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» LymeNet Flash » Questions and Discussion » General Support » Without You, It Would Have Never Happened

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Author Topic: Without You, It Would Have Never Happened
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I came here 6 years ago....and am just trying to give back.

I'm sure no one remembers me....that's OK...I am the Opening Speaker at the National Convention of my Company next Friday in Orlando. (September 25th)

I will use this stage in front of THOUSANDS to spread the word on Lyme.

It is my DUTY to help others.

Thanks for all of the emails, etc.

Here's the REST of this Story:

I cried as I awoke and went to was Friday Morning...and they wanted me to be the Third Leader to Speak...probably the biggest Honor ever bestowed upon me.

In fact, after they had read over my Power Point...they MOVED me to this end of the line-up, because they said..No ONE person in our Company could follow what I had put together.

I got dressed after only 4 hours of sleep...went down to the Breakfast Buffet...many asked me to sit with them, I could not. I had to remain focused on the task at Hand...I said a deep long prayer and then after eating spent 15 minutes writing Thank You's out to those friends of mine that had followed me to this Conference...the Owners of the Company...and a Few other Corporate of which had made the comment to me several times before..."Kent, this Company needs a New Hero."

The Stage was set....shortly after they opened the Convention I walked behind the Stage that stretch at lease 250 feet wide in front of this packed house...and settled into the "Green Room" where we awaited our turn and laughed as we prepared with the others going on or going off the Event's Massive stage.

I handed the National sales Director, the Owners/Founders and few other people Thank You Cards as I carefully planned to hand out the others to my Friends from Iowa that had all sat in the same row at my bidding. wonderful people...I needed them to know how much they meant to me.

It had been a rough Summer....My Bone Marrow and Liver almost giving out just as the Summer arrived...while others enjoyed the Hot warm Sun, I would cringe at how uncomfortable it made me feel with the Systemic Candidiasis I suffer from, from all of the Life giving Antibiotics I had to take to survive up until this point.

I had been approached to be involved in a project driven by Minesh Baxi, a Publisher out of Troy, Michigan to put together 52 Inspirational Stories of those that Overcame Great Odds to not only Survive, but THRIVE!

In the mean time...I spoke at several Venues despite my teetering health....depressed, scared and backsliding in health I hid my symptoms from many. In some cases unable to get out of bed until 12:30 to 1:00PM...if not later.

Then...I was my health spun back in the right direction after treatment for a Malaria like ask the Founders of My company if could speak to the crowd at our third National Convention in Orlando.

The heat and humidity outside the building was I had to stay inside at all costs...the first room I had when arriving had made me delirious from the heavy mold that wafted throughout it...I awoke no less then three times in the Curtains...having an allergic reaction that was causing me to lose equilibrium and have to urinate every hour. As I prepared to move to another room the next Morning (Thursday) I could barely walk and breath while trying grab my stuff and get took me 45 minutes to pack what would normally take me five minutes.

Luckily the next room was fine.

(Back to the Green Room)

The day before I was a panelist and taught over 3000 people some business techniques and strategies I had developed over the years.

Some already knew me...most had never attended any of the 15 live events that I had spoken at in the past 10 months....but, I had decided...that with the Good Lord on my deliver a message that would change their lives.

Hopefully, that is.

As I was moved from the Green Room to the Stage Entrance I used a relaxation method I found that worked very well for me since I was successful Athlete in my fact, I almost went conserve energy and focus, I chose not to practice my power point presentation before taking the stage. I wanted it to be from the Heart...from the Gut...without rehearsal...I knew the order of the slides. I knew the order of the words as they would come on the screen. I had written it about 4 hours. It would only last ten minutes.

And then....they called on Me.

As I walked onto the stage I remembered a story: Someone in the Audience had to sell the last remaining television in their home to make it to this event...and I thanked him, for all of us in attendance...because it was the Spirit he was showing that had built this Company to where it had come. An Industry Leader.

