to run a sed rate thyroid and electrolyte panel.

while I was having the blood drawn. he was dictating to the nurse these words in different order he changed the dictation 5 time while I sat there listening then moved into a room alone with the nurse.

Patient shows no inherent signs of competence...
kept shifting the wording around.. was not happy with how it was sounding then left when it seemed he wasn't able to state what he wanted to say in my presence,,

now maybe I am being paranoid here but that does not sound to me like he is up to anything that is going to be in my best interest.
I called my neuro surgeon and asked him to request a copy of the doctors notes from my visit that day... told him I felt he was trying to yank my driving privilege..

any one else have any comments as to what you would suspect.. I was steamed when I left ..
for a year this PAc has been gioving me the doxy, toprol, advair. singulair, lasix, topamax, synthroid, compazine, flexeril, which I can not take routinely as it can trigger seizures,,,.

nitroglcerin, lyrica (when the state would pay for it but now wont cause for 7 months i have been fighting with them to cover it..) ketoconazole, or clotrimazole/betamethasone, duragesic and another antibiotic on occassion when the pharmacy did not refill my doxcy and I got sick.

This guy I can not even refer to him as a md he has very poor bedside manner. is not open minded, does not talk with you . dictates to you, and I believe that I hurt his feelings when I challenged what he proposed to do when with drawing me from the duragesic and the comment about not giving me steroids in place of the duragesic..

It is not like we never gave me a narcotic break in Florida while I was on the duragesic they tried that for 3 months I was stuck in bed screaming and driving my adolescent sons insane.

My youngest son even said if this doctor jeopardizes my state of well being and puts me back I the state I was when I was not on the pain medication he will go after him for malpractice... I told him it is a lot harder to prove than you would think

To top things off I am still waiting for my SSA hearing which should be before March

I would enjoy hearing any insights or thoughts on this visit

seriously concerned in PA..

"Hatred paralyzes life; love releases it. Hatred confuses life; love harmonizes it. Hatred darkens life; love illuminates it."

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i'd make sure i'd get a copy of his typed dictation on ALL VISITS and this goes for your others drs. as well.

they are required for SSDI/dds .... admin law judge hearings.

more importantly, ANYTHING WRONG, write up your CORRECT version of things and talk to MEDICAL FILES FOLKS about getting this added to your file!

drs. original notes stay, but anyone including SSA has to be sent your VERSION of it too!!

good luck! [group hug] [kiss]

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Bettyg's right, and you do want to follow up on that!

In the State of California, and I am sure in other states, if you have a seizure, the MD is supposed to report it to the DMV.

Here, the license is suspended for 6 months and if you don't have another seizure, then you are good to go.

My dearest friend had a small infection in this little cyst in her brain. She had a seizure and she was in the hospital and given antibiotics. (we almost lost her!!)

She's all better now but it took her 2 years to get her driver's license back and she had 4 kids to drive to school everyday!. The MD's have that power!

I hope you don't have that problem where you are but you might want to brush up on your state's laws regarding that matter.

Hope you get better soon!

The Lord is my strength and my song

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Since you are on so many meds I suggest you make a list of the meds and carry it with you at all times. You never know when you might need it.

It does sound like this guy is out to cause trouble, but the best way to find out is to get a copy of the office notes.

Do you have a lawyer for your SSA hearing?

I think you did the right thing calling the neurologist. Just hope he will stand up for you if there is a problem with the other doc.

Good luck.

Bea Seibert

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I went through the not being able to drive for 6 months too.

If your neurologist or neurosurgeon says that you can drive what can a GP do about it?

Especially if your seizures are being treated by a neurologist.

Your GP sounds like a jerk! [Mad]

Do not take this as medical advice. This comment is based on opinion and personal experience only.

Alaska Lone Wolf

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