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Author Topic: Success Stories...
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up for more stories
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I talked to 2 nurses who had lyme.

One was treated fairly soon with doxy & says is cured. I kind of wonder about that one.

The other had lyme for 3 years and nuerological involvement. She did only 28 days rocephin and feels she was cured. I beleive her. She's been sx free for I forget how many years.

Me? Not yet... but talking to that woman gave me hope and made me realise not everyone goes through as much h*ll as us chronic cases.

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I needed to read this today. Thank you. We should keep this thread permanently up at the top.
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Hi Fellow Lymies,
It's been a while since I've logged onto this wonderful website. There was a time when I logged onto Lymenet 20 times a was my lifeline.

I would really like to give back to all or any of you that may have questions about the regimen that I felt finally helped me.

I was one of those chronic Lyme cases that was diagnosed SO late (28 years late) that my LLMD put me on IV rocephin for 8 months.

This killed the migraines but it "might" have increased my candida problems. Then, for the next year I was on ceftin, zithromax plaquenil and doryx (not at the same time).

I couldn't stomach biaxin AT ALL and until I got the candida under control through diet and probiotics, I couldn't stomach the zithro.

I think the abx played a huge role in killing the majority of the keets, however, I truly feel that I started turning the corner when I started alternative therapy.

This included joining a program called AIM (which I'm still on...please do a search under my name for "can't hurt&might help" title where I wrote in detail about the program when I began it last year).

The second thing I started using was something called Master's Miracle de-tox products. I took long baths in this ph balancing soap/neutralizer every day. That helped tremendously.

At that point (last October), I was off ALL abx and trying to conquer the horrific candida symptoms. I used diflucan, nystatin, florastore, bifidus but my gut was clearly still in bad shape.

I also struggled with mild headaches, fatigue, tremors and nausea.

My LLMD told me about a product called Primal Defense (made by a company called Garden of Life). I noticed some slow improvement and so invested in some of their other products:

1) fungal defense
2) Perfect Food (green food powder or pills) that equal up to 5-10 servings of the important raw veggies you need to kill the candida
3)living multi-vitamin

On a comical note, I ended up meeting a guy (thru internet dating) and he worked for this company. We were not a match but he brought me a whole box of their products after I told him about my struggles with Lyme and my belief in the products.

Scarily enough, I was more psyched to have all of these free vitamins/supplements than to have a second date!

Anyway, I just want to give hope to the newcomers and people still struggling. There is a light at the end of the tunnel.

I think different protocols work for different people but I want you all to know that I'm living a healthy happy life and it is possible to get this wretched demon out of your bodies!

I'm starting a new job on January 3rd. I exercise 3-5 times a week. I sleep soundly through the night. My obsessive compulsive issues are down to the bare minimum.

The only remaining lingering symptom is an occasional pop in my jaw when I open my mouth really wide. I was fitted for a night guard so, hopefully, that will alleviate that problem.

Do I believe there's some keets still lingering in my body? Absolutely. The difference is, though, they're not having a party. They're sitting in the corner wearing a dunce cap.

If anyone would like to contact me directly with questions, or even just to vent, chat or cry, you can contact me at [email protected]

I want to be strong for all of you the way you were strong for me.

With love & hope,


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THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for posting these success stories !!!!!

My husband and I were beginning to wonder if anyone ever actually got "well".

I am TRULY GRATEFUL for having found this website and wish you all the best of luck and God's blessings (with God's blessings, who needs luck, but it doesn't hurt either !! lol)

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Thought these belonged here also.....they were encouraging to me.


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Any new stories?

I feel like I am heading in the right direction but not there yet...........


[This message has been edited by robi (edited 15 February 2005).]

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My grandparents have 2 friends who had lyme for years(don't know how many) and they are now completely symptom free.(I'll ask about their treatment,syptoms & post back here.)

up for more

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Hey, I didn't register on this topic - but I pretty well remember posting on a 'successes' topic somewhere around here...

Okay, disclaimer: I'm not 100% and never will be now, 'cause I ended up with Parkinson's - for real, not a misdiagnosis. So far it's only got my right hand a bit... so I can't lightning-edit/repost/riposte like I did here in my heyday and Lyme-nadir. But if I only use my left hand, I can type about as fast as many can with both

Now the goodness: it's been a long time since I had abx. Long time since Lyme symptoms. How long? I don't remember, that's how long!

Okay, okay... lemme look it up here... oops - bad Lymie! Poor recordkeeping... musta been brain fog. Well, it sez here that the P diagnosis was in June last year, and that was after all the 'normal' Lyme stuff (for me) was done... so I reckon it's been a year or so.

Heck, I thought it was a year in January! Just goes to show... when they diagnosed Parkinson's, they figured they better check in on my brain - so I got to spend a day with a very nice man doing Cognitive Testing. That was fun! Well he was a little concerned because I tested "superior" (to what?) in all his little boxes except one... but I don't rememb... oh yeah, it was "short-term memory". And after that we went a little bit farther down the trail, and there was another one! Except this one was white, not purple like all the rest.

And that's what I did on my summer vacation. Yes, that's how I got up there.

Butt seriously, folks, I'm well and cognizant and very, very active... and getting more so each week.

Now if y'all wanna hear how I got well, somebody try to find my post wherein I explained that. okay? Test out the search function... I'm all out of time, I have a report to finish tonight for pay. If nobody finds the post and someone wants the data, somebody email me... by then I'll have spare time and will either find it or re-invent it again.

Happiness and wellness to you all, especially re-ticked Tutu and TinTin and the rest of the old gang who knew me when I was just a keyboard spirit.


[This message has been edited by danq (edited 26 April 2005).]

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Hey Dan,

Congrats to your good health!!!

I wonder if you have seen this or might be interested:

Take care,


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*Lyme Disease Information By Email
*Lyme Disease Information Website
*Computer Infection Info

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Dayle Ann
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I just posted an update in another thread, then realized my story from 2 years ago was in this thread. So here is the latest. It got better.

I had Lyme almost 17 years undiagnosed, along with erlichiosis and bartonella. Were not a pretty sight, as described in previous post. Life pretty well shot, and so was I.

I was so sick that we eased into abx slowly so I wouldn't herx too badly. Gradually worked up to the full combo. Also took a several Chinese herbs, which helped immensely with managing symptoms and herxes.

First round was 16 months. Took time for infection to do its damage and weasel into the recesses of my body; took time for abx to do their job too. I got well enough that I went off abx. Off ten months, then had a minor relapse, aggravated by stess (bought fixer house). I was no where near as bad as before, but enough to know I needed to go back on abx.

Ten more months, a different combo this time, and I was doing so much better I couldn't beleive the difference. I am probably more active than most people my age.

Dr said that it is possible I could relapse again, but that each time I am treated, the time will be shorter, my immune system gets stronger and my functional level gets higher.

It worked: some things improved rapidly, some have taken longer. Abx gave my body chance to begin to heal on its own. I am doing professional level work again part-time(I am a field scientist). I can hike mountain trails for miles and still cook a meal and tend to the house and animals when I get home. I not only read novels and technical articles, I write and it actually makes sense. I go out with friends or family. I go to a conference once in a while, and the occasional concert.

I still have some things I have to deal with: a little tinnitus, and hyperacusis is still an issue, but it is nowhere as bad as it was, and is still improving. Klonopin and earplugs helps with what is left. I am careful not to get overtired, but hey, that is just good common sense for anybody, especially my age (62).

When I was finally diagnosed, I determined I'd do whatever it took to get well. Won't call myself cured, but I do consider myself "well". It was worth the effort, every pill, every herx, the effort of physical therapy to regain strength and function.

Got a great photo of me standing at the top of a mountain in hiking boots and a hard hat. Never thought that would happen again. Next is the kayak...