As I worked the "Clicker" ...I realized that the words weren't coming as I had intended. So, yes...I was truly winging it. However, the crowd was silent. No movement. Not a word. Just disbelief. Tears. And then Cheers...and clapping...thunderous applause, and as I tried to leave the stage they wouldn't let me. The Standing Ovation lasted two or three they clapped...for what seemed forever....I thought of what I had been through...and I thought of You My Lymenet Friends...because, without you...

It would have NEVER been possible.



Now is the time in your life to find the "tiger" within.
Let the claws be bared,
and Lyme BEWARE!!!
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Posts: 5262 | From North East Iowa | Registered: Sep 2002  |  IP: Logged | Report this post to a Moderator
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Of course I remember you, Kent! You have been giving back on Lymenet for a long time. Congratulations on your speech, and your ability to continue to be amazing.


Posts: 1558 | From the Berkshires | Registered: Jul 2001  |  IP: Logged | Report this post to a Moderator
Member # 743

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I'm glad it went well, my friend! Call me sometime!
[group hug]

Opinions, not medical advice!

Posts: 94879 | From Texas | Registered: Feb 2001  |  IP: Logged | Report this post to a Moderator
Frequent Contributor (1K+ posts)
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You have not been forgotten!!
You've always been an inspiration with your willingness to reach out helping others when you had so much to deal with.

Thanks for taking time to share your experience.
You know how much we all love success stories, especially when it's about one of our own.

Hugs and more hugs

Posts: 4638 | From South Carolina | Registered: Mar 2001  |  IP: Logged | Report this post to a Moderator
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Icon 1 posted      Profile for feelfit     Send New Private Message       Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote 

Thank you, you have been a true inspiration for me since I read your account of running a race with severe candidia infection......

Rock on Trout,

Posts: 3975 | From usa | Registered: Aug 2007  |  IP: Logged | Report this post to a Moderator
Frequent Contributor (5K+ posts)
Member # 3121

Icon 1 posted      Profile for troutscout     Send New Private Message       Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote 
CBB: I've also left this board several times due to the nasty nature of some folks on here...but its great to know some of you appreciate my good intentions.

Tutu: You're always my fav gurl...I'm going down to see Dr C

Shaz: Always good to hear from those that understand me.

I would like everyone on here to understand that I used speak out as an Activist....and when you are Activist...some think you are a KOOOOOK! [Wink]

So, I decided...I would go a different route, become very successful as a Business Person and then tell my story...without the word Lyme in it.

I call it an untreated "Spirochetal Bacterium" infection that had invaded my brain, my heart, my lungs and eventually my bone marrow and liver.

I let them come to me...and guess what, I'm no longer a KOOOOOOK. They believe me...they never question me.

Now...with my book coming out will only add to what I can offer...more credibility.

It was put together as a project to help Lyme Families (for me) as we are trying to establish a Fund to help Families with young children that have Lyme (and Single Adults).

I would love to tell you that it is going ahead of schedule....however, we need to drive sales up while we are still in pre-order, so that our costs drop BEFORE it goes to print..therefore allowing us to give MORE (as much as 3 times as much) to Lyme families and Singles.

So...please help me...go to and download your order form today....


Download an interview between myself and the Publisher after logging into:

Come on GUYS!!!!

Help US......HELP THEM!

Your Friend,


Now is the time in your life to find the "tiger" within.
Let the claws be bared,
and Lyme BEWARE!!!
[/URL]  -

Posts: 5262 | From North East Iowa | Registered: Sep 2002  |  IP: Logged | Report this post to a Moderator

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hi kent,

beautiful, heartfelt letter written above; i left your 1st comments on your site! [Smile]

i do plan on sendign you a SNAIL mail order this week.

darn, i see you had available an interview you and someone else but 9-30 deadline to order by; shucky darn!

you remember when the 2 of us met for the 1st/only time; don't you?

sorry to read of all the health problems and happening at the huge hotel you were speaking at.

wow, 3000 people in attendance! great job kent [Smile] glad you got thru to them.

did i read right this was a 10 minute presentation only? well done. [group hug] [kiss]

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