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» LymeNet Flash » Questions and Discussion » Medical Questions » Herxing --Its a Good thing --

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Author Topic: Herxing --Its a Good thing --
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Hi All --

I have both lyme and Babs for 20 yrs--
I was Very sick --mostly bed ridden--
extream pain 24X7 --

Now after 2 yrs of treatment I feel perty
good most of the time --

Threw my treatment-
When I herx I take Extria ABX --

Im perty sure doing this makes me feel
worse than if I did not Increase the
amount but I also feel it dose me
- Much more good --and well worth it--

Each herx I have has gotten less severe
than the one before--

Now they seem to last only a few day(3 or so)
and I mostly just get real tired -

It is also important to drink lots of water-
if you dont have a big glass of something
sitting next to you-your not drinking enough-

Tea is a good thing to drink-
stay away from fruit juices--
to much sugar in them and they can also
cause bad drug reactions--Jay--

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Thanks Jay for your tips on herxing.

May all your herx' be short and your life be long [Smile]


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What type(s) of treatment have you been on. The only thinkg that helps me (18 years with Lyme) is heaby duty IV antibiotics.
Posts: 28 | From Weston, Florida | Registered: Oct 2005  |  IP: Logged | Report this post to a Moderator
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I would much agree.

I had very bad herx after one week of 3x100mg Artemether per day: I felt very week and tired and dared not stay on, not mentioning increasing the dose.

Another worst herx was from Artemisia annua herb 2X1500mg per day.

Since 6 wks of IV Rocephin didn't give me much herx, I tend to think that my sysmptoms are mainly from Babs not Bbs.

What do you think?

After reading your post, I would try it again and increase the dose when I get herx and see how far I can go.

By the way, taking Iron 2X50mg might help to reduce fatigue when on Arte. which maight deplete Iron and reduce Oxigen supply.

Posts: 1078 | From Fairland | Registered: Apr 2006  |  IP: Logged | Report this post to a Moderator
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Hi all

Im a firm beleiver in if a little is good
a bunch is Much better--

If you fallow this rout you have to drink
gallons of water a day(3) to keep from
becomming toxic-- you can become toxic quickly
so you have to take drinking water seriously--

I drink mostly warm tea-- I think warm
liquids are better because your body dose
not have to use energy to warm up cold liquid--

Meds I have taken Doxi 600 to 800 mg a day-
Bactrim DS 600 to 800mg a day--
Artimisinin 400 to 1200mg a day--
Biaxian 1000 to 1500mg aday--
Lots of probiotics- yogert every day

I took 5 bottles of mepron at 2 tsp aday-
Its real important to take mepron with
greasy food- animial fat seems to be best--

I took Tini for 2 weeks and flagyl for 3 weeks

I have also taken Ketek 400mg aday for a month-

I did not pulse meds and only missed taking
meds when my supply ran out--
when this happened I lost ground each time--

I took this amount of meds for about 1 year--

My doctor says I am a prize patient--
because I have gotten better so quickly--

Some things I have learned are-
you Have to keep a good attitude--
dont let your illness get you down--
I know this is hard but its real important-

Get as much rest as you can --
cleaning the house and things like that can
wait till you are well again-

Lower your stress level as much as you can-
If nessiary to lower your stress--quit your job
I quit my job 8 months ago
and it was one of the best things I have done-

You would be surprissed who cheaply you can live
if you put you mind to it--

Eat Good food --like the saying goes-
you are what you eat--
Cut out ALL junk food--

I eat chicken- brocilli- califlower-
carrots- spinach ect-
Red meat is Ok but not to much--

If you are to sick to prepair food for
yourself --get chinies food delievered--
throw away the rice--

I ride my bicycle for exercise-
but I take it easy--

I have not taken any pain meds-
no tyelonal ect because they are very hard
on my liver- and my liver is going threw
enough as it is --

Not everyone can take the amount of meds
that I have--
I was so sick I did not have anything to loose
and I was sick and tired of being
sick and tired --so I went for it--

It was a real ruff ride but now I think I
am close to bing over this nightmare--

Also It is Real Important for you to
post your Complete Symptoms List
on Lymenet--
Lots of smart people here--

Posting your symptoms list will save you
months of valuable time in figuring out if
you have co infections ect--

The symptoms list will help you get
the best and most accurate info in return--
you have to help folks help you--

Also if money or access to meds is a problem
go to mexico to get your meds--
The amount of money you can save is well worth
the price of a airplane ticket --

Last time I went to mexico I got about
$2300(US) worth of meds for about $340 --

and no perscription is needed so all
the doctor hassel is cut out and it
put your health dissions more in your hands--
and this can be a big plus--

Hope this helps you--Jay--

Posts: 2999 | From Austin tx USA | Registered: Oct 2004  |  IP: Logged | Report this post to a Moderator
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Icon 1 posted      Profile for GiGi         Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote 
When you are killing microbes with abx or other agents, you are also releasing the heavy metals that are held in the cell walls into circulation. Not all herxheimers are equal and if you don't protect yourself by mopping up the heavy metals, you are going to repeat this cycle over and over again. Who wants to stay on years of abx if in reality they are heavy metals in circulation doing continuing damage elsewhere?

Yeast is a result not merely of abx, but of heavy metal toxicity. Yeast is the body's own weapon: Yeast won't kill you outright, but eventually mercury, etc. does. So the body makes more yeast in order to survive. How well we live with yeast, is another question.

The symptoms of heavy metal toxicity are identical to Lyme and other microbial infections, or even more severe, and many overlook this fact.

The underlying problem of heavy metal toxicity has to be addressed - not only the microbial infections. we can't get rid of one without addressing the other -- either way.

I posted the Symptoms of Heavy Metal Toxicity recently.

Take care.

Posts: 9834 | From Washington State | Registered: Oct 2000  |  IP: Logged | Report this post to a Moderator

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