Dayle Ann

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Lyme Disease : A Death And Resurrection
Marjorie Tietjen
[email protected]

My life had never been particularly difficult. In fact I often felt guilty that others appeared to be struggling so ,while for the most part, I seemed to sail smoothly along. Of course I had my little ups and downs but never really experienced the tragic in life.

About 17 years ago, as I was driving to work one day, I vividly remember a conversation I had with God. Dear God , I said, I am truely grateful for all the good in my life but I feel as if I am spiritually stagnant, not growing, learning and helping others the way I feel I should be. So...if I need an experience to help me evolve and grow, please....just don't make it too difficult to bear. Looking back, I can't believe I was saying this! Little did I know what I was about to experience.

As the year progressed, I gradually began to acquire odd unexplainable symptoms, such as tingling and numbness in various parts of my body, lower back pain, headaches, stiff and painful finger joints and fluctuating anxiety. I remember visiting our general practioner for tingling and numbness in my arms and hands. Without testing of any sort I was handed valium. Of course, the valium did not help.

During this time I was working in the cafeteria where my small children attended school. This worked out well as I had the same schedule as my children. When school let out for the summer that year, we looked forward to our traditional activities....camping and boating. I will never forget the camping trip where my life was changed forever. One morning I woke up in our camper and felt extremely ill. It seemed as if I had the flu but the symptoms were in some ways atypical. I was very weakened and sick but yet I could not sleep. What was the most unbearable to me however, was the free floating anxiety or panic....for no discernable reason. I would find myself pacing the floor, desperately trying to get away from it. I remember saying to myself that I would not wish this experience on anyone...not even my worst enemy.

In the weeks and months to follow, I would plead with my dear family , who was so supportive and understanding ( even though they couldn't really understand ), to just put me away in a mental institution because I felt as if I was losing my mind and I did not want to be a burden. I made an appointment with our family doctor and was given three weeks of antibiotics...just to be case I had Lyme Disease. This was around 1989. They did not test me for Lyme at this point. I was told that it would be too early to show accurate results. It was assumed that if I did have lyme that it must be from a recent bite. However, I feel the illness had been simmering in my body for quite some time. The treatment did not seem to touch my symptoms at all and in fact, I felt worse. The panic/anxiety became so intense that I was prescribed tranquilizers.

For several months, when I was at my lowest point, I was unable to care for myself or my children so we temporarily moved in with my husband's parents while my husband stayed at our home to continue working. Then the doctor decided that depression must be my problem so he prescribed antidepressants. He informed me that if needed, I could take up to three at a time. That night I did end up taking three pills because they didn't seem to be working and in fact ended up making the situation worse. I woke up in the early morning in a state of fear and with the thought that I needed help. As I went to the top of the stairs to call for assistance, I fainted and fell down the stairs. My seven year old son called the ambulance which took me to the hospital. At the hospital the doctors performed several tests, including a CAT SCAN of the head. When the doctor found nothing obviously wrong with me, I was asked what I liked to do in my spare time. I told him I enjoyed boating with my husband. His only suggestion, before he sent me home, was to take more rides on the boat with my husband and that this would most likely make me feel better.

When summer came to a close, it was time to return to work at the school. I was barely able to function but wanted to press on for fear that if I gave up and quit that my life would be over. At least this way, I thought I could keep up some sort of normalcy. My coworkers were not very say the least. At times I was so lightheaded and weak that I would immediately have to lie down on the cement floor in the stockroom to get the blood flow back to my head. With me, it wasn't a matter of sleepiness but a simple inability to stay upright for very long. The women I worked with would say to me...."well , we get tired too sometimes you know, but we don't have to lie down!"

Time went by ,as I struggled every day to function, and I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Even though there was no cure, it felt good to have some diagnoses besides depression. I knew something was seriously wrong with me and that it wasn't just "all in my head". Actually, most of it was in my head, but in an organic way...not psychologically. Every couple of weeks a strange new neurological symptom would add itself to the others already in my repertoire.

One of the most difficult parts was that most people just did not understand. How can anyone be so sick for so long while the doctors can't find any concrete cause? I can't blame them really. One has to have had this disease to appreciate the full implications of it's diabolical fluctuating nature. Because I didn't want people to feel that I was lazy or mentally ill, I set out to prove that I was really and truely organically sick. This drive led me to begin researching the vague diagnosis of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). I would bring all my research to my doctors, hoping desperately that they would take an interest. My family doctor was very supportive but all the specialists I was sent to told me to accept my diagnosis, that I was depressed and why was I doing all this researching? The doctors would tell me that diabetics for instance...they accept their disease and get on with their life so why couldn't I do the same. My neurologist told me that I should stop all the researching because I wouldn't want her to get the wrong idea and that other doctors would also get the wrong idea about me. She was insinuating that I was crazy. I went home that day in tears. No one who is sick should have to be treated this way. Many patients with vague diagnoses , such as CFS and Fibromyalgia, often express the idea that they almost wished they had cancer so they would be taken seriously. Some have even expressed the thought that at least with cancer , many die and get it over with.

After 8 years of having "Chronic Fatigue Syndrome", my research led me to Lyme Disease. I noticed the symptoms of CFS and Lyme were extremely similar and decided I wanted to check this out. I made an appointment with a lyme literate doctor and began my still ongoing recovery. I was tested for Lyme Disease by this doctor but the results were negative. However, I was treated anyway based on my history, symptoms and the fact that I lived in a very endemic area. At first my symptoms became worse, as I was warned. I was told that this was a good sign and meant that the antibiotics were hitting the target. I was on a high dose of oral doxycycline and it took four months before I even began to see any improvement and then finally, little by little, some of my symptoms began to fade away. It was a very slow process with many setbacks and flares....but each month these cycles of flares would be reduced in severity. I learned that the setbacks and cycles were almost always temporary. I would often tell myself not to worry when an old scary symptom would reappear. Usually in three to four days the particular symptom would disappear and another one would take it's place. Again, in my experience, each month the symptom cycles were less and less severe.

After 4 months of antibiotic treatment, I was retested and was now positive. The explanation I was given for this, which makes sense to that those who are the sickest, most likely have the heaviest load of the lyme bacteria. Many times all of one's antibodies are tied up to these bacteria in immune complexes. When the bacteria begins to be killed off, this frees up some of the antibodies which can now be measured. other is often those who are the sickest and chronically ill who test negative for Lyme Disease when using antibody testing.

Two years ago I had to switch to another doctor who specialized in Lyme Disease. I was begining to slip backwards because of breaks in treatment. I had never really been on consistent long term treatment. This new doctor had me tested with the Bowen test and I tested positive for Lyme and Babesia. Now that I am finally being treated consistently for the lyme and the first time for Babesia, I feel as though I have my life back.

During those many years in limbo, I felt as if I had lost my connection to God. Lyme Disease had pretty severely affected by brain and nervous system which made it difficult even to think....never mind to experience spiritual feelings. I couldn't understand why I would have to go through a trial or experience which would make it so difficult to feel God's presence.

As my thinking became clearer with treatment, my feelings of spirituality gradually began to reappear. I spent more and more time reading inspirational books. I wasn't trying to be healed nor was I asking or seeking anything else material or specific. I just wanted to feel and be aware of the presence of Spirit or God. I wanted the joy and love and goodness I was recieving from God to flow through me and envelope those around me. As I focused in this way, I felt as if I have emerged from an egg into a new world of excitement, happiness, joy and love. So many wondeful people have crossed paths with me and for this I will be eternally grateful.

Intuition seems to have increased, synchronicity abounds and everyone I come into contact with is trying to serve humanity in their own special way. I have improved a great deal and seem to have aquired new abilities that I had never even dreamed of. It's like watching a play unfold....a good play. I now feel as if I have a purpose in life. The thought of growing older and losing vitality now never crosses my mind. I am finding just the opposite to be true. Not that I will now be free of all problems nor am I totally cured but this illness has brought me to a point where I appreciate life and those around much more. While I personally don't believe that God sends evil or trials to us, I think our experiences reflect the degree to which we try to abide in Spirit. We all have a desire to know God and to feel God's love so perhaps when we are focused on the wrong things something inside us creates circumstances to head us in the right direction. So, despite the fact that I still have memory and organizational problems and the world seems to be falling apart around us, I am experiencing a more consistent joy and assurance that in reality God is on the scene but that our real need is to open our awareness to this fact.

Lyme can be a devastating disease but there is always hope....especially when we look for it in the right places. I am sensing...along with a growing number of others, that despite what the media is telling us....more and more people are coming together in the spirit of love and cooperation. This spirit of love is the only thing that will truely heal our lives and the world. While, as many of you know, I feel we need to expose the corruption which is seemingly taking place all around us.... it musn't be with a sense of hate, fear or revenge.

I can actually say, even though the lyme journey has been a very difficult struggle, that if I could, I wouldn't want to change a thing. I feel that the Lyme experience has brought me to a whole new of wonder and amazement.

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Thank you, what a great idea!! It's so comforting to know that people can, and do get better. I was worried that after 19 years of being misdiagnosed with CFS instead of Lyme that maybe there was no hope for recovery for me. After reading these posts it gives me hope!!

Thank you!!


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Biting Back
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Went to see Dr. C on Monday and he deemed Chanse 'cured' of lyme disease! Woo-hoo! He also told Chanse that he made his day!

Mind you, this is a little boy who was diagnosed with autism, a hopeless 'genetic' disease almost 5 years ago. He's a perfectly normal little boy and you'd never know today he was ever sick, let alone autistic.

What a blessing. My heart is bursting with gratitude for all of you here on lymenet. Thank you so much for your support over this past year.

I'll still be around . . . for a while, anyway.

One Year Ago
Here is my initial post on lymenet about our son, immediately following his lyme disease diagnosis. Very much worth reading, especially if you have sick little ones!

Blessings of health to all!

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Heres another

Author Topic: Good News! I see the end of the tunnel and it's bright!
Frequent Contributor
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From: Washington, DC
Registered: Mar 2004
posted 22 August 2005 16:10
I thought I would share the very, very good news that I appear to have beaten this thing! My symptoms are greatly reduced, I feel healthy, have energy, and just gosh darnit feel good!
Many of you may think of me as a walking advertisement for the muscle relaxer Flexeril. I've been on 30mg a day for about 18 months. Like a bad patient, I noticed my prescription would run out before my next visit. So I decided to take a test and I started to wean myself off the Flexeril.

I'm now down to 10mg and I don't have any increased pain or stiffness. In the past, I've noticed increased pain within 48 hours of going down to 20mg.

The infections I have battled are Lyme, Babesia and Salmonella. Interestingly, the salmonella appeared gone only to reemerge after treating the babs. Salmonella can cause a reactive arthritis.

I've moved through a number of protocols including:
Amoxycillin, Biaxin and Plaquenil
Augmentin, Biaxin and Plaquenil
Augmentin, Levaquin and Plaquenil
Ketek, Artemisinin and Plaquenil
Ketek, Amoxycillin and Plaquenil

Also had Diflucan, Synthroid, Acyclovir (Anti-Viral), Flexeril and most of the treatment. Added Prevacid a few months ago for heartburn.

[This message has been edited by treepatrol (edited 23 August 2005).]

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Author Topic: Dropping in to say hello! Feeling good!
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Rate Member posted 23 September, 2005 10:23 AM
I know this is supposed to be in general - but I know more people will read this here and I wanted to give a little back to this wonderful support group.

It's been a while since I have posted.

1. because I have been doing great. I would say 99.9% better somedays 110%. For about 4 months now.

2. I didn't want to jinx myself - It's so silly (it's not like you guys are catching) But it is such an emotional/physical drain. Then when you feel better you just want to move on, live life.

Although I have been monitoring from afar.

Anyway, I wish everyone well and anyone can contact me always for info or questions or drs. info. I'll be watching!

Just wanted to say thanks to Lymenet members who were so supportive and caring in a very scary time in my life. I think finding lymenet saved my life. I found out my symptoms a lot earlier than most (9 months) and got treated by a wonderful wonderful doc.

There is hope!!!!!!!!!! Wew! That felt good!
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From cafe67 [woohoo]

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
Remember Iam not a Doctor Just someone struggling like you with Tick Borne Diseases.

Newbie Links

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To the top for Crime, was this the one you were looking for? [Smile]


[ 01. November 2005, 01:09 PM: Message edited by: lymebrat ]

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posted 31 October, 2005 10:43 AM
I have a confession- I searched, found and tried to post on Melanie Reber's success stories, but every damn I clicked on it to DO that, I was taken straight back to the main frame of lymenet ( which was extremely annoying)

SO , its either "NOT OVER" or they closed that post.

But anyways, it's over. The last time I had posted a success story, I was about 80 percent better. Today? 100 on *most* days.

I got sick in May of 2002. I skipped everything and headed straight for the devastation land of brain warped lyme and severe neurological problems.

I had ( not a complete list) a severe migraine that lasted five months straight, accompanied by day in and day OUT vertigo, Spurting nose bleeds ( there was NO trinkle to these suckers)

extreme neck, jaw, face, forehead and eye pain. Severe shoulder pain, temporary come and go paralysis, neuropathy, sleep apnea, brain fog, what I still call "brain drunk", severe fatigue, muscle tremors and twitches and just a complete "duh" to my head. I felt like I drank a six pack and was on vicodin- except it wasn't

giggly and funny. It was PURE torture.

I went undiagnosed for 9 months. Uh, ok so I had PLENTY of diagnosises- everywhere from a tumor ( and a rare one at that) , to inner ear problems, female problems, anxiety, stress, and of course that "gee you have too many kids" syndrome.

I did in order:
Amoxy 4000 mg per day for six months
Clindamycin and quinine rotated WITH amoxicillin after amoxy alone, for six MORE months
Rifampin 600 mg a day for 3 months
Doxy 300 mg a day for three months
Ceftin 2 weeks
Biaxin and Mepron 3 months
and am now on Bicillin.

I ran into problems with my treatment. SEVERE problems. I began to not be able to take any antibiotic at all , and then that extended into food, and even WATER, without a reaction 30 minutes later which would include severe brain drunk,

neck pain, fatigue, neck and shoulder pain and often times, severe migraines. The problem with THAT was that I was always a good strong herxer on the amoxicillin. I took it, I herxed and felt like death, then I progressed.

After the amoxicillin ( which was my first drug) and other things were mixed in, I was "herxing" ALL the time. I lost so much ground and developed so many MORE symptoms it was pathetic. The worst? I developed orthostatic hypotension

and was no longer having ANY good days. But I kept chugging along and kept taking my meds. Once , as I said, the problem extended into food and water and I felt the same effect from THAT as I did my antibiotics- I knew I had a severe yeast issue going on.

I was diagnosed with leaky gut syndrome and severe yeast issues last November I believe. I was at the point that if I kept antibiotics out of me, I could feel good, but if I put them IN me- I was DONE in a half an hour.

I went through many LLMD's who said that it was a herx. I knew better. I finally found my current LLMD who picked up on the yeast issues and leaky gut and did some testing. I stopped antibiotics cold turkey in November of last year and worked on detoxing and yeast treatment.

Slowly, but surely, that all too familiar neck, shoulder, jaw and face pain along with severe head pressure started to leave. Amazingly, so did the orothostatic hypotension. I started driving again, albiet slowly, and I started walking again.

Today, I can drive anywhere. I went back to college AGAIN ( I had tried this last August and had to quit ... I didn't realize the diflucan I was taking back then is what was making me feel so darn good, but once I stopped that and continued taking my antibiotics- I had to quit college again)

Im four classes away from graduating, thank goodness. It took me four years to do an 18 month program, but hey, I did it!

I still can't walk VERY long without having my orthostatic hypotension kick in. I STILL flare around my woman cycle ( not nearly as bad AT all) but I don't really have a herx cycle.

Due to my gut issues, I was put on Bicillin once a week as a test by my LLMD. If I took a shot, stuck it in my rear end and 30 minutes later had the SAME reaction as I did on orals, then tough.. thats just how I herxed. So , we tried it...

and no reaction. Not only that? But I didn't herx... I felt GREAT. As the weeks went on, still NO MORE herx. In all honesty, I herxed only once pretty darn good in the 10 weeks I have been on bicillin.

I take diflucan daily. 100 mg and switch it off with nystatin. I lost 15 lbs since going off of antibiotics. I am NOT fatigued at ALL anymore. Once in a blue moon, I still do have to "Crash" for a few hours.

I had strep throat last month with no exabberation of my symptoms. Shortly therafter, I got the flu and was vomitting for two days. no exabberation again.

I can sleep again. My sleep apnea is pretty much gone. I don't get headaches, etc. And, I can eat! Breads, pastas, etc still set me off bad ( within 30 minutes I get all KINDS of pain) so I avoid them like the plague.

I met a WONDERFUL guy last February and he has really been my rock. He helps me every step of the way and truly understands this. he lost his dad to a disease when he was 3 ( that we now know CAN be lyme, but I will regard his privacy ) so he truly does "get me".

He moved in and things are going well. I left an emotionally and mentally and verbally abusive relationship in the midst of all this and realized that I may have "gotten out of bed a long time before I realized I was out of bed" kind of thing.

It feels good to be back and take my life back. I plan to continue with the yeast treatment as honestly, the yeast was really what was nailing me, and continue to do as much alternative with that as I can. My new bf does the yeast treatment with me and we kinda fuel off of each other.

My daughter is still very sick and continues to be ping ponged between lyme and yeast treatment ( as well as bartonella treatment) but she is in good hands as well.

I'll peak in from time to time. I hope each and every one of you can get well. IT IS POSSIBLE. Four years ago, at the age of 26, I was drafting my living will. Now? Im just living and this time? I have SO much to live for.


You want your life back? Take it.
TheCrimeOfLyme shhhhhhh

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
Remember Iam not a Doctor Just someone struggling like you with Tick Borne Diseases.

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Well kiddos, I haven't been on in a long time. I like to check back and see how everyone is doing. I've been off meds for...a year +. I don't remember exactly and I guess that's a good sign. No magic pill or anything...I was sick about 9 months I think before I got treatment. I was on $Bicillin$ for 3 months and Amox for 3 or so. I feel real good. I'm playing golf and lifting weights 4 days a week. I was taking a martial arts class but I pulled my back big time, so I think I'll pass on that for now. Oh, I'm getting married next year. [Big Grin]
Occasionally I feel chilled or a joint hurts and I get all panicked, but that's just normal pains of living and being 34. .
Let me remind you to be open minded with treatments and diagnosis. You guys are in my prayers.
A life is an amazing thing and worth fighting for. [Smile]

I had no intention of living this way. Adam Duritz
"Somethings inside me. What could it be?" -van Gogh

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It sure does my heart good to read all of these great stories of success...

and to see that they are working to comfort those who are currently struggling with their own story!

Thank you so much to all who have shared.
Keep it up! [Smile]


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up [woohoo]

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
Remember Iam not a Doctor Just someone struggling like you with Tick Borne Diseases.

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Still going strong!! [Big Grin]

_ _ ___ _ _

Blessed are those who expect nothing, for they shall not be disappointed.

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posted 12 January, 2006 05:31 AM
Its been almost 3 years now since I've had any symptoms. I haven't kept up much with the discussion forum here the last couple years, but I am committed to popping in here once in awhile to let you all know this thing can be beaten.

I was pretty depressed during the time I had Lyme, because I couldn't find anybody who had gotten rid of it for more than a couple of months. Everybody said the symptoms all came back after they were off meds for a few weeks.

I thought my life was over, and suddenly my whole world revolved around Lyme. But I was determined that I wouldn't go down without a fight, and channeled my energy into finding a solution...there are lots here who helped me do that, and I owe you all a debt of gratitude for the life I got back. I spent every spare moment on the net (mostly here and medline) reading as much as I could, and spent a good deal of my own money on meds...we all know the insurance deal, and I had some damn good insurance (was working at the phone co at the time)...I don't have health insurance now...the whole experience soured me on the concept...

I got really aggressive with the meds within the first year I had it, and I think that is the key...covering all of your bases. It saddens me to see so many familiar names on here still...I still think about you guys from time to time. I'm not blaming you for not getting well (I'm sure your friends and family give you enough grief in that department...I know the ones who didn't give me grief just plain disappeared...most of them really learn who your friends are)...seems to me the biggest thing I've learned from you all is that this disease is hard to beat in general, and it gets harder as more time goes by. I've talked to hundreds of people that have Lyme, maybe even thousands, and the handful I've met who were able to stop meds permanently took handfuls of pills for months at a time within the first year after they got Lyme, though for many this didn't work either. I'm trying to be upbeat about it, but I think the most important message I can send out to the 'new' people here is that you don't have time to fool around, if you don't nip it in the bud, then well, you just might be here awhile.

Last June I moved from Florida to Missouri, and OMG do we have ticks here! I spent the whole summer camping down by the river (I've spent almost a year of my life so far living in a tent), and I pulled dozens of ticks off me every day last worries me because there is a different strain here than in Virginia where I got Lyme...but I've got an emergency supply of abx on standby But I won't stay out of the woods and live in fact, I just bought 7 acres of woods a stone's throw from the national forest...I plan on spending the summer building a log cabin out there, and when I move out there permanently getting some guineas and chickens for tick control

If anybody is coming to Missouri to visit a certain doc I know, look me up! I'm halfway between Springfield and St Louis, and I might just put you up for the nite (spend your $ on meds, not hotels)...though the accomodations will be very simple (everything I own aside from some simple furniture fits in 4 boxes and 3 suitcases).



Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
Remember Iam not a Doctor Just someone struggling like you with Tick Borne Diseases.

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Free from night sweats since Christmas!!

After 4 months suffering from low body temperature and occasional sweats at night, I'm free of low body temperature and night sweats since Christmas. Hope it will continue like that.

What worked was Riamet. I was not sure I had babesia and I'm not receiving any antibiotic treatment since I discovered I had lyme. Low body temperature was very annoying, I never had high body temperature since lyme onset (June 2005), and had only occasional chest pain...

Someone from this forum suggested me I had babesiosis. I insisted to receive Riamet from my general practioneer short before Christmas, he prescribed it to me, and after 3 days of taking it, 4 months of suffering with cold and chills were gone like magic.

So I had probably babesiosis. Now my fight is with lyme (light arthritic pain), but I feel another person after having gained a normal body temperature in these cold winter days!

Riamet then: highly recommended, even if you just suspect you have babesiosis!!


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That's really great news you posted; I'm so glad to hear it!

I've battled cold hands and feet but seem to be getting some relief from acupuncture and Chinese herbs.

thanks for finding and posting the success threads you do. Reading here can really give me hope!



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up for newbies and just support

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
Remember Iam not a Doctor Just someone struggling like you with Tick Borne Diseases.

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AlisonP Posted this about a friend;f=1;t=041221

posted 10 February, 2006 02:28 PM
Although this is not *my* success story, I thought I would pass this along because it is one of the most encouraging things I've heard since I got sick.

A woman I used to work with in San Francisco has Lyme. I was able to sit down and interview her last week and learn what worked for her.

She has had Lyme for, she suspects, a long time. I asked her how on earth she discovered it, and she said that she had been seeing a homeopath for a couple of years for unremitting hip pain and other things and when she wasn't responding to treatment, the homeopath said to her, "You have Lyme, and the reason I know is because *I* have Lyme".

At first she didn't believe it, but then she got tested and sure enough. I should also mention that although her symptoms were fairly severe, she was still able to keep her job but she did miss a lot of days.

As of today, she is completely and totally symptom-free. She is able to drink a glass of wine if she wants, and is actually in Hawaii right now with her family, diving, swimming, and surfing. She says she is 100 percent, 100 PERCENT (!!!) better. She just stopped abx 2 months ago after having been on them for over 2 years. She was also getting abx shots 2x week.

She said that she still has to watch what she eats, though, and of course be vigilant, but yes, she is even healthier than she was befor she got sick, she says.

The main thing she said that was so important was eating an anti-inflammatory diet. She prefers the Zone (what has been working amazingly for me is doing a Leptin-balancing program and incorporating tons of anti-inflammatory vegetbales and fruits. Yes, i said fruits lol. More on that when I am done with my Cymbalta withdrawal hell. Anyway, back to the topic....)

She said that the quickest way to slow healing progress is to eat anything unhealthy, inflammation-causing, etc. Diet is key, and not just anti-candida.

Fasting: She also said that what really "kick-started" her healing was doing a medical fast. This was encouraging to me because I had some success with Lyme and fasting in the past but I felt like none of the fasts I tried were quite right. She has given me some info on the one she did and I am going to contact them and find out more and will pass along info.

FIR (Far Infrared saunas) - She said this was hugely important and effective, so much so that she bought a unit and her husband and she use it regularly. She said this really did help speed up detox and healing.

Bodywork: She recommends bodywork that focuses on chronic disease and removing the mucous/gunky deposits in the muscles and connective tissue that Lyme causes. I am guessing this is sort of a lymphatic drainage combined with direct muscle detox stimulation. She said she was doing this once a week and it was invaluable to her. I am going to see her person and will find out more.

She also spoke very highly of Dr. Zhangs herbs, which I was tangentially aware of through this site and other posts. She said these are pretty much the only ones she uses and they are great. I will list her suplements below.


Daily Amnt Brand
3 B Complete (b complex and antioxidant) Montiff
4 B12 2000 mg 1
5 Biotin 5000mg 2 Allergy Research6 CoEnzyme Q10 100mg 2 Vital Nutrients
7 DHEA 15mg 1
8 DHEA 25mg 1
9 Esterol (vit C/calcium) 657mg/75mg 3 Allergy Research
10 Formula 14 Enzyme Supplement 1 every other day
11 Glucosamine/Chondroitin 1.5/1.2g 3 Whole Foods
12 Lipoic Acid/Taurine 300mg/500 mg 1 Designs for Health
13 Liver, Organic Glandular 500mg 1 Allergy Research
14 Minerals Plus 1 TBS Bio Max
15 Natren's Trio (Probiotic) 1 Whole Foods
16 Sam-e Extra Strength 400mg 2 Whole Foods
17 St John's Wort 540 mg 1
18 Tocotrienols (Vit E) 100 iu 1 Allergy Research
19 Ultimate Omegas (Vit E) 1400 iu 3 Nordic/Whole Foods
20 Vitamins (liquid) 1 TBS Bio Max

She also said that rife was too invasive and negatively stimulating to the system for Lyme (her opinion) and often did more harm than good. She also said that Samento didn't do much for her, in fact most all other herbs I mentioned she said just didn't do the trick.

I will post more info as I get it. Hope this might help some.

Cheers to everyone,


Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
Remember Iam not a Doctor Just someone struggling like you with Tick Borne Diseases.

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I was diagnosed 10 years ago with MS and then a year ago a new doctor felt I had been misdiagnosed and tested me for lyme. Test came back positive. Have treated symptoms with natural means and rife machine. I feel great but losing more mobility in legs and also balance (gait) problems worsening. Has anyone experienced similar symptoms and if so what has helped to improve your symptoms? I had my first symptom when I was 17 (optic neuritis) and did not have any other symptoms until I was 46 which consisted of gait problem and leg stiffness occasionally. Has anyone taking antibiotics seen improvements in similar symptoms? I believe I received lyme through utero. Would appreciate hearing from anyone who has similar situation.
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Melanie Reber
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Hi Batics,

Welcome to LymeNet!

I was afraid that your question might get lost in this success stories I began another post for you here:;f=1;t=042919

My best,

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Copying this from my other thread to be part of the "success!" [Smile]

Thought I would come back and see if there was anything I could help with. My mother just started her treatment last week after constant nagging by me to stop accepting this as old age!

I had debilitating Neuro Lyme and Babs. Had it probably 5 years before diagnosis. Took 2.5 years of solid antibiotics. Had to quit my job, leave law school, withdraw from society, and really re-define life.

I couldn't walk and I couldn't make out sentences during the first few months of herxes, but I could stay on a horse, which was a miracle. I was so Type A, to not have had this outlet, even just sitting there walking around like a snail, would have destroyed me. I also had a horse survive Lyme who I looked to for inspiration, as well as the best family and friends ever. OK, who am I kidding, not many people understood, but the ones that stood by me mean everything to me now.

During Flagyl I was a suicidal maniac. I would scream, cry, wrench, hallucinate . . . I had to be supervised by hubby or Mom. Lexapro helped some. It was like demons were scratching through my pores. All I can do is shake my head to think of it now.

Saving grace came when I finally pushed for an IV of Rocephin. Took it for two months after 2 years of pills. I am firmly convinced if I hadn't waited that long, the strength of the IV meds would have killed me. I had to wait that long unfortunately to kill off enough bugs as to not overload me.

I am now 80% healthy after coming out of treatment last August. There are still days where I really lag. I think of it like people with Epstein Barr. It is a hinderance, but I have my life back. I can work all day long now, have intelligent conversations, handle driving, movement, most sounds, light. My muscles hurt now like a 50 year old instead of a 90 year old! (I am 30) It is all manageable. Life is worth living again. I have joy and the ability to appreciate it.

I always told my family if it wasn't for them, I would never have fought through the disease like I did, not just for me. But now that I am well, I sure am glad I did fight, for ME.

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Hi All

I had a GREAT day yesterday

I live in Austin TX ---
Every year Austin has a
Really Cool Party called
Eeyores Birthday-its been happenening
for 43 yrs--

Ive been to 21 of the parties but
yesterday was the First Time I felt Good-

Its gotten Real Big threw the years-
about 40 to 50 thousand folks meet
at a huge park that is in centrial

The weather was Perfect--
I got there at 2- goes till dark--

The music was great and there was
at least 10 Huge drum circles--
and they were in the groove --
I bet there was over a 1000 drums
there today- Austinites are into drums--

The park that its held in
is about 1 and a half miles
square miles - has hills
and many big trees-grass--shade -

I bet I walked over 12 miles --
Ran into 5 different people I havent
seen in years --

You can bring- ANYTHING -you want-
so all kinds of Fun stuff shows up--
Everything is FREE --

Theres a Egg Toss-- the line of contestants
is over 100 yards long elbow to elbow- 5 rounds --
-let me tell you
there is a Lot of scrambled eggs
out there now -- 1000s for sure --
Great Fun -

The same guys have won severals years-
They must pratice --LOL --

The Sack race is Cool --
and lots of fun--50 yards -
folks can go perty fast with
there feet in a bag --

There is a paint tables for the kids-
Many--May Poles -- Jugglers --
mud pond -body painting --
everybody gets painted-
not just the kids --

Theres A Costume contest --
big puzzles made from wood-
swings- jump ropes -ect
Tons of stuff to do-

Lots of folks ride bicycle --
Saw a really nice chopper bike-
Lots of folks ride the bus or
walk--Zero car parking -
--not even one --

About half of the folks wear costumes--
all hand made -- I Laffed Hard all day--
folks come up with some Really Funny stuff--

The Eeyores has a Really Cool Groove--
Reallly Layyyed Backkkk -- No Cops at all--
Not nessisary --

Being a single guy -I got to meet
many pretty girls --was great --

For the last 8 yrs I have been
video taping the party --

I have made some perty good shows
from my footage-- Won a award last
year and my film shows at the new
city hall on the plasms screens daily -

Let me tell you that holding a video
camera for 8 hours is perty hard work-

its not that the camera is heavy-
its you have to hold it Very Still --
Poops me out-- I shot 4 hrs of tape--

I talked to a couple of hundred folks --
and made some new friends --

I had a Great Time ---

You can see more by googling
--EEyores Birthday Austin---

Now let me tell you about myself--
I got Lyme and Babs here in Austin
20 yrs ago -- 2 yrs after I moved here-
--I got Real Sick Quickly--

Threw the yrs I have been to over
a dozen doctors--
None of them had a Clue --

Im a detail kind of guy --
so I took a Complete Symptoms List
to every duck that I went to --

I Now know that it was a Complete
Lyme Symptoms List -DX -

They should have known --
something was very wrong
with me but most looked
and talked
at me like I was crazy --

I wish I could get All of them
a locked room- Now --
They would have a
-- Whole New Out Look on Life --

So I went down hill and suffered
extream body pain - exhaustion--
I looked Terrable --Felt offel--
Felt like I got Beat Up Every night -

When I did get some sleep
I wished I would not wake up -

After a few yrs I could only work
part time and then I had to quit
my job-I just could not do it --

I havent slept in 20yrs-
Had drenching night sweats--
Candida out the cazoo --

On a scale of 1 to 10 I hovered
around a 8 or 9 most of the time --
I was sick as Hello --

Thousands of time I thought about
doin myself in -- a bunch of times
I would have done it but I was
to sick to get out of bed --

About 3 yrs ago I figured out
that I have Lyme by seeing a TV show
about a Broadway dancer who got
very sick-- Quickly --

Her symptoms matched me Exactily
Big Lyme Bullseye and All---
She had Lyme --

So I started researching lyme--
In a week or two I found LN --
SAVED MY LIFE --For Sure --

I took the info I gathered the up
and went to My Doctor--
I convenced him I had Lyme --

He is a Really Cool man --
one of the Nicest people I have
ever met --
He is simi retired and is a Great
doctor but he knows little about Lyme--
Its not around here --Ya know --

He put me on Doxi 200mg a day--
It help and I did get alittle better-
I upped the doxi to 600mg aday
and I got --More Better --

I was still Very sick tho --
Looked like a Loosing battle to me --

A year ago--January 6- I made my
self a promise that if in one year
I was not
any better that I would end all
of my suffering--
I just could not go threw this anymore --

I dont think there has been 5 minutes
total in the last 20 yrs
that I was not wrenching pain--

To go to Eeyores I would have to
rest a good week before and after--
Was really hard to do--

Well about a year and a half ago I found
a LLMD here in Austin --
Very Lucky--

Took 5 months for my first visit-
She is Very Buzzy --

She did tests (Igenx) and they
came back--IND--

She said that I have Lyme and
have Babs written all over me --

Put me on Mepron and Biaxian--

I felt Better in 3 days --

Its taken about 9 months
of Good Treatment to get
feelin Perty Good -
Most of the time --

Its been a Perty Ruff trip--
When I herx I get Killer Migrains-
the last big one was 19 solid
day of head squeezing pain --
I got about 5 minutes sleep -Ouch -

(Read my Head Clamp post--
its perty funny--)

I deffently got Sicker before
I got Better --

Now Im doin Perty Good
Most of the time --

My LLMD tells me I am
one of her prize patients -

Wants me to be in a movie they
are making about what it takes
to Get Better from Lyme--

Let me tell you a couple of things
I learned threw this Tuff Jorney --

You Have to Take Control
of Your Situation --
Nobody else can do it for you--

You HAVE to edgucate Your self--
Knowlage = Getting well again --

If you did only 1 week reasearch-
on Lyme the Odds are
that you will know more than
95% of doctors out there
about these dieases --

You are probelly going to have
to teach your doctor about Lyme ect-
I had to -

Do what You Have to do to get help --
If your doctor is a duck --
Move On---dont waste time --

You Will Know when you find -
--The doctor that will help you --
I Did -

Check for Co Infections --For Sure--
Most folks have them --
This is Very Very Important -

DONT Relie on Test Results--
ALL of the current tests
are Very Poor--at best--

I give them ZERO weight in my dissisions --

All the tests that doctors gave me threw
the yrs Always came back Clean --

All the ducks said to me- You Look Fine -

This I becaused they relied on the test
results 100% --So I got screwed--

Dont be Scaired of ABX- No Reason --

Take your meds on time-Important--
Dont miss any--makes a Big differance-

You have to Eat Good-to be Good-
No carb diet is Best -
Carbs are not worth the pain
and problems they Will cause --

There is not many things that
you are going to have complete control over-
But what you- Put In Your Mouth--
You have Complete control over--

Drink Tons of water and tea--
In the time its taken for you
to read this you should have
downed a Big glass of something--

Rest as much as you can--

Quiting my job last November
was one of the Best things I
have done --Stress makes it
Much harder to get well-

Threw the yrs I saved up some money
so that if I Ever figured out
what was wrong with me I would
be able to get help --
and be able get the rest I knew I
was going to require to get well again

Well All my bucks are Gone Now--
Was worth Every Penny tho --

Speaking of Money--

Buy your meds in Mexico --
Same meds as in the US--
Way Way Way Cheaper --

No perscription required --
No Doctor Hassell-- Sweet-

I spent about $1000 in Mexico-
Saved me about $12,000-
Im not kidding --

Its worth catching a
flight to a border city-
stay in a hotel --aday or 2-
Will save you money- For Sure --

I go to El Paso--
Thats where I from so I know
my way around --

Saying its Easy To Get Meds in
Mexico is a Understatment-
Big Time --

There are cheap hotels
2 blocks from the Border-US--

Walk across -Dont Drive--

The pharmicas are the first
bussiness you will come to
after you cross --
Dozens of them--

You can get Name Brand
and generic meds--

I try to get the Name Brand-
I have found them to be more
effective than generic in
both the US and Mexico--

Bicillin US $48- Mexico $4
Bactrim DS- 14 (Roche) Mex. $6
Flagyl -30 -Mex.$5

They have perty much everthing--

The pharmacias are Very well
stocked --

Way Cheaper--

I have always been a believer in--
If a little is good --More is Better-
and a Whole Bunch is Best--

So far this has worked very will
for me --If you go this route --
you Have to drink at least 3
gallons of water a day to
keep from getting toxic--

With out Mexico there is
no way could have done this--

AmTrack goes to EL Paso --
so if you feel good enough-
Its a fun way to travel--
The train station is 2 blocks
from the border--

If you go to EL Paso I can
tell you where to get the Best
Green Chucken Enchalads I have
ever eaten--Awsome --

I can also answer any questions
you have--

I have written many posts about
buying meds in Mexico--
(Sunny Vacation to Mexico) is one-

You also have to keep a Positive
and Optmistic Attitude --

If you Allow lyme to Take Control
of your mind--It Will --
Its not easy -
but you can do it-- I Did --

Its Very Easy to allow depression
to take hold of you--
It happens Quickly-and it could
be very hard to dig yourself out
from this-- So Dont go there--

You need to Realize that we (you) are
Perty Much genipigs-- Now--

Not much is known about how to
treat these diseases--

It took me about 3 weeks of research
on Lyme for me to figure out I was
going to a Pioneer Genipig--Ouch--

I am very glad I figured this out Earily --

One thing that is VERY VERY Important
to do is--

here on Lymenet--

I Sure wish I would have done this
when I First Got Here --

The Eaisest way to do this is to
Copy and Paste --DR B's symptom list--

When you do this dont just answer
the questions --Yes -No-

Give more details like -
Only at night- pain moves around -
my tempature is 93-
for 3 months--

Fill in your info underneath each Question--

Give Complete-- Clear Answers--

Describe intencity of symptoms
like 1 thru 10 ect

Make it Easy to Read--
You want to Make It Easy -
For folks to help you--

Remember we All are lymees here-

At the bottom of your symptoms list
Give-Any and All-- other info about
your situation like- age -general health
any thing else you have wrong with you--

Include things like -
what other doctors have thought-
What meds you have tried-
Results if any--Include doses and time -

Give Test results- give numbers --

Describe any type of skin rash carefully-
post pictures --

Give All info that you think could help-

Post your Symptoms list-- Many Times--
Doing this will allow long time LNers
to have a chance to see your post-

People will be able to get a
Good Clear Picture of your
situation Quickly- Easily --and Help You--

Most folks who get over these Illness
at some point are going to get
On with there Lives and wont be
coming to LN much anymore --

You Really want these people
to see and read your posts --

I think the vast majority of folks
who have lyme desease are going to
regular Ducks- and are getting the run around-
-It happened to me for 17 years--

Dont Let this happen to you--

Just One visit to a Good Doctor -
change my life Quickly--
and I got Much Priceless Info
from the Great folks here at LN -

If LN was around 20 years ago--
I would have been All Better
many years ago ---

You can get Well Again--

It Takes a Good Attitude
lots of reading-
Good food -Rest -
some Luck and
a Huge Pile of meds --

There is Life after Lyme--
and it can be Perty Good to--Jay--

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PRETTY nice, Jay and Wink!

Opinions, not medical advice!

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up for morningsonshine

multiple chemical sensitvity group:

Group for artists. All media welcome:

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I thought I would add my success story, at least my fingers are crossed that this is finally over. I was bit in June 2005 back east and started having symptoms July 2005. It took about a month before I self diagnosed myself with Lyme. I had a wide range of symptoms, fever, flu-like symptoms, rash, bells palsy, neck stiffness, headaches, fatigue, irritability etc.

I saw an ID Dr. for a few months and while on 100mg of Doxy twice a day, I was feeling better. But every time we stopped the treatment the symptoms would be back within days. The ID Dr. said I was having "post lyme sypmtoms." Once I heard that and found this board, I knew that I needed to talk to a different doctor.

Through another support group in my area I found a LLMD and he put my on 500mg of Biaxin and 200mg of doxy a day and after a month I was symptom free, he kept me on the meds for three months total. I am now three months without medication and I have absolutely no symptoms.

I thank God for helping me find this community, I didn't post a lot but I read jsut about every post that applied to my illness.

Thank you to all of you and I hope that you find your way back to good health.

God Bless,

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Seven years ago, 1998:
15 different docs, ms diagnosis that I didn't believe and was finally treated for lyme. One year of pulsing antibiotics and stopped because of elevated liver enzymes but went on to feel totally well except for continuous sinus problems.

May 2005
Started to feel really crappy, just like 7 years ago. Went right on antibiotics and started herxing from the beginning. All of my symptoms returned severely and rapidly. And to make things worse, I developed a severe yeast infection that made my doc stop all of my antibiotics.

I went downhill very fast and was unable to work. No antibiotics and extremely desperate, I started to look for alternative methods to get better. Please know that I have never spoken to Bryan Rosner with the exception of one email, directing me to the Website for his book, but I feel like I owe him and the rest of the people involved in rife technology my life.

This is only my story and if you want to believe it, fine, if not, that's fine too. I'm not posting this to start another rife debate; I'm just posting what I've done to get better. Rife is my major treatment but I also did 14 weeks of salt/c and added antibiotics occasionally along with some diflucan. Mostly according to the outline in the book. I also sought help from a wonderful LLMD who finally got me the proper testing and I found out I was positive for ehrlichiosis and mycoplasm. I know in my heart that the only way to beat this disease is to use more than one method. I also learned that DETOXING is just as important, if not more important than killing the bugs.

It's been a very long and rough year (search my posts) but also a very rewarding one too. I've been introduced to so many wonderful people because of this disease, that in a weird way, and only at this point of my recovery, it's been worth it!

Symptoms Throughout The Last Year

Extreme light sensitivity
Sensitive hearing
Numbness (whole body)
Tingling throughout
Uncontrollable Crying
Extreme depression
Afraid to be alone
Afraid to go out in public
Weight loss (30#)
Memory loss
Slurred speech
Vision Problems

Remaining Symptoms

Slight tingling in my forehead and occasionally, slight blurry vision in my left eye.


Rife, EMEM3d from (no affiliation)
Salt/c - 14 weeks
Epsom Salt Baths (Thanks Marnie)
Steam, ozone (thanks Bev) and infrared saunas
Coffee enemas
3 liver cleanses
Very Low sugar and carb diet

I'm not telling you it was easy, because it was pure hell. But the strength and support I received from my family, this site and others, my doctors and the Lord got me through it and I really, truly feel that I am close to being even healthier than I was before my relapse. Every time I herxed, I felt like giving up but my wife carried me through every one of them. Bryan's book was also the main reason my wife understood what I was going through, when I couldn't get out of bed or just didn't want to, she always referred to certain parts to help me keep my faith.

I went back to work fulltime in Sept. and just started coaching my 12-year-old baseball
team again. There is hope, however it comes very very slowly! If anyone would like any help at all just send me an email and I will help in any way possible.
Sorry this is so long.

All My Best,
[email protected]

BTW - I am NOT a medical professional - just speaking from MY own personal experience.

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Melanie Reber
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I just love reading these...

thank you all so much for sharing your journeys.


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up for the sad people and me

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
Remember Iam not a Doctor Just someone struggling like you with Tick Borne Diseases.

Newbie Links

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Author Topic: An Old Timer returns!
Flash Member
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posted 25 August, 2006 10:33 AM
I was really active on this cite about five years ago...since then, I've been PCR free of LD, healthy, and continue to teach school and work-out at my local gym. Long term IV antibiotic treatments REALLY do work. After four years of six long-term treatment cycles(I had undiagnosed LD for at least seven years prior) I'm Lyme free!
Sooooooooooo my dear LD friends...there IS HOPE and don't give up!
God Bless Gail

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From Here:

An Old Timer returns1

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.
Remember Iam not a Doctor Just someone struggling like you with Tick Borne Diseases.

Newbie Links

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I think I can now safely call myself a success story.

I was "lymed" 10 yrs ago and treated antibiotically for 6 mths even though the ELISA test said "no lyme". After 6 mths, I recovered.

Additional problems developed over the next 10 yrs that I did not connect to lyme. Migraine headaches, stiff neck, shortterm memory issues, hot flashes and finally mental confusion. Aug 05, migratory joint pain hit and 2 LLMDs clinically diagnosed chronic lyme. Funny thing is, now, 10 yrs later, blood tests (western blot at Igenex) confirm I had lyme but can't determine if I have it now.

5 mths of homeopathic treatment cleared up all symptoms but the arthritis which ballooned until I was 100% disfunctional. Jan 06, I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. I abandoned the Lyme treatment and began pursuing any and every known cause of RA.

DIET was everything!!!! Just switching to a vegan diet produced 75% improvement. For the last 5 mths I have been working with a doctor who is not an LLMD but does test and probe your entire body to determine where you have deficiencies. He then focuses on repairing those deficiencies allowing the body to do the healing.

Again, DIET has been critical to my success. He ran a food allergy bloodtest and since eliminating my offending foods, in addition to so much else he did, I am painfree and have been so for about a month.

I met with the rheumie for the first time in 6 mths. I never took his immune suppressing drugs but instead opted for a low dose minocycline protocol that targets mycoplasmas. He was stunned to see my progress. I can't say how much if any, the minocycline deserves credit. But I can definitely tell you diet has a huge and immediate impact.

When the Power of Love overcomes the Love of Power, there will be Peace.

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anyone want to add their success stories?
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Would love to read about some current success stories and what antibiotic combinations might have worked for you.

Also diet, excercise or alternative therapys???


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2 stories, mine and daughter:
1) I had a very bad start after first tick bite in Switzerland. I got the rash, went to doc, 2 weeks doxy, told I was cured.

A month later, got arthritis, then fatigue came, then eye symptoms, sun light sensitivity, night fevers, and many other symptoms. I got sofa ridden. I could barely take showers on my own, so much fatigue I had. Total brain fog. Forgot my way home, I could barely drive.

Started Buhners' herbs, went better but not cured. Started Salt and C, it made things worse.

Started then ART and Dr. K's protocol with two practioners, then started seeing improvements. From then on, slow improvements, but no total cure. I was told it was going to take time. Loads of homeopathy and herbs, almost no abx at all.

Diet, EMR protection, heavy metal treatment, allergy treatment, teeth, cavitation, scar treament, etc

Slowly better, but not cured. Lyme kept coming back, either by relapses or new tick bites. I live in endemic area, and get bitten every year a few times (about 5 times, in average).

In 2009, after fighting lyme for 4 years, I tried photon therapy, following dr. W's protocol and loads of muscle tests. Well, that nailed borrelia and lyme for good. From then on, no more lyme for me, despite new tick bites.

I still continue with enzymes (Rechts), chlorella, and some stuff like minerals (moor, diatomaceous earth), sometimes omega 3, in winter vit D3 and propolis, and eat only organic as much as possible, cook at home (but do eat in restaurants twice a week now), exercise, do meditation and breathing (following mostly the ARt of Living technique).

My lyme doctor told me then, when he saw me and told me 'cured', that it was incredibly fast. I told him: how could 4 years of daily suffering be fast?

He then told me I was his worst patient then. That no one as bad as I was could get healed so fast like I did. And he mostly treat lyme patients and had a long waiting list...

So, if I did that, many of you all can do it. Before lyme, I had fought chronic candida for decades, literally, so when I heard borrelia is a tough infection to get rid of, I knew what that meant!

2) My daughter caught lyme when she was bitten in Belgium, by a tick on her head. She was only 2 years old!

Day 1, got bad symptoms, tummy ache, nervousness. I found the tick next day after the bite, so mini, almost invisible. It walked after I pulled off, that is how my husband believed it was a tick!

Amoxy for about 3 weeks... She got worse every day, I stopped amoxy then, went to my doctors who do ART. Then she got also better, with homeopathy, microcurrent, herbs, and tapping.

Then every year, bitten again, new pathogens, new borrelia strains. We tried amoxy again, this time 5 weeks. No result, still as sick as a child can be... Almost not walking, arthritis, horrible pains in the tummy. So from that day on, I decided, no more abx for a tick bite.

We again, did the natural way, following ART. Again she got well. Until next bite, which was infected with FSME (tick born encephalitis). That made her borrelia revive, and it almost killed my child. It was the most horrible infection ever.

Bad luck: naturopaths and doctors have to report FSME to big hospitals and send the sick person to big hospitals. They are not allowed to treat on their own. I had bad experiences with hospitals, and as it was a virus, western medicine have no tools to deal with it, except giving stuff for pain.

So I said: I take her to a hospital, they will kill her. No way. I trust them next to zero for chronic diseases, and for tick born diseases, my trust is zero. They would not allow me to give my child even Vit C, nor Vit D3. So how can I take her to hospital?

So I was left no choice than treat her home, all on my own. To treat a disease that cripples or kills in 2 to 3 weeks, with a child that already had lyme on top, full of allergies.

Well, muscle tests, ART (I had learned that a bit then), dr. K's help through Gigi here (she called him to ask how to treat), and another crazy experience saved her. She was declining every day. From a day to another, she got a bit better, then I knew it was gone.

The good thing with FSME is that, the acute form has really a shape and time to happen. So if she went through the 3 weeks and came out, it means, no sequels. Many people get paralitic, constant headaches forever, or deaf, in ONLY 2- 3 WEEKS time! then have to live with that forever!

Anyway, we went through that.

then a year later, she got a relapse from lyme and went to wheelchair, due to swollen knees. Doctors started her on rocephin, iv.

Day 2 of rocephin, I pulled her off the treatment. And off the hospital. I said, if I knew it was lyme, I wouldn't have brought her to hospital.

I thought she had broken her knee, as it was painful and swollen, it was middle of winter, I didn't know it was a lyme relapse. So I treated her home.

That is when we tried photon therapy with her. And her knees got better in a couple of days, I'm not exagerating.

Really too fast to be true. That is when I tried photons on myself. Photons and homeopathy, of course.

She is today a 9 year old girl, since photon therapy too, she's off lyme. Once only, lyme came back, but it took only two treatments, during two weeks, to have it gone back again. She didn't miss any day at school for that.

We still needed to treat her allergies after, which are muuuch better today. She still eats loads of veggies and fruits, mostly organic, we still avoid wheat, and she takes same stuff I take.

She still gets bitten, every single year. But so far, so good. Peace is also back, we're less frightened after a new tick bite now. Just because there are photons, there is ART and muscle tests, there are nosodes, and I think our immune system is working somewhat better.

Once lyme is dormant, I swear to you all, it is like you NEVER got lyme. There are zero symptoms, no fatigue, no brain fog, no pain, zero. You can be fit mentally, physically and emotionally. You don't need any killer to keep you on that state.

The most amazing thing that happened to me was when I was listening to Bach, a mess, I think. I suddenly felt all colors again, like the whole piece was talking to me again, directly to my heart, so colorful and huge!

I said: My God, I didn't know that lyme had taken that from me too! I now can listen to music and feel it so deeply again!!

I cried like a baby, that met her mother again after long time no seeing her. Years and years have passed, and music meant nothing to me anymore, just because disease had taken it from me. And I didn't even notice that was taken from me.

My daughter is fully active too. She plays classic for 4 years, and is now staring jazz piano.

She plays pop in the school band, practices her jazz dance, goes swimming, continues her French, English and German (at school).

She rides her bike about 6 miles a day, up and down very steep hills, to go to school and come back. No matter what weather, rain, snow, heat.

She's not the strongest of all against infections that run in school or neighborhood, nor allergies (she still got some left), but her life is fully back.

Our motto is: never ever give up!

And another motto: Borrelia dormant = no borrelia at all. There is healing to chronic lyme!

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Dear Brussels,

How lovely to hear that you are both so much better and sustaining your good health. What a lot of wisdom you have gained along the way!

I was so touched reading your account, and you wrote so beautifully about your experience when listening to Bach. Thank you for resurrecting this Success Stories thread and for thinking of us,

All the best,


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Moving to General Support with the more current "Success Stories Thread."

Opinions, not medical advice!

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Please add more stories here:;f=3;t=015820;p=3

Opinions, not medical advice!

